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Inquiry Board Archive

2007 Postings

You can still respond to these postings by emailing the author.  If the email address provided is not valid or there is no email address given, contact genealogist@hadelandlag.org  If the author is a member of the Hadeland Lag, we can assist you in contacting him/her.


Johannes Haavi Family
Posted on December 7, 2007 at 03:53:21 PM by Donna Erickson

My grandfather, Frithjof, emigrated from Brandbu when he was about 7 years old with two of his 7 siblings. His father was Johannes Haavi (born 1860) and his mother Elina from the Daehlen farm (born 1864 and died 1904). His mother died in childbirth in 1904. When my grandfather was born they lived at Blinken. Sister, Kirsti, and brother Sigurd did not emigrate to America. I am looking for any descendants of Kirsti and Sigurd. Kirsti was born in 1893 and died 11/4/1965 in Roykenvik. Sigurd was born in 1902 and was never married. Kirsti married someone with the last name Amli. She had two children that we know of: Rasmus Amli who lived at Kolbu St, Roykenvik. He married an Odlajor. He has three children: Kjell Ragnar Amli, Brit Amli, and Bjorg Amli. Kirsti's second son is: Erling Amli and lived at Bjorneroa St in Roykenvik. He also was married.


Re(1): Johannes Haavi family
Posted on December 13, 2007 at 03:48:58 AM by Ole P Gamme

Hello Donna Erickson. I hope you know about the Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika and our emigrantproject. You can also read about it on this website. This is what we have on form 804:
Registreringsskjema for Emigranter til Amerika og Canada fra Hadeland 
Hadeland Immigrant Identification Form 
Name, place and date of birth of the emigrants: Ole Jensen, f. 14.03.1840 på Dæhleneiet i Brandbu, utv. som enkemann. 
From where did they leave:  Daehleneiet i Brandbu, Hadeland

When did they emigrate:  13.6.1901 til Boston

Where did they settle:

Occupation of the immgirants:  Ole var husmann og slakter i Brandbu

Additional Information:  Ole gift 1.11.1860 i Gran med Kirsti Olsdtr, f 14.04.1835 på Rækkeneiet i Tingelstad død 11.11.1899 på Dæhleneiet.  Oles foreldre: Jens Pedersen og Anne Juelsdtr., gift 29.12.1829 i Gran. 


1. Elina f. 16.10.1860 på Dæhleneiet  d. 23.4.1863 på Nesteggeeiet i Brandbu

2. Jens (Jens O. Dahlen) f 23.5.1862 på Nesteggeeiet i Brandbu, utv. 11.5.1887

                  Kom først til Evansville MN der han var i 5 år, så til Kicks Co og Becker Co MN

                  Jens gift 23.6.1897 med Clara Amalie O Bjørnstad    5 children

                  Jens foreldre Ole Jensen Dæhleneiet og Kirsti Olsdtr Rækkeneiet, gift 1.11.1860

                  Jens døde 11.10.1916 i Lake Park,Becker Co MN

3. Elina f 14.09.1864 på Nesteggeeiet, gift 10.5.1885 med Johannes Andersen.  Bosatt i Brandbu, barn, se under

4. Ole (Ole O. Dahlen) f. 13.02.1867 på Nesteggeeiet, utv. 11.5.1887. 
                  Ole gift 8.6.1894 i Freeborn Co. med Caroline Iverson
                  Barn i 1923: Ida (Mrs. Selmer Lee) (?-?) i Barrett; Orlan, (1897-?), Cora (Mrs. Alvon Anderson) (?-?) i Ashby, George, (?-1957); Leonard, (?-?);

                        Roy, (?-?); Morris, (?-?);  Vernon, (1912-?) og Lorna (Mrs. Ernest Olson) (?-?) i Lake Park, MN. 
                  Ole døde 30.5.1923 i Lake Park
5. Julius, f. 23.03.1870 på Nesteeggeeiet, d. 8.8.1873 på Dæhleneiet. 
6. Hans (Hans O. Dahlen) f. 16.02.1873 på Dæhleneiet, utv. 12.6.1891 til Evansville, MN. Gift ca. 1904 med Viola Petersen
                  Hans døde 1.11.1950 i Becker Co. MN, Viola
7. Julia, f. 01.04.1876 på Dæhleneiet, utv. 13.6.1901 til Boston.  Gift 12.2.1903 i Mn med Johan Pederson Iverson
                  Julia døde 18.9.1935 i Evansville, Douglas Co. MN
8. Ingeborg, f. 14.01.1879 på Dæhleneeiet, utv. 13.6.1901 til Boston.  Gift 1900 i Grant Co. MN med Andrew Stevens

            Ingeborg døde 4.11.1955 i Ashby, Grant Co

Other family members who emigrated: Ole Jensen’s barnebarn som emigrerte, barn av Eline Olsdtr. og Johannes Andersen, gift 10.5.1885 i Brandbu: 
        1. Olga Kristine, f. 15.08.1885 på Dæhleneiet, utv. 1906 fra Brandbu. Gift 25.1.1908 med Walter O’Day i Detroit Lakes.

                   De bodde i Lake Park til 1920 da de flyttet til Moorhead. Walter arbeidet ved ”Fargo Forum”¨Barn i 1952: Henry og Donald i Moorhead,

                   Robert på Newfoundland; Mrs. Joe Marquart i Mapleton, ND; Thomas og Ellen hjemme. 
                            Olga døde i juli 1952 i Moorhead/Fargo  
        2. Inga Karoline, f. 14.03.1889 på Dæhleneiet, utv. 1907 fra Brandbu, 
        3. Aksel, f. 23.02.1891 på Dæhleneiet, utv. 1908 fra Brandbu, bodde i Erdal MN i 1952
        4. Jørgen, f. 18.05.1895 på Dvergstenseiet, utv. 1906 fra Brandbu, 
        5. Emma Josefine, f. 11.03.1898 på Dvergstenseiet, utv. 1907, 
        6. Frithjof, f. 01.09.1900 i Brandbu, utv. 1906 fra Brandbu, bodde i Barret, MN i 1952. 
Sources of information: Nekrolog i Rowberg files fra Detroit Herald for 27.10.1916 og kirkebøker for Gran/Brandbu. Se også nekrolog i Rowberg files side 329

                    for Olga fra Dec Posten 10.7.1952.  Beverly Dahlen Parker, MN, NOR-OPPLAND @rootsweb.com
As you can see, we miss a lot of information about what happened the members of this family in US. We hope you can help us with new information. The Kontaktforum will do searching for information about Kirsti's descendants. 

Greetings from Ole P. Gamme

Re: Johannes Haavi family
Posted on December 13, 2007 at 08:36:04 AM by Donna Erickson
Thank you for the information. I do not read or speak Norwegian, but am able to stumble my way through the interpretation! I can fill most of the blanks that you have. I have heard from the church in Brandbu with possible relatives from my grandfather's sister, Kirsti, and hope that I can establish a correspondence with one or more of the people. Thank you again.

Maria Olsdtr

Posted on November 12, 2007 at 05:47:31 AM by
I have a large trunk that has painting on it that says "Maria Olsdtr Ulven Aar 1865" would love to know who she was and where she was from. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Re: Maria Olsdtr
Posted on November 27, 2007 at 07:39:55 PM by Kjell H Myhre
Rose – I do have quite a bit of information concerning the Norwegian background on whom I believe is “your” Maria. Can I take it that you’re still interested .. ? 
Sincerely, K. Myhre


Re: Maria Olsdtr
Posted on November 22, 2007 at 09:49:34 AM by Anne S
Ulven is the name of a farm in Gran. People typically used the farm name as their last name. Olsdtr is a patronymic - Maria was Ole's daughter. The year on these old trunks is often the year of emigration...but I found no good matches in 1865. I did find a Marie Olsdtr Ulven who left with her parents, Ole and Gjertrud, and sisters Kirsti, Gulline, Julie, and Elise and a brother Ole in 1869. They are listed in the church records leaving the parish on April 19. So the family likely came to America in the spring or early summer of 1869. Don't know if this is the right Maria, but maybe one of the names sounds familiar and will "ring a bell!"   Out Migrant Register


Re(1): Maria Olsdtr
Posted on November 16, 2007 at 12:42:08 PM by Kjell H Myhre
Dear Rose ! 
There are a few candidates who might match the female who had her name painted on your trunk. Do you happen to have any further information on her ? E.g. her approximate year of birth, the name of her possible spouse, the date of her/their emigration, etc. Would Maria Olsdtr. be an ancestor of yours ? 
I’d like to hear from you again; and to receive any additional information that you might have on this matter ! 
Yours sincerely, Kjell M 

Hall Family

Posted on August 24, 2007 at 01:08:19 AM by Erika Hall
I am desperate for information on the Hall family. Rasmus Hall and his 2nd wife Louise Vorland Hall were members of the Hadeland Lag between 1910 and 1989. Any other information on the Rasmus Hall family would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Hall Family
Posted on August 24, 2010 at 06:32:51 PM by Kristi Wilson
RM Hall was married to my grandmother, Louise Vorland Hall. He was the only grandfather I knew and I loved him dearly. I don't have much information on his family but would be glad to share any information I have with you.

Jens & Ingeborg Olson

Posted on August 18, 2007 at 11:35:19 AM by Linda Meehan
Last week while searching your website I saw a reference to this couple who settled in Madison, SD, and questions about their burial sites along with that of his parents. I have answers and would like to be in touch with others who are connected to this family.


Bileth Ancestry - Desperate!!!

Posted on June 29, 2007 at 02:21:47 PM by Samantha Bileth
My name is Samantha Bileth. My husband's name is Jason Bileth. His great great grandpa was John Abraham Bileth born September 4th 1874 in Norway. Both of John's parents were Norwegian as well. They immigrated to America in 1885 or 1888 (writing is not very legible on census) He passed away before 1937 so he never recieved a ss# His parents immigrated here when he was 10-18 yrs old or so and he has one brother named Christen Lars Bileth and a sister named Bessie Bileth. I am completely unable to find any information on any immigration passenger list or any other type of document anywhere that gives me any clue on where they came from or what John's parents names may have been. They moved to Michigan when they came to America and one family has moved to Chicago Illinois, Desc. of John Abraham have moved to Florida, but the majority of all of the desc. of all three that immigrated here are still in Michigan. Can anyone please guide me in any kind of direction as to how to find John's parents or where he comes from?????Please and thank you so much for your time! Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on February 5, 2009 at 03:07:16 PM by Barb
Bessie (Hilliard) Bileth was Christen Bileth's first wife not his sister. If you want to trade information or would like what I have you can email me at ronbarbm@yahoo.com



Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on March 6, 2009 at 04:33:26 PM by Katie Bileth
I have found information that Abraham Bileth was the father of Lawrence (Leigh) Bileth, who is the father of Jack Bileth -the father of my father-. Does that make us related?



Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on January 17, 2009 at 06:38:45 AM by Dave Gunderson
I can't help you much. I do see a Lawrence Leigh Bileth who was born 26 Jan 1906 & died 31 Jan 1995 in Allegan, MI. He was a son of Abraham & Ella Bileth, who lived in Kent County, MI. In turn, Abraham was the son of Ole & Elise Bileth who were living in Kent County, MI in 1910.



Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on July 8, 2007 at 01:23:39 PM by P Hopkins
These persons are not from Hadeland. They came from Kragero, Telemark, Norway. The key is the information in the US censuses. In two of the censuses he is listed as Abraham Bileth rather than John. Nearby on at least one is a man and woman old enough to be his parents, also from Norway. The woman's name matches the emigration record below. 

Abraham left Norway from Oslo/Kristiania with his mother and 2 brothers in April 1888. 

Kragero church records for the month and year of birth that Abrahm listed in the 1900 US census have been scanned and are available freely online. http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=5969&idx_id=5969&uid=ny&idx_side=-227


Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on July 8, 2007 at 09:11:36 PM by Kjell H Myhre
Decent peace of work, Mr. Hopkins!

And here Samantha -


 - you’ll find the marriage of seaman Ole Larsen and maiden Elise Margrethe Abrahamsen on March 19th 1871. As you can see, they were born respectively August 26th 1843 in Bamble, Telemark, and March 3rd 1851 in “Smedsbukten.” Smedbukten, (“the blacksmiths inlet”) which used to be a part of Kragerø town. As you furthermore will see by following Mr. Hopkins’s link above, this is also Ole & Elise’s domicile by the time of Abraham’s birth 1873. Also notice that Ole, as well as all of Abraham’s sponsors were seamen, and seamen’s wives. For some perplexed reason, Abraham at this occasion is referred to as “Abraham Johnsen”; most likely as the consequence of a spelling mistake. 
As at I least didn’t get Mr. Hopkins’s link to (Elise) Margrethe, Amraham, Christian, and Lars’ emigration of April 6th 1888 to function properly, I allow myself to repeat it as follows: 

If necessary, please take time to rewrite the entire web-address rather than copy and paste. Though cumbersome, this method at some occasions seems to be the most successful one. Even though I haven’t succeeded to manifest it elsewhere, it seems evident from this site that Ole Larsen have emigrated at an earlier point of time. Margrethe is titled “married woman”; indicating that Ole is unquestionably alive. 
Do also pay attention to this link to the 1865 census of Kragerø, Smedsbugten, dwelling no. 16 :


It lists Elise Margrethe at the age of fifteen, her siblings, as well as her parents; boat builder Abraham Johnsen and his wife Mette Johannesdtr. – born respectively about 1813 and 1815. 
Yours very sincerely, Kjell M.


Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on March 28, 2009 at 12:37:48 PM by Barb
Christian Bileth is my husband's Grandfather.


Re: Bileth ancestry Desperate!!!
Posted on November 19, 2009 at 11:06:52 PM by Christian
Christian was the younger brother of my great great grand father John A (Abrahm John) Bileth. The Bileth family name only extends back one generation from there to Ole Larson who had his name changed during immigration in 1888 with his wife Elisa, Lawrence, my great great grandfather John, and the aforementioned Christian. All three children were born in Norway between 1872 and 1882.

Ole Myren (Myhre)
Posted on June 2, 2007 at 07:18:48 PM by

Searching for information on my great-great grandparents. Ole & Isabella Myren came from Hadeland and settled in Wis. Ole b. Aug 21 1825 & Isabella b. abt 1826. Their oldest daughter Ingebor (Englslang) was born Sep 27 1857 in Hadeland. Daughter Caroline was born Jul 18 1863 in Wis. So they emigrated between 1857 and 1863. Another daughter Christina was born in 1865 and Isabella died about that time. Does anyone have information about this family?

Re: Ole Myren (Myhre)
Posted on June 21, 2007 at 01:09:06 PM by

Hello Mary.
Sorry about the late reply. Ole Olsen, b. Aug. 15, 1825 at Drøvdalseiet in Tingelstad, Gran and wife Karen Pedersdtr., b. Sept. 20, 1828 at Lyseneiet in Tingelstad, emigrated 1862 from Lyseneiet together with their children: Ole, b. Apr. 11, 1854, Ingeborg, b. Sept. 27, 1857 and Christiane, b. Feb. 28, 1862. They also had two children who had died, Christine, b. Apr. 13, 1856, d. Dec. 17, 1856 and Peder, b. July 30, 1859, d. Dec. 9, 1861. The Kontaktforum Hadeland- Amerika want all information you can give us about this family from their life in America. Please, contact me at olegam@online.no
Greetings from Ole.

Posted on April 1, 2007 at 03:03:28 PM by Jay Fonkert

Johannes Nilssen and Kirsti Christensdatter had two daughters that probably stayed in Norway:

- Margrete. I think she was living alonge in Vingers, Hedmark, in 1900.
- Christianne (Kristianne. I think she married Ole Bredesen, and was living in Gran in 1900.

Does anyone know anything about them after 1900? Did they ever leave Norway? When and where did they die?


Re: Morstad-Gran
Posted on March 25, 2009 at 05:23:53 PM by Knut-Iver Molden Lodsby
it's 2 years since you posted your request. Since I know a few Bredesen, I just checked on Digitalarkivet at uib.no. Here you can find the census of 1900 also for Gran, Hadeland. I found a Ole Bredesen b. 1875 married to a Kristianne JOhansen b. 1863. They lived at the cotter farm Åsengen, and had two sons Karl b 1896 and Kolbjørn b. 1899. I have not checked further, since they would be Karl Olsen and Kolbjørn Olsen, and probably not related to the people I know. If you look at the scanned churchfiles for the years after 1900, found at the same internet-place, you can probably find if they had more children. I hope this will help you. 
Best wishes
Knut-Iver Molden Lodsby

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