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Emigrant Searching

submitted by Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika


Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika is attempting to find out about the 10,000+ emigrants from Hadeland that came to America and Canada. Each quarterly newsletter includes a list of families for whom more information is desired.  The primary family member and family number assigned are listed below.   


Information received is included on the Emigrant Forms which are available to members on-line in our Limited Access Archive.


All of the original published queries, including known family members and/or other information, can be viewed by clicking on the link in each year's heading.  If you are searching for information about any of these families or have information to provide, please e-mail the genealogist.



  2016 Queries

as published in The BRUA - pdf format - 68 KB

For query details click here


Reference Name

BBirth Farm

February Johanne Jensdtr Roeneiet
February Hans Andreas Jensen Skute
February Christen Gundersen Moldeneiet
February Johannes Johnsen Hvamstadeiet
February Christen Olesen Røisumeiet
February Ole Thorsen Sigdal, Buskerud
February Randi Torstensdtr Skari
February Martinius Pedersen Aaserud
February Oline Olsdtr Eggeiet
February Anne Andersdtr Gullerudseiet
February Lars Steffensen Kjoseiet
May Hans Albert Borgerson Klypen
May Ingel Robert Torstensen Haakenstadhaugen
May Johan Olsen Stenbraaten Bjellumseiet
May Anders Olaus Pedersen Olimbseiet
May Gudbrand Andreasen Bratvoldseiet
May Nils Jonas Andersen Moeseiet
May Jonette Edvardsdtr (Olsdtr) Nøklebyeiet
May Karen Kristine Kristiansdtr (Halvorsen) Halvorsbøleeiet
May Johannes Andreasen Berger
May Johannes Hermansen Jevnaker
August Peder Jørgensen Korsrud
August Jacob Halvorsen Engen Sogn
August Tobias Hansen Vangseietr
August Anders Hansen Hytta
August John Paulsen Halvorsrud
August Anne Larsdtr Kaarstad Hensrud
August Kirsti Danielsdtr Dæhleneiet
August Peder Eriksen Bjørge
August Torsten Johannesen Stensrud
August Lars Christensen Grinaker
August Oline Paulsdtr Tingelstadeiet
August Hanna Ellingsdtr Egge

Previous Years

At least some information has been found for all queries ... but we can always use more!!

Complete listings in pdf format, as published in The BRUA

Check the related form(s) in our Limited Access Archive

 see what information has been gathered


Query Numbers

File Size

2015  Aug:1-5   Nov:1-11 63 KB
2010 346-356 67 KB
2009 293-345 86 KB
2008 245-292 72 KB
2007 207-244 66 KB
2006 164-206 85 KB
2005 114-163 97 KB
2004 56-113 80 KB
2003 10-55 63 KB


1-9 102 KB

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