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About Hadeland


In January 2020, Gran became part of the Innlandet region.  Lunner and Jevnaker became part of Viken Region.  Together, the three still comprise the historic district of Hadeland.Prior to this reorganization, all three municipalities were part of Oppland Fylke.



VIKEN REGION (Jevnaker & Lunner)






Webcam at Gran Sentrum





Gran Kommune FaneJevnaker Kommune FaneLunner Kommune Fane

Kommune Fanes

Runestone at Granavollen - Photo courtesy Harold Hvattum

Sister Churches - Photo courtesy Lag member Wendy Winkelman
The Meaning of Hadeland
Gran countryside
View of Jevnaker countryside

Photos used in the website banner

Provided by member Shaun Gibson

Postcard of Jaren area, about 1913


More Postcards


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