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Kontaktforum On-Line Submission

Hadeland Immigrant Identification Form

This form is intended to gather information about emigrants from Hadeland in accordance with the purpose of the Kontaktforum Hadeland-America.  Kontaktforum is especially looking for information about those who emigrated from Hadeland to the US and Canada.  Kontaktforum would also appreciate finding out about books, brochures, family histories, or other publications about the emigration from Hadeland. Submission of this form indicates your permission to make copies of information you provide.  The copies will be housed at the Hadeland Folk Museum. If you prefer to mail your submission, click here for a printable form.


Name of person or persons who emigrated:


Where did he/she/they emigrate from (be as detailed as possible):

Approximately when did they emigrate?

Where in America did they settle?

How did they make their living?

Please indicate if you have family genealogical charts or other material about the emigrants that can be sent or that can be borrowed by Kontaktforum in order to copy them. You may attach electronic files to a separate e-mail to the Lag genealogist who will keep a copy for our files here in the US and then forward your information on to Norway.


Is there additional information you would like to provide here that you feel would be helpful?  (Birth/marriage/death dates, residences, military record, etc) 

I know about the following family genealogy books/charts etc. with information about emigrants or descendants of emigrants from Hadeland Please indicate the individual/organization that holds the material. If possible, an e-mail or mailing address or phone number would be extremely helpful:

You must provide all of the information requested below in order for Kontaktforum H-A to accept your submission.

Providing your name and mailing address indicates that you agree that information you submit can be placed in the archives at the Hadeland Folk Museum and used there in accordance with its archive policy. Your contact information will only be shared with researchers who may wish to get in touch with you about the information you have submitted.



Street Address


Address (cont.)





Zip/Postal Code





Relationship to Emigrant


   Pressing "Submit Form" will send this information directly to Kontaktforum. 

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Copyright 2002-2018
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