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In the Member's Center you can learn about the benefits of membership and find an application. Even if you aren't sure about becoming a member, we encourage you to submit information about your Hadeland ancestors for the Emigrant Identification Project* that has been mandated in Norway and sponsored by the Kontaktforum* group in Hadeland.

Members can find information on upcoming events and handy forms for submitting a change of address, membership renewals,  and more!

HadeThe Lag's "Hade" logo is shared with many organizations in Hadeland. Our little warrior may seem incongruous with the farmer ancestors about whom we know - but Hadeland - literally the "Land of the Warriors" - has a long and vibrant history dating back some 8,000 years with ties to such key historical figures as Harald Fairhair, who is credited with uniting Norwegian clans into one kingdom.  To learn more about Hadeland, visit the About Hadeland* area of this website.

Since 1910, Lag members have enjoyed the fun and fellowship of exploring their family's ancestry and learning about the culture and history of  Hadeland through use of its genealogical resources, regular meetings and its newsletter.  More about the history of the Hadeland Lag is available in the Lag History* area of this website.

In 2007, the Lag incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Minnesota.  The IRS granted us tax exempt status in 2008. As we move forward, we hope to offer new and interesting opportunities for our members and their families.

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