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Inquiry Board Archive

2005 Postings

You can still respond to these postings by emailing the author.  If the email address provided is not valid or there is no email address given, contact genealogist@hadelandlag.org  If the author is a member of the Hadeland Lag, we can assist you in contacting him/her.

Anders Hansen and Karen Olsdatter (Gronbraaten)
Posted on December 27, 2005 at 04:32:39 AM by


I was wondering if you have any further information or could tell me how I could aquire any further information on Anders Hansen and Karen Olsdatter. They are my GG grandparents. There son, Ole Julius Anderson, is listed on your site. He is my great grandfather. You say that you are looking for more information on his family (see link below). home.comcast.net/~goldendogy/.../AndersonArchive_McNeilIsland.html
I know they were born in Jevnaker/Lunner but I don't know the correct farm names or locations. I am also not sure if there is a Bygedebok for this area, as I am new to the genealogy field.
Any information would be great and I look forward to becoming a member.

Jeremy Anderson


Re(1): Bygdebok
Posted on December 27, 2005 at 05:27:28 AM by

There are no bygdebok for Hadeland. All research has to be done from church and civil records. We look forward to having you as a member!

Re(1): Anders Hansen and Karen Olsdatter (Gronbraa
Posted on December 28, 2005 at 07:16:41 AM by

First all, thanks to the November, 2004 Brua, this was very easy. I'm just adding a few items.

Anders Hansen was born 18 Feb 1841 at the Olimb Farm in Jevnaker.

Karen Olsdatter was born 1 Aug 1839 in Lunner, the daughter of Ole Andersen and Birte Christensdatter. She was baptized 18 Aug 1839 in Jevnaker. She had one brother that I found - Martin Olsen, who was born 28 Nov 1841 and was baptized 26 Dec 1841 in Jevnaker.

In the 1865 Norwegian Census, Anders Hansen was working on Kildal af Melaas. In the same census, Karen Olsdatter was living on Grønbratten with her brother Martin Olsen - he was unmarried.

Anders Hansen and Karen Olsdatter were married in Jevnaker 10 April 1867. The marriage shows the residence of Anders as the Olimb Farm and his birthplace as the Kildal Farm. He is age 26. The residence and birthplace of Karen Olsen is shown as the Grønbratten Farm. Karen is age 27.

The father of Anders Hansen is shown as Hans Christophersen. The father of Karen is shown as Ole Andersen.

They had the following children:

Ivar - born 2 May 1871 Jevnaker
Birthe Maria - born 2 Feb 1868 " "
Anne Petra - born 16 Feb 1874 " "
Ole Julius - born 16 Feb 1874 " "
Karoline - born 30 Sept 1876 " "
Hanna - born 22 Sept 1877 " "
Markus - born 27 Nov 1880 at Skedsmo

In the 1875 Census, the family was living on the Kildal Melaas Farm in Jevnaker.

The "out-migrant's record shows that the entire family left Jevnaker in 1880? for Nitedal in Akershus.

I could find a departure record for Anders Hansen and his son Iver Andersen showing they left Kristiania for the US on 27 Feb 1891 with a destination of Dawson, Minnesota.

With respect to the farms, Kildal is located about 1/2 km east, southeast of Lunner. It would appear to me that the other residences would also be very close to Lunner.

In the 1900 US Census, I see Andrew Hanson living with his wife Karen and son Markus in Barto Township, Roseau County, Minnesota.

In the records of Hvidso Bethania Lutheran Church, Greenbush, MN, it appears that Anders Hansen and his family joined the church 15 Nov 1895. Three children are shown:

Ole Julius

What happened to Birthe Maria, Anne Petra, Karoline and Hanna?

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, MN

Re(2): Anders Hansen and Karen Olsdatter (Gronbraa
Posted on December 28, 2005 at 05:39:21 PM by

Thanks for alerting me to this site and information. I had everything and was just gathering it to send it to Jeremy but you beat me to it. Just a couple of things to add: according to the Digitalarkivet:Emigrants from Oslo 1867-1930 - Karen and children Karoline, Marie, Petra, Ole and Markus left Nitedal with a destination of Quebec on Aug. 7, 1891. The ship was the Angelo but I don't know if this ship was trans Atlantic or just to England where they would have boarded another. No mention of Hanna. Once here Berte Marie married Engelhard Pederson in 1893, Karoline married Engelhard's brother, Hartvig Pederson - both families initially settling in the Greenbush MN area and Anne Petra married C.H.(Charles) Carlson and eventually settled in Aitkin County, Anders & Karen moving with them.
Thanks again!

Re(3): Anders Hansen and Karen Olsdatter (Gronbraa
Posted on December 28, 2005 at 09:29:12 PM by

Angelo was a 'commuter' ship to Hull, England. More info about the ship on the norway heritage website, link below

Norway Heritage

Posted on December 23, 2005 at 08:21:21 AM by

The following information is from the Family Bible, as entered by Julie. I am interested in information pertaining to any of the individuals and also the locations in Norway.
They arrived in NY 6 Sept 1882.
The family began using the name RANDBY (aka RAMBY, RABBY, varies by record) circa 1884. (Note that the last 3 children were listed as KLAUSEN in the Bible, well after 1884) The story told by the decendents is "there were so many KLAUSEN's", the Mail was frequently mixed up. All the K's were also changed to C's.
There seems to be some relationship between the name RANDBY and the location Randbyeie. Where is Randbyeie, Ullensager? Is it a farm?
Konrad was my Grandfather. My parents and I lived with him for 8 years. I have fond memories and a fair amount of information if anyone is interested.

Kristian Klausen
fód den 13 Marks 1852 fraa
Garrden Krasberg I Birid

Julie Lauranse Pettersen
fód den 1 Juni 1852 fraa
Hadelands glasvork

Ragna Marie Kristian…
fód den 5 Ogtober 1876 fraa

Klara Hansine
Kristiansin föd den 3 Novem…
Fraa Randbyeie 1878

Kanrad Hegbert Karlsen
fód den 6 December 1880

Christian Julius Karlsen
fód den 23 September 1883
La:Cross, Amerika

Axel Manuil Karlsen
föd den 17 September 1885

Emma Josofine Karlsen
föd den September 1889
Mc Kenna

Gerte Amanda Karlsen
föd den 22 Mai 1891
Mc Kenna

Re(1): KLAUSEN Family
Posted on December 23, 2005 at 11:48:28 AM by

While I visited the Hadeland Glassworks in Jevnaker this summer, I was unaware that there was also a glassworks in Biri. From the brief time I spent on this, it is clear there was a movement of workers between the two glassworks.

I find a marriage record for Hans Christian Pedersen, residence "Hadelands Glasværk", birthplace "Hadelands Glasværk" and Regine Marie Stalberg, residence "Biri Glasværk", birthplace "Biri Glasværk". Hans was 25 and Regine was 26. The father of Hans was Peder Hansen and the father of Regine was Christian Stalberg [Hans Christian Pedersen Stalberg?]. The marriage occurred 27 Oct 1846 in Jevnaker. On Family Search.Com, I found the following children born to Hans and Regine:

Hagbart Martinius Hansen - baptized 2 June 1850 Jevnaker
Julie Laurenze Hansen - baptized 4 Jul 1852 Jevnaker
Carl August Hansen - baptized 25 Mar 1855 Jevnaker.

In the 1855 birth record, Regine is shown as Regine Christiansdatter.

The Jenaker "Out-migrant's record shows that Hans Pedersen, age 34, Regine Marie Petersen, age 35, Hagbart Martin, born 15 April 1850; Carl August Hansen, born 4 Feb 1855 and Julie Laurenze Hansdatter , born 1 June 1852 left Jevnaker 20 Dec 1855 for Biri.

In the 1865 Norwegian Census, I see a Regine Pedersdatter, age 46, pensionist, son Hagbarth Pedersen, age 16, Karl Pedersen, age 11, Hanna K. Pedersen and Regine M. Pedersen, age 9, at the Biri Glassworks. While the last names of the children should be Hansen/Hansdatter, it appears that this is the correct record. Hagbarth is a very rare name in Norway. It would appear from this Biri record that the father, Hans Pedersen is dead in 1865. I see a Jule K. Pedersen on the record above Regine - her age is 12 - a recording error?

The next record I find for Julie Laurentse Pedersdatter is an out-migrant's record from Jevnaker to Ullensaker - År shos 1876 and Dato shows 1874 - I don't know what the difference is! Her date of birth is shown as 1 June 1852. I would guess she came from Biri to work at the Hadeland Glassworks.

In FamilySearch.Com, I find a marriage record for a Christian Clausen and Julie Laurentse Petersen at 1 Jul 1877 at Paulus Menighet, Oslo, Akershus, Norway.

This is an unusual name combination for a bride and groom - correct - I don't know?

I see many other Stalbergs in Biri. My research is entirely done on-line. Obivously Biri would be a good place for you to look, in addition to Ullensaker. While you show the first child born 5 Ogtober 1876, it is remarkable that another Christian Clausen and Julie Laurentse Pedersen were married in Oslo on 1 July 1877. An examination of that record on LDS microfilm might be interesting. While Hans Christian Pedersen was shown on the marriage record as being born at the Hadeland Glassworks, I couldn't find anything on him. I'm sure that others with access to the Jevnaker birth records or LDS microfilm might have more information. I see many Stalbergs on FamilySearch.Com at Biri. Some information on Regine Stalberg was submitted by an apparent member of the LDS church.

Obviously Biri in Oppland and Ullensaker in Akershus would be good places to look for additional information. There is not much on-line at those two areas!

Sorry I couldn't help more!!!!

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, MN
Re(2): KLAUSEN Family
Posted on December 23, 2005 at 02:21:42 PM by

Dave - you keep amazing me .... :-)))
Re(1): KLAUSEN Family
Posted on December 24, 2005 at 05:17:09 AM by

I want to thank Kjell for his kind comments.

I do subscribe to Ancestry.Com. I thought I would try searching on the name "Stalberg". I found that a Norwegian had placed a Gedcom file on Ancestry.Com that included about 1,400 individuals. Julie Laurence Hansdatter, born 1 June 1852 is included. I created an ancestry gedcom file for Julie to find the oldest ancestor listed for her. It turns out to be a Heinrich Erich, born 1716 in Mecklenburg, Germany. He died in 1799 in "Hadeland, Ringerike". His occupation was shown as "Glasspuster" in this Gedcom file. I then ran a descendant Gedcom file starting with Heinrich Erich. This produced a Family Treemaker database with 602 individuals in it. There is no information in this for Julie Laurence Hansdatter except her date of birth. I have E-Mailed a 48 page descendant report to Mr. Kluetz and a 4 page ancestry report.

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, MN

Re(2): KLAUSEN Family
Posted on January 4, 2006 at 09:54:08 AM by

Many thanks to Dave for taking the time to help me. I now have five previously unknown generations to study and try to comprehend. Thanks also to Ole Gamme for picking up on this exchange of information and adding my meager amount of data to his records.

Lieker østre farm in Jevnaker
Posted on December 15, 2005 at 06:43:07 AM by

I am looking for information on Ole Johannesen b ab. 1842. In the 1865 census he is working on Lieker østre farm in Jevnaker. When he sailed for America in 1871 he added Kyteeie to his surname. His wife was Martha Halvorsdatter b. ab.1852-3. They were born in Jevnaker. Is there a map of farms for Jevnaker on the internet or could someone tell me the names of farms close to Lieker østre so that I might search for Ole's father Johannes who may have lived close by?
Thank You Kindly

Re(1): Lieker østre farm in Jevnaker
Posted on December 15, 2005 at 10:44:12 AM by

I think I can help a little, but I'm sure others could help much more.

I do see the 28 April 1871 departure record of Ole Johannesen, his wife Marthe and his daughter Karen. My guess is that "Kyteeie" [Kytee Eiet] is possibly the Kytterud Farm in Jevnaker, but is more likely the "Hytta" Farm by Lunner. The last name of a Norwegian in the 19th Century was his address. When they came to the US, they frequently used their last Norwegian address as their new surname.

I see a marriage record in Jevnaker, 25 April 1870 where Ole Johansen, residence Mortveiten, born at Kjørven 27 April 1844 married Marte Halvorsdatter, residence Lia [Lien] Farm, born at Lia 3 March 1852.

There is a Kjørven Farm just southwest of Lunner - this may be the correct one.

There is a Mortveiten Farm about 2-3 miles east of Lunner. There is a Lia [Lien]Farm about 1 mile north of Mortveiten.

On the wedding record, the father of Ole Johansen is given as Johan Johansen. The father of Marte Halvorsdatter is given as Halvor Christophersen.

In the 1865 Census, a Marte Halvorsdatter is shown living with her parents Halvor Kristophersen and Randi Larsdatter, and 7 other siblings on the Lien [Lia] Farm by Lunner.

Shifting gears again, I find a Jevnaker baptismal record dated 26 June 1870 for Karen Olsdatter, parents Ole Johansen and Marthe Halvorsdatter.

Lunner is the local church - Jevnaker is the main parish.

Under Norwegian naming customs, the 1st son is nearly always named after the father father, the first daughter after the father's mother.

I do see a Johan Johannesen and wife Karen Johnannesdatter living on the Maalerud Farm in Jevnaker in the 1865 Census, with 2 sons and a daughter. This may be the father of Ole.

Again, some of these names sound familiar, probably from my June trip to Norway, and conversations with other members of our group. I hope this is of some help.

Anyway, you need to join the Hadeland Lag!

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Re(1): Lieker østre farm in Jevnaker
Posted on December 16, 2005 at 05:48:43 AM by

I have now concluded that Johan Johansen - Karen Johannsdatter are probably not the correct parents for Ole Johansen.

I have found a baptismal record for an Ole Johannesen, baptised 23 June 1844 in Jevnaker - parents Johan Johannesen and Karen Olsdatter. These would seem to be much better candidates for being the parents of Ole.

Dave Gunderson

Re(1): Lieker østre farm in Jevnaker
Posted on December 18, 2005 at 11:31:11 AM by

With great assistance from the website of Brian Christensen, ESQ, and timely help from Ole P. Gamme, I think the questions raised by the inquiry have now been fully answered.

Dave Gunderson

Re(2): Lieker østre farm in Jevnaker
Posted on December 19, 2005 at 11:32:12 AM by

Dear Dave !

It's good of you to inform other visitors at the inquiry board the way you do it at this occasion that "the case is closed" ! I encourage others to follow your example.

I've been working on this particular query for a couple of late nights now; actually still not finished .. :-))

Furthermore I have to say I'm indeed impressed by the time and effort you put into your genealogical work - as a matter of fact I wouldn't hesitate to title you an "expert" now ... :-)) Your doing a tremendously good job, not at least given the fact that you don't actually know the Norwegian language !!

Eventually I should notify you (as well as any other acquaintances of mine who might be visiting this fabulous website; - credit to you Anne !!) that I no longer can be reached at the e-mail address I've had for several years. The "Netcom" company is out of business, but temporarily I can be reached at kmyhre1@hotmail.com
At the same time I'd like to apologise to those who might have been trying to reach me at my previous address, that I unfortunately have been unable to download any mail sent to it, ever
since early august.

All the best, Kjell Myhre

Posted on November 26, 2005 at 06:05:24 PM by

I'm new to your site. My Grandmother was Borghild Anderson, born in Jaren. Immingated to US in app. 1903. Her Father was Hans Anderson (Nasbakken)and his father was Anders Nasbakken. I would be interested in any leads or connections to the Nasbakken line.
Thank you,
David Overby
Olympia, WA

Re(1): Nasbakken
Posted on November 28, 2005 at 09:58:26 AM by

I "think" I have found the correct family for your inquiry.

Anders Johnsen was born 7 May 1824 on the Ellefsrud Farm in Hadeland, the son of John Andersen and Mari Evensdatter.

Berthe Andersdatter was born 9 Oct 1827 on the Næsbakken Farm, the daughter of Anders Larsen and Anne Pedersdatter.

I found a Anders Johnsen who married Berthe Andersdatter on 16 Nov 1847 in Gran, Hadeland.

I found the following children born to Anders Johnsen and Berthe Andersdatter:

Anders Andersen, born 22 May 1848 on Næsbakken

John Andersen, born 25 Dec 1849 on Næsbakken

Anne Andersdatter, born 11 Jan 1852 on Næsbakken

Even Andersen, born 15 February 1854 on Næsbakken

Erik Andersen, born 31 July 1857 on Næsbakken [must have died before 27 Jan 1862 - the name was re-used for the next son]

Erik Andersen, born 27 Jan 1862 on Næsbakken

Lars Andersen, born 7 April 1864 on Næsbakken

Mikkel Andersen, born 20 Feb 1866 on Næsbakken

Hans Andersen, born 14 Jan 1869 on Næsbakken

Birthe Maria, born 21 April 1872 on Næsbakken

In the 1865 Norwegian Census, the whole family was living on the Næsbakken Farm.

John Andersen left Gran to go the America on 13 Apr 1867 - he appears to be single

Anders Andersen left Gran to go to America on 20 Apil 1869 - he appears to be single

Even Andersen left Gran to go to America on 24 April 1876

Lars Andersen left Gran to go to America on 2 July 1880

Erik Andersen left Gran to go to America on 23 Feb 1883 - arriving in Philadelphia. He lived in New Richmond, WI for 25 years and then Amery, WI for 3 years.

I find a Hans Andersen Næsbakken, age 34, his wife Sigrid, age 26, a son Arnt, age 3, and a daughter Borghild, age 1, left Oslo 5 June 1903 for North Dakota.

Anders Johnsen Næsbakken died 7 November 1883, and his wife Berte Andersdatter died 4 Aug 1910 - both in Norway.

In the 1900 Norwegian Census, it appears Berte had been living with her son Mikkel, and his family, on the Næsbakken Farm.

I am just an amateur genealogist, but I'm pretty sure these are correct.

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, Minnesota


Re(1): Nasbakken
Posted on December 1, 2005 at 09:01:55 AM by

Just one minor addition to what I have previously posted on this inquiry.

I did find the Hans Andersen Næsbakken Family in the 1900 Norwegian Census. They were living at Rosendal. Hans Andersen is shown as some sort of quarry worker, and as an apparent fiddle musician. His wife Sirid Gustavsdatter appears to have been a seamstress. The son shown in the 1903 emmigration record as "Arnt", is shown in this record as Johan Arent Hansen. He appears to have been born 15 March 1900 in Kristiana. Sigrid is shown as being born in 1876.

Re(2): Nasbakken
Posted on December 1, 2005 at 10:33:24 PM by

Thanks Dave-
Arnt did immigrate to America. He was my Grandmother Borghild's brother. He eventually lived in Oregon.

Lars Knutson Hadeland
Posted on November 16, 2005 at 11:56:16 PM by

Trying to determine which Hadeland Lars Knutson (Hadelanned) born about 1830 is from. He married Asbor (or Asber) Nesland also born about 1830. It is estimated that they were married about 1848 and settled on the Haneland farm north of Arendal.


Knudson family
Posted on November 8, 2005 at 12:28:37 PM by

I am looking for information on the Knut Knudson farm in Gran Hadeland. Knut the son, born in 1860 and left Norway when he was 17, is my grandfather and married Annie Lundon.

Re(1): Knudson family
Posted on November 15, 2005 at 01:37:57 PM by

Hello Karen. Knut Knutson is not from Gran, Hadeland, but from Sør Odal in Hedmark County. Anne Pedersdtr. Lunda was from Gran. I have sent information directly to you. Greetings from Ole.

Re(2): Knudson family
Posted on December 5, 2005 at 06:32:13 AM by

I am interested in the Knut Knutson (Knudson) family in Sondre Odalen, Hedmark. I have the 1865 for 0419 Sondre Odalen census. What other census would be available. I don't understand Norwegean, but can figure out the census. I would like to know more about them and about Marie Hanson. I would appreciate help from anyone

Re(3): Knudson family
Posted on December 8, 2005 at 09:30:19 AM by

The bygdelag for the Hedmark area should be able to help you.

Nord-Hedmark and Hedemarken Lag

Re(3): Knudson family
Posted on December 8, 2005 at 04:27:54 AM by

You'll find a information about the various Norwegian censuses and other records which are available for research at these websites -



Posted on October 22, 2005 at 08:43:38 PM by

trying to locate norwegian ancestry of Andrew Gilbertson born 1868 in Bergen.
MIgrated to US approximately 1870 or 1871. Lived in Iowa and Wisconsin. Shows a brother on 1880 census Gilbert Gilbertson. I don't know where to start looking before his arrival in Iowa.

Re(1): gilbertson
Posted on October 25, 2005 at 07:56:23 AM by

We only have records of people from Hadeland. Have you checked the Norwegian ditalal archives? Try this site: http://digitalarkivet.uib.no/cgi-win/WebFront.exe?slag=vis&tekst=meldingar&spraak=e

Re(1): gilbertson
Posted on October 25, 2005 at 07:58:43 AM by

You might also look for a lag near Bergen: http://www.fellesraad.com/


Posted on October 12, 2005 at 02:33:31 PM by

Any info on the name Mollerstoen?

Re(1): Mollerstoen
Posted on October 21, 2005 at 04:38:18 PM by

Yes - the name "Møllerstuen" does actually exist several places in Hadeland - as well as in other districts of Norway. It's not an uncommon name for a tenant farm.

The actual meaning of the name is "the cabin by the mill", normally where the local miller and his family would be living. If you have any further information on "your" Møllerstuen, or on a particular person or family you think might have been living there, please inform me !


Paul Hanson
Posted on October 12, 2005 at 02:32:25 PM by

Please help find info on Paul Hanson from Hadeland. He left Norway in 1868 with his wife Gunda and children--Oline and Hans and settled in Freeborn Cty., Minn.


Re(1): paul hanson
Posted on October 13, 2005 at 01:14:15 PM by

I will attach the info the Lag has on your Paul.. At least, I think it is him.


Anders Olesen Helland
Posted on October 7, 2005 at 10:11:28 PM by

Anders Olesen Helland born April 21, 1877 in Vestnes, Norway came to North Dakota in the late 1800s and lived around Kathryn, North Dakota. In about 1908 he had a falling out with his brothers, Kristoffer Olesen Helland and Hans Olesen Helland. He returned to Norway shortly thereafter but returned to America shortly thereafter never again to make family contact. Would appreciate help with this search.

See www.hellandfamily.ca for more information about the Helland family.

Re(1): Anders Olesen Helland
Posted on October 12, 2005 at 02:18:27 PM by

Vestnes, Norway is not in Hadeland. Vestnes is a municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal, Norway. Møre og Romsdal is a county in the northernmost part of the Vestlandet region of Norway, and borders the counties of Sør-Trøndelag, Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane. The county administration is located in Molde.

Posted on August 5, 2005 at 01:34:28 AM by

Looking for information on Andrew P. Ostlie/Dorothea Halvorson (wife)...they had 11 children: Adolph, Emma, Olga, Hilda, Anna, Wendell, Stella, Evelyn, Doris, and Esther. I am the great-grand daughter of Stella, who died Oct. 1988 in California and I am just discovering my Hadeland roots, so any information would be very much appreciated.

Re(1): Ostlie.....
Posted on August 6, 2005 at 03:25:53 PM by

Dear Ms./Mr. Beason !

Do you have any information att all on your g.g. grandparents; Andrew and Dorothea ? Like dates of births and marrige, or aprox. year of emigration ?
If you do, it would make it easier for me to start a search ....

Sincerely, K. Myhre


Re(2): Ostlie.....
Posted on August 6, 2005 at 07:44:32 PM by

I have Andrew P. Ostlie born 1868 and Dorothea Ostlie (Halvorson) born 1871
Dorothea's parents were Gunder Halvorson born 1825 and Elina (?) born 1832....I believe it was the parents of Andrew and Elina that were from Oppland....emigration sometime prior to 1880 as they are found in the U.S. census in Bergen Mccleod Minnesota 1880. My great grandmother Stella Ostlie was born 2-2-1907 in Steele North Dakota.
I sure hope this makes sense, I know it has confused me easily enough...
Thanks so much for your help....

Re(3): Ostlie.....
Posted on August 10, 2005 at 05:46:07 AM by

The 1910 and 1920 US censuses indicate that both Andrew and Dorothea were born in Iowa? Did their death records, obituaries, or other family records list WHERE in Iowa?
I can't find earlier US records for any 'Ostlie' family that matches this information - perhaps knowing the specific area will help to overcome any spelling difficulties with the surname.

Re(1): Ostlie.....
Posted on August 9, 2005 at 05:00:26 PM by

I spent some time researching this inquiry on the Internet, with respect to Gunder and Elina Halvorson.

I did find the 1880 Census record for Bergen Township, McLeod County. It lists 4 children - all of whom were born in Minnesota - the oldest son, Halvor, being about 15 in 1880. Based on Norwegian naming practices he is clearly the oldest son.

Thus, Gunder Halvorson and his wife Elina were in the US prior to 1865 or 1866. Based on their ages, it is conceivable that they married in the United States.

The 1880 Census Record shows a son Eduard - aged 13. I did find him in the 1900 US Census, still in Bergen Township, McLeod County. A more exact date of birth for him was Feb., 1867. In the 1900 Census, he was married to Clara A. Larson [born June, 1872 in Minnesota]. They had 4 daughters: Mabel - Aug, 1894; Ella H. - March, 1896; Cora - March, 1998; and Alice - Feb., 1900.

I also searched in Minnesota Hist. Soc. death records and found the following:

A Gunder Halvorson, born about 1826, died 1 March 1905 in McLeod County.

A Elene Halvorson died 5 April 1908 in McLeod County.

It is very possible that these two "might" be the correct ones.

I looked in both FamilySearch and in the The Digital Inn - no immediate prospects for the Norwegian origins of Gunvor Halvorson and Elina "jumped out at me"!

Ella Halvorson married Clifford William Beise, born 5 March 1896 in McLeod County, 25 June 1919 in Bergen Township, McLeod County, MN. Ella H. Beise died 23 Feb 1988 in New Richland, Waseca County, MN. They had four children - Cecil; Clyde; Elaine and Janet. Someone has been working on a Beise genealogy.

Minnesota Historical Society death records show an Edward Halvorson died 26 July 1921 in McLeod County, MN.

Bergen Township is between Glencoe and Lester Prairie, MN.

Obviously either obits or church death records from McLeod County might provide enough info to ascertain the exact place in Norway that Gunder and Elina Halvorson came from.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Karen Johannesdr (Morstad)
Posted on July 20, 2005 at 05:21:45 PM by Barbara Fonkert

Karen Johannesdr, born 15 March 1872. parents: Johannes Nilssen and Kirsti Christendr, Gran. Searching for information re: marriage or emigration. She died in California in 1948.

Re(1): Karen Johannesdr (Morstad)
Posted on July 21, 2005 at 10:43:04 AM by

I will email you separately.

Lag genealogist

Jon Johanneson
Posted on May 22, 2005 at 08:25:05 AM by Donald Olson

I am looking for an old friend, Jon Johanneson (not sure about the spelling of the sur name.) Jon was a Norwegian Merchant Marine, his ship was docked at Long Beach, California in 1965. I am wondering if there is a Merchant Marine archives, or some other way to contact him. He would be about 65 years old now.
He was from the Oslo area.
I am going to visit Norway soon and it would be fun to visit with him also.
Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.


Re(1): Jon Johanneson
Posted on June 1, 2005 at 08:54:19 AM by


Gulbran Chrestofersen and Anne Pedersdtr-Jevnaker
Posted on April 29, 2005 at 11:48:11 AM by

Can anyone tell me anything about Gulbran Chrestofsen (abt 1753)and his wife Anne Pedersdatter (abt 1753)?

Their son Peder Guldrandsen (born abt 1795)-Praetergaardeie Jevnaker -died 4 April 1869 Gulleneie Jevnaker.

Gulbran & Anne's other children were Kari(1789)Mari (1794) and Ingeborg(1798)

Mange tusen takk

Jens Chrestensen(Prestegjeld ) & Pernille Pederdt
Posted on April 29, 2005 at 11:41:38 AM by

Can anyone tell me more information about Jens Chrestensen(born abt 1751-Gard Houer
Amt Christians, Prestegjeld Jevnaker) and his wife Pernille Pedersdatter (Born abt 1756 Jevnaker Norway)?

Their daughter was Ingeborg Jensdatter born abt 1786 Haugereie Jevnaker

Mange takk

Peder Anderson-Blekkerudeie Gran & Ane Pedersdtr
Posted on April 29, 2005 at 11:35:56 AM by

Can you tell me anything about Peder Anderson( Blekkerudeie Gran Jevnaker) and his wife Anne Pedersdatter(Jevnaker)??

I assume they were born abt 1795 as their son Peder Pedersen-Born 25 June 1815 i Rustadeie Jevnaker

Son Peder married another Anne Pedersdatter on 27 Dec 1836 i Olimbeie Jevnaker

Mange takk

O/Oe/Ohe & Gjøvik Farms
Posted on April 16, 2005 at 04:13:32 PM by sandra

I am searching for more information regarding these farms in gran. I am particularily interested in obtaining a farm history. Who owned it, divisions, sub-divisions, etc. I will be traveling to Norway again this year and it may or may not be feasable for me to visit places there in Hadeland, as my primary stomping grounds are in Buskerud. Just in case, it would be nice to go with some info in case I can do some digging. Very interested in meeting family that decend from Ole Amundsen Ohe, April 20, 1772-January 09, 1834 & Karen Larsdatter Gjøvik, May 18, 1783-April 19, 1857 who can help me piece together immigrants, dates and such.

I have much to share too.

Re(1): O/Oe/Ohe & Gjøvik Farms
Posted on April 17, 2005 at 11:10:09 PM by


Dear Sandra !

The distance between the county of Buskertud and the Hadeland area of Oppland county is, as you might know, not at all far.

I am familiar with both the O and Gjøvik farms, as well as their present owners, and I do live close by these places. If you feel like it, you're welcome to give me a call when you get here at either 61 33 46 38 or 911 13 966 (mobile), (no prefix needed for these numbers for calls from within Norway) and I would be pleased to take you around if available at the time !

Friendly regards, Kjell M.

Re(2): O/Oe/Ohe & Gjøvik Farms
Posted on June 1, 2005 at 08:14:40 AM by

Sandra - are you a member of the Hadeland Lag? We would love for you to join. Among the benefits is a quarterly newsletter that is fantastic! The membership is only $15 for a years membership. Thanks! Wendy

Ancestor Search
Posted on April 15, 2005 at 07:51:06 PM by Clem Stubstad


I am looking for some family ancestors who supposedly came from Gran, Oppland County, Hadeland. We have searched back to a name- Peder Larsen (Stubstad)who was born around 1817. It is believed that he was maried to a woman named Kari(n). They had 6 children - Lars, Ole. Martin, Karin, Martha and Marie. Lars and Ole were born in the 1850-1855 (Ole in 1855) timeframe and they came to America around 1870. Stubstad is suppose to be the farm but the name Opsahl keeps appearing too.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Re(1): ancestor search
Posted on April 18, 2005 at 01:18:40 AM by

Dear Mr. Stubstad !

No wonder your investigations might have been both troublesome and somewhat confusing :-)) Your Hadeland ancestors way of life seem to have been both turbulent and grievous to them; at least prior to emigration.

Peder Larsen Opsal of Lunner did marry Kari Olsdtr. Vien of Gran on oct. 10th. 1846. The wedding ceremony took place in the St. Nicolai church of Gran.

Kari was born april 17th. 1817 at the Vien farm, being daughter of farmer Ole Olsen Vien and his wife Maren Olsdtr.

Lars was also, as pointed out by you in your quiery, born 1817, on june 23. at the Råstad farm in the Oppdal Valley of Lunner parish. Soon after, the family must have moved on to the Opsal farm in the same area, and appearentley became farmers there. (or at least at one of them; they were three neighbouring farms with that name in common at this point of time) His parents were Lars Pedersen and Marthe Andersdtr.

It seems that Peder & Kari inherited the Opsal farm from his parents. All of their following children were born there, and baptized in the Lunner church of the 12. century :

Marthe, b. jan. 19. 1847

Maren, b. july 12. 1848

Lars, b. april 11. 1851

Ole, b. feb. 1. 1855

Martin, b. oct. 29. 1857

Inger Marine, b. feb. 9. 1860.

Note that the (second) oldest daughter Maren and the oldest son Lars were carefully renamed after respectively her mothers mother and his fathers father; as custom required !

Within 1865 Peder Larsen had given up the Opsal farm, moved to Brandbu parish of Gran municipality, and resettled with his family as farmer at the northern Olerud farm. (Todays farm.no. 90/1 in Gran)
However he didn't manage to hold on to it for very long; ten years later one find that Peder and Kari were living as lodgers at the Gautvedt farm in Gran, he working there as servant and she as maid. (Todays farm.no. 186/1 in Gran)

There IS a actual link to the Stubstad farm in Brandbu, (Todays farm.no. 108/1 in Gran) however it's somewhat "tiny." I do guess that you descend from Ole & Karis oldest son Lars (?) The point is that at the time of his emigration, Lars lived as lodger and servant with the Stubstad-farmer, and had done so probably for just a short while, but even so enough also for him to feel entitled to use Stubstad as his family name, though not, as it seems, until reaching America ! Lars left Stubstad (and Hadeland) on april fourth 1871. April fourteenth he sailed from Oslo, and his point of destination was Rushford ! In the emigration records he is titled "worker", and named Lars Pedersen !

However Lars, interestingly enough, returned to visit his parents not more than four years later ! The winter of 1876 he was staying with them at Gautvedt, referred to as "visitor from Minnesota." At actually which time he once again headed for America I haven't checked.

Eventually in 1880, Peder and Kari does also emigrate. Now living as lodgers at the Vien farm, most likely with her family, they left Hadeland on june fourth this year. (One of four farms which share that name) None of their other children went along at this occasion. Whether they later did I haven't had the time to search for; however one does find some of them spread throughout Gran during the 1870's, working as servants or tenants.

In conclusion, I do hope this bit of information might be of some interest to you. And please pay attention to our "Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika", on to which you find a link at the top of this sight. We would appreciate it if you're willing to share with us the "American part of the story" by compiling it in brief using one of the electronic forms you'll find there ... :-))

Yours respectfully,

K. Myhre

Re(1): ancestor search
Posted on April 15, 2005 at 10:09:54 PM by

Do you know where they settled in the U.S.?

Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter
Posted on April 10, 2005 at 10:45:37 PM by Sandra

Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter married November 13, 1806 in Gran. They had the following children:
Amund Olsen Oe, October 04, 1807
Maren Olsdatter Oe, February 14, 1812
Lars Olsen Oe, December 23, 1814
Amund Olsen Oe Braaten, Aug 16, 1818
Gulbrand Olsen Oe, September 19, 1823
All born in Gran.

I have just a couple questions:
What is the Oe farm? Could anyone help me figure out the parents of Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter?


Re(1): Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter
Posted on April 11, 2005 at 12:02:17 PM by


I couldn't find an "Oe" Farm in the 1801 Gran Census, but I did find an "Ol" Farm.

In 1801 Census, the following were shown as living on the "Ol" Farm:

Amund Amundsen husband age 55
Maren Olsdatr wife age 55
Ole Amundsen son age 29
Birthe Amundsdtr daughter age 21

In Family Search I found an Ole Amundsen baptized 20 April 1772 - parents Amund Amundsen and Maren Olsdtr.

With respect to the "O" Farm, it is listed in Rygh. In the 1865 Census, the name is shown as "O". From its position in both census records, the farm appears to be about 6 km south, southwest of Branbu near the Randsfjorden. Nearby farms would appear to include Grymyr and Smedsrud.

I'm fairly confident in the 1801 Census record being the correct one as it would match Norwegian naming practices.

Dave Gunderson

Re(1): Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter
Posted on April 11, 2005 at 07:33:05 PM by


I had a little more time to look at this. I found an 1801 Norwegian Census record that appears to be the best candidate for including your Karen Larsdatter.

Farm: Giøvig
Lars Torgersen Husbund age 60
Gudbiør Gulbrandsdtr Wife age 50
Gulbrand Larsen son age 28
Gudbiør Larsdatter daughter age 26
Agnete Larsdatter daughter age 24
Kirsti Larsdatter daughter age 21
Karen Larsdatter daughter age 18
Anne Larsdatter daughter age 15
Eline Larsdatter daughter age 13
Marthe Larsdatter daughter age 10
Siri Larsdatter daughter age 5

I checked a few of the baptismal records for the children of Ole Amundsen and Karen Larsdatter. Many of sponsors were from the Giøvig Farm. To me, as an amateur genealogist, that confirms that this is the correct Karen Larsdatter.

In FamilySearch.com, I found a Karen Larsdatter baptized 18 MAY 1783 in Gran - parents: LARS TORGERSEN and GUBIOR GULBRANSDR.

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Re(1): Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter
Posted on April 11, 2005 at 09:25:23 PM by


Again, I found some additional time.

On FamilySearch.com, I found the following baptisms in Gran for parents named Amund Amundsen and Maren Olsdatter:

04 JUN 1770
OLE AMUNDSEN - baptized 20 APR 1772
ANE AMUNDSDTR - baptized
25 SEP 1774
BERTHE AMUNDSDTR - baptized 12 JUL 1778

I find a baptismal record for Amund Amundsen dated 14 AUG 1746. The parents were AMUND GULBRANDSEN and KIRSTI AMUNDSDATTER - the names seem correct.

I found a marriage record for Amund Amundsen and Maren Olsdatter in Gran on
11 APR 1769.

I found a marriage record for AMUND GULBRANDSEN and KIRSTI AMUNDSDATTER dated 06 MAY 1727 in Gran.

Other children of AMUND GULBRANDSEN and KIRSTI AMUNDSDATTER would appear to be as follows:

20 APR 1738
ANNE AMUNDSDTR - baptized 26 JUN 1735
MARIE AMUNDSDTR - baptized 17 JUN 1730
HANS AMUNDSEN - baptized 05 FEB 1741
BIRTHE AMUNDSDTR - baptized 24 JUN 1733

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, MN
Re(2): Ole Amundson Oe & Karen Larsdatter
Posted on April 11, 2005 at 09:34:10 PM by Sandra

I have read the message you sent me earlier in 2004 and have done some digging into what you found. As of today, I am positive I have located my Ole and the mystery is finally solved. I owe this to you.

I had known of an Ohe connection several years back but could find nothing regarding this family.

Thank you, thank you for all your help.

Norwegian name (?)
Posted on March 29, 2005 at 04:15:34 PM by Gayla Myers

I have been trying to help my husband locate his paternal grandfather's Norwegian ancestry since 1974. His name was Emil Sorensen on all American records. Birthdate and place was given as 2 September 1865-67 in "Bergenskanten", Norway. We can locate all American records and none list any information other than "Bergenskanten". My question is, could "Emil" have been a nickname for some other Norwegian name? Are there any ideas on where to look, how to find him? (My husband's mother is the last of 13 children (she is now 83 years old) and was 10 years old when Emil died. She remembers nothing at all about him, and simply gets annoyed when we keep trying to get more information...) All of her 12 siblings are now dead.) Any thoughts, ideas would be celebrated. Thanks.


Re(1): Norwegian name (?)
Posted on March 30, 2005 at 11:08:31 AM by

Bergenskanten - means around the city of Bergen. Bergen is a large city. Hadeland is along ways away from Bergen. Perhaps you should try the Lag organization near Bergen - they are called Nordhordland. The contact person there is Warren Eidsness, email richard15@aol.com. The genealogist is at mlmadson@fargocity.com. His name is M. Leroy Madson. Also, try to look up your grandfather on the http://digitalarkivet.uib.no/. This is a great Norwegian resource.

Re(2): Norwegian name (?)
Posted on March 30, 2005 at 11:42:38 AM by Gayla Myers

A big thanks to Wendy--any lead, any idea, any new brain besides my own is much appreciated. Thanks for your information!

Re(1): Norwegian name (?)
Posted on April 3, 2005 at 05:37:54 PM by

Dear Mrs. Myers !

I have spent quite a lot of time going through the emigration records for all municipalities which make up the county of Hordaland, of which the city of Bergen (Norways second largest) also is a part, unfortunately without finding the name of Emil Sorensen !

Also the Bergen church-records have I been looking through for the relevant period of time of Emils birth, without succsess.

If you are able to come up with SOMEWHAT more detailed infromation concerning the geographic area of Emil's place of living, it would most likely make things easier.

Emil IS a norwegian mansname, though not among those most in common. He could theoretically have had a compound name, but I've been checking that possibility too.

Have you tried to search the American 1900-census (?) If you do know in which state Emil setteled, it might just be worth a try.

Sincerely, K. Myhre

Re(2): Norwegian name (?)
Posted on April 3, 2005 at 08:57:50 PM by Gayla Myers

Thank you Wendy and K. Myrhe. We do know that Emil Sorensen married Brita Talle in 1891 and they settled in the Deer River, Minnesota area (Itasca county). They then had 11 children, later moving to the Duluth area. The pastor noted on their marriage certificate was J.L. Grotheim. (I've often thought that might be a clue--to find Pastor Grotheim, but I have not known how to find him....) I will have to dig through my massive research to see what the results of the 1900 census were. All I have been able to find was his constant "Bergenskanten" as birthplace--with never any mention (as found) of parentage. How can I say "Thank you" properly for your interest? It means so much to me to have any help--I am worn out, and I don't speak or read Norwegian, but want to find his parentage so much. We have Brita's line quite a ways back, but Emil remains ever the mystery man. Thank you again. If you want any additional info, let me know and I will send what I can.

(Berte)Marie Amundsen( Olafson)-born 1860 Toten
Posted on March 16, 2005 at 06:31:21 AM by

I am looking for any information about Berthe(Berte)Marie Amundson(Olafson)- born 1860 in Toten .

She married Johan Fredrik Amundsen-born 11 May 1839 Eidsvold (about 1865 Oslo?)

Their daughter was Marthe Amundson -born 1894 Oslo Norway

Family 117 in Feb 2005 Brua
Posted on March 14, 2005 at 02:35:21 PM by

I have found Olaus Bjerke in the 1910 and 1930 Census. So, he was still living in 1930.

In 1910 he was listed as Olaus with Gorene and Tillie O. and Jens W. (Litchville Township, LaMoure, ND).

In 1930, he was listed as Olaves O. and Gorine O. There were no children then. (Barnes County, Rosebud township, ND).

If someone can look up any death certs after 1930 in ND, they might be able to find some info.

I did find a death in Minnesota for a Olaus Jenson Bjerke. Jenson was Gurines maiden name. I thought this was strange. I can go pull that death cert in MN. Perhaps this Olaus was a child of Olaus and Gurine.

Re(1): Family 117 in Feb 2005 Brua
Posted on May 11, 2006 at 03:57:16 PM by

Olaus O. Bjerke, age 84, died 21 Jan 1936 in Ransom County, ND. He was shown as a resident of Barnes County, ND. This per ND Dept of Health. I find nothing on Gorine.


Posted on March 10, 2005 at 06:36:56 PM by

Looking for information on Ingeborg Olsdotar Hegresmarken's parents - Ole Jonson Hegresgj and Ingeborganna Nilsdtr. Their birth dates would be approx 1825 - I believe they lived in Trondheim at the time of Ingeborg's birth.

Re(1): Jonson
Posted on March 10, 2005 at 07:17:43 PM by

Trondheim is not in Hadeland. That area of Norway is served by one of our sister organizations,Tronderlag, and they are in a better position to assist you in your research. I've included the link to their website below.


Posted on March 10, 2005 at 06:29:38 PM by

Looking for information on Nils Olsen Lerfald, first husband to Ingeborg Olsdotar Hegersmarken, born 3-24-1846, died 1876, married Hegra church, Trondheim 4-14-1871

Re(1): Lerfald
Posted on March 11, 2005 at 07:40:56 PM by

Again, this looks like the lag for Trondheim.


Birthe Jensdatter
Posted on February 23, 2005 at 01:37:18 PM by

I'm looking for any information (parents, birth date, etc ) available regarding Birthe Jensdatter who married Hans Nilsen on 2 Jan 1783 and had a son Niels Hansen christened at Gran in 1786. Family lived on Tingelstad farm in Gran at time of 1801 census.

Re(1): Birthe Jensdatter
Posted on March 11, 2005 at 09:14:54 PM by

Are you the son of Carl & Hulda Olson or Osnabrock. I am the daughter of Howard & Mabel Skrogstad. Would Birthe
Jensdatter be a relative of Maria or Marie Nilson Olson - my greatgrandmother, your grandmother? Her relatives took the name of Stabo when they came to the US. Ole Nilson Stabo was her brother. He came to the US before Maria.

Peder & Anne Pedersdatter-marr-17 Dec 1836 Olimb
Posted on February 20, 2005 at 03:39:12 PM by

My Great great Grandparents were Peter Pedersen-born 25 June 1815-Rustadeie Jevnaker and Anne Pedersdatter- born 16 Sept 1816 -Olimbeie Jevnaker Norway. They married 27 Dec 1836 Olimbeie Jevnaker Norway.

I would be interested in contacting any Pedersen/Peterson cousins still in Norway. Peter's parents were Peder Andersen-born i Blekkerudeie Jevnaker and Anne Pedersdatter-? Jevnaker

Anne Pederdsdatter(born 1816 Olimbeie)-Her parents were Ingeborg Jensdatter-bn 1786 Haugereie Jevnaker and Peder Guldbrandsen- born 1795 Preatergaardeie i Jevnaker.

I am not sure that Ingeborg married Peder Guldbrandsen?,other/marriages/Relationships were with Anders Iversen-bn 1787 in Olimsdahlen Jevnaker & Brynild Olsen- bn 1783 in Gulleneie Jevnaker --Died 26 Mar 1834 in Ostre Olim Jevnaker.

Peter & Anne has a son Paul Pederson bon 1841 in Rustadie Jevnaker , I am not sure if he immigrated or not? But all Peter & Anne Pederson & the rest of the family immigrated to USA in about 1876-1880. Minnesota & then North Dakota USA

Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Mange tusen takk

Re (1):Peder & Anne Pedersdatter-marr-17 Dec 1836 Olimb
Posted on February 21, 2005 at 07:51:26 PM by

I do not see a Peder or Anne or Paul immigrating. Can you give me names of the siblings that did immigrate? Thank you.

Re (1):Peder & Anne Pedersen-marr-17 Dec 1836 Olimb
Posted on February 22, 2005 at 09:01:50 PM by

Peter & Anna children were

1.Anne- born 12 Aug 1836-married Poul Guttormson(born 16 Feb 1835-Wagereie, Jevnaker)on 11 Jan 1858 Jevnaker -Died in Wayne Nebraska
2.Anders born-4 Sept 1839-Rustadeie-died 25 Jul 1846 Vesterneie
3.Paul -born 10 Oct 1841 Rustadeie-died ?
4.Iver-born 13 Dec 1844-Rustadeie-died in North Dakota- married josie or Johanne ?
5.Petra- Born 19 Aug 1847-Vesterneie married- possibly in 1875 to John Mjones- not confirmed yet?-died in Brainard Minn-1927
6.Karen-born 2 Oct 1850-died 1882-in child birth -twins or triplets-died in St Thomas North Dakota-married Arnie Olson Barlsrud
7. Baby girl-died at birth-27 June 1853
8.Anders- born 30 June 1854-Vesterneie-
died in Naicam Saskatchewan -1910-married Caroline Christianson(born- Oct 1856 in Strengelsrud farm, Kongsvinger )on 17 march 1881- Fergus Falls Minn

9.Bertha-Born-17 Aug 1857-Veloeie- died in St Thomas North Dakota -married Ole Nord
10 Julius- born 27 July 1859 Svingen V.Aker-died 1945 in Langdon N.Dakota-married Martha Christianson-born Strenglesrud Kongsvinger-Dec 1859- Also married in 1881- probably same time as their brother & sister Anders & Caroline above.

Hope this helps

Ancestor's Ship
Posted on February 1, 2005 at 02:46:13 PM by

My great grandfather, Lars Jacobson of Trulserud came to the U.S. sometime in the 1860's. I cannot find a time or the ship he may have used. Any suggestions on where to look. Thanks so much

Re(1): ancestor's ship
Posted on February 1, 2005 at 03:50:54 PM by

THere was no Lars Trulserud, but Lars Jacobsen Vinger (born 1844) is shown signing out of the parish on December 1, 1869. Couldn't find him in the Oslo protocol in December 1869 or early 1870. norway heritage.com doesn't show any emgrant ships during those winter months. Checking the port of entry, if you know it, in early 1870 might be the best next step.


Re(2): ancestor's ship
Posted on February 1, 2005 at 05:51:12 PM by

Thanks for the message. You are correct, it was Lars Vinger. The reason I feel he left earlier is that he was married in Iowa in Dec of 1868 to Gertrude Tollefsdtr Kvale. Could he have left earlier without signing out of the parish? Thanks again.

Origin of Nickname
Posted on January 11, 2005 at 12:57:51 PM by

My first name is Rondi. I was told by my mother,who is no longer living, that it is a Norwegian nickname, for a much longer name that she couldn't pronounce. She loved the way it sounded and so do I. I've only met two others, with my name, in my life.

When I visited Norway, about 25 years ago, each time I was introduced to anyone there, they always exclaimed," you must be Norwegian". At the time, I should have asked more about my name but didn't.

I now teach third grade and do a unit of study on my students' names. It includes: the origin, translation, variations, and nicknames. They love it but I never get to share mine with them. I have searched many name dictionaries but have had no luck.

I was once told that, Rondi, is a very common name in Norway, as common as, Nancy, used to be in the US. I did a google search but couldn't find any information except a list of people whose first or last name is Rondi. There are a lot of them too.

I would appreciate any information you have on my name. Thank you in advance for your help.

Re(1): origin of nickname
Posted on January 11, 2005 at 03:18:45 PM by

I have a cousin named "Sondi" -- which is a nickname based on how her father pronounced "Saundra" .... I had a great aunt named Ragnhild, known as "Randi" but pronounced "Rondi"
Others may know much more about other names, but that's my two cents worth :))

Re(2): origin of nickname
Posted on January 13, 2005 at 02:14:12 PM by

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your speedy response. Your information has been very helpful. With it, and another response, I believe Ragnhild is correct. I am so happy to finally have this information!

Thank you again.



Re(1): origin of nickname
Posted on January 12, 2005 at 09:56:59 PM by

Dear Rondi !

Your name does not necesarrily have to be a nick. Randi is, and has been for centuries, a common name indeed in Norway. However if your mother actually informed you this is the case, the original (family) name might have been "Rangdi", "Ragnhild" or "Rangdine". These three are now used more rearley, and really nothing but different variations of the very same name. The name is typically Norse, and dates back to the viking age. In the old-Norse language, the prefix "Ragn" or "Rand" is beieved to mean "advice", or "decision"

Sincerely, Kjell M.

Re(2): origin of nickname
Posted on January 13, 2005 at 02:06:36 PM by

Dear Kjell,

Thank you so much for your speedy response to my request. When I saw Ragnhild, it reminded me of my mother's attempt at pronouncing the original. I appreciate your information on the prefix meaning too. I will share this with my students at the appropriate time.

Thanks again.



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