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Inquiry Board Archive

2004 Postings

You can still respond to these postings by emailing the author.  If the email address provided is not valid or there is no email address given, contact genealogist@hadelandlag.org  If the author is a member of the Hadeland Lag, we can assist you in contacting him/her.

Hadeland Glassverks Employees
Posted on December 10, 2004 at 00:42:13 AM by

My great grandfather, Carl Oskar Hansen born 31 December 1875 in Vestre Aker moved back to the place of his father's birth, Norderhov in around 1889 to 1890 and at the time of his marriage to Karolina Antonsdatter 8 August 1896, he was working at Hadeland Glassverks as a glasscutter with her parents Peder Nielsen and Karen Thomasdatter.

Would there be any history on my Great Grandfather Carl Oskar Hansen, he was a fiddler also besides working at Hadeland and left for Gjovik before 1900.

Would anyone know if any information might be available on Carl possibly what name or farm he lived on prior to his marriage to Karolina. His father's name was Hans Andersen who was a sagemester probably at the Lower Lillo Sawmill or the Guldhaug mill. I have been trying unsuccessfully in finding any information on his parents' deaths or emigrations. I have alot of history genealogy on Peder Nielsen Hvinden and his wife, Karen Thomasdatter who were working at Hadeland in 1900 including part of the Wentzel line from Germany if anyone is interested.

In all this information I am asking:
Can I find any history on Carl Oscar Hansen and his home in Norderhov before he was married, when his mother Anne Mathea Christiansdatter born 4 October 1855 in Fet, Akershus but lived with Hans Andersen, born 19 November 1850 in Norderhov, but lived in Vestre Aker from 1875 to about 1889....

I have looked in the emigration records for Oslo and Christiania and cannot find them emigrating, but not in the 1900 census for anywhere in Norway, I don't understand what I am overlooking?

Also as I said, if anyone is interested in my Hvinden family from Gran and their son-in-law Christian Wentzel born 1848 in Biri, son of Christian Ludvig Hansen Wentzel, I can help.

Can anyone help direct me to the right resources?


Re(1): Hadeland Glassverks Employees
Posted on December 19, 2004 at 01:46:01 PM by

Dear Barbara !

Neither I am able to find Carl Oscar and/or Caroline in the 1900 cencus. Nor can I find any information related to their emigration from Norway.

I suppose - what would be the perfect thing for you to look up in order to collect information concerning Carl prior to his marrige - would be the 1891 cencus, which in nearly all aspects is exceptionally detailed.

However, it is equally difficult accessible ! It's beeing kept in the National Archive in Oslo, and available only by visiting this institution. It has not been microfilmed, and of course never processed by computer.

Concequencley it will in most cases - especially at those occations when one does not know exactly in which part of the country ones ancestors lived this particular point of time - imply several day's work to go through this extremely extensive material !

I really wish I coul be to some help here, but find it very difficult to know in which way !

Faithfully, Kjell M.

Grymyr, Hadeland, Norway/America
Posted on December 6, 2004 at 05:06:32 AM by

I am looking for relatives in America from my Grymyr family of Hadeland. I know a girl named Martha Pedersdatter Grymyr went to America in the early 1900. I dont know yet were to place her in my family tree. My grandmothers name is Edith Grymyr, born 1932. Her father was Hans Olsen Grymyr, born 1901, and his father again was Ole Grymyr born 1871. Hans Olsen Grymyr was married to Marie Sørvang, and Ole Grymyr was married to Marie Lomsdalen.


Re(1): Grymyr, Hadeland, Norway/America
Posted on December 8, 2004 at 11:42:59 AM by Wendy Winkelman

We will need the name and birthday of your relative to search for her/him.

Re(2): Grymyr, Hadeland, Norway/America
Posted on December 14, 2004 at 07:46:24 AM by

Marte Pedersdatter Grymyr, was born 5 september 1877 in Gran, she emigrated april 7 1893. Married 1897 to a man Ulvick? She had two sisters, Ingeborg and Kari, born march 2 1887 and february 21 1875.

anders pedersen rosomsmoen
Posted on November 28, 2004 at 07:42:01 PM by

My G.G.Grandfather,Anders Pedersen Rosomsmoen was from Grans Hadeland and was born 2-12-1822.He had two brothers,Ole Pedersen Grinager b.2-20-1827 and Thorsten Pedersen Roissium b.8-16-1829 and one sister Kari Pedersdrt.Rosumsiet b.9-16 1823.I would like to know how to locate any living relatives in Norway.


Re(1): anders pedersen rosomsmoen
Posted on November 30, 2004 at 10:07:30 AM by Wendy Winkelman

I found a Anders Pedersen (Kroshus) Dvergstenseiet born on Feb. 12, 1822. He immigrated on June 11, 1850 from Brandbu. Is this your gg grandfather?

Wendy Winkelman

Re(1): anders pedersen rosomsmoen
Posted on November 29, 2004 at 01:57:08 PM by

Dear Mr. Tveito !

As your gg.grandpa and his siblings were born about a 175 years ago or so, any now living relatives - if they can be traced - would naturally be allmost extreamely distant; most likely 5th or 6th cousins.

If this is important to you however, I suppose I could give it try. If that is the case, please hint me again.

And - do please pay attentiom to our "Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika" (to which you will find a link at the top of this site) - probably you will be able to provide more information for us than vice versa !

Yours sincereley,

Kjell M.


Ulrike Bergman
Posted on November 3, 2004 at 07:41:08 PM by

ULRIKE MARIE BERGMAN, b. on aug. 27. 1874 in Gran, Hadeland, - emigrated march 1900 via Oslo. At the time of emigration Ulrike (or Ulrika) was unmaried. Her point of destination was New York.

I expect ther's noone "over there" who has ever come across her (?) Mabye unless one has access to "Ancestry.com", that is ....

Sincerely, Kjell H Myhre

Re(1): Ulrike Bergman
Posted on November 4, 2004 at 08:06:29 AM by

She arrived before they took the 1900 US census!
Using the name Mary Bergman - she is living in Richland County, North Dakota (Abercombie township). Listed as born Aug. 1874 and immigrated 1900. She is listed as a servant in the household of Andrew Bakken (born 1863 Minnesota, occupation - farmer), his wife, Mary (born May 1871 Norway, immigrated 1885) and five young children. Also in the household are Andrew's parents - John O. Bakken (born June 1829 Norway, immigrated 1851) and Andrew's mother - Olea (born Aug 1835 Norway, immigrated 1854)
This census page was completed on 19 June 1900.
Re(2): Ulrike Bergman
Posted on November 5, 2004 at 03:06:44 PM by

Dear Mr. Risvold !
Thank you so very much for taking time to check the 1900 US census for me. !
The information it provides is very valuable indeed !

Respectfully, K. Myhre


Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt
Posted on October 30, 2004 at 08:04:34 PM by

I am trying to find the death dates and places for Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt born May 1801 at Hougtvedt to Torsten Andersen Grymyr and Kirsti Jensdatter Hougtvedt and the death of her husband Thomas Andersen whose last child, Iver Thomasen was born at Stadstadeje in 1835. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Re(1): Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt
Posted on October 30, 2004 at 11:53:12 PM by Wendy Winkelman

I have checked our lag records and do see the name Haugtvedt. I wonder if it could be the same? I did not find a Kari though..

Re(2): Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt
Posted on November 25, 2004 at 09:25:42 PM by

Yes, that Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt is my ggg grandmother. I have an extensive amount of information on the Hougtvedt but limited information on the descendants, other than my line, of Thomas Andersen and Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt. I have birth and christening records for their five children Thora, Randi, ole, Karen and Iver but seem to lose their children's families.

In checking who left Gran, it seem that only one of Iver's son, Torsten emigrated to the US that I have found. Would you have any idea where all of them might have gone if they did not leave Gran? I was told by Kjell that Iver went to Brandbu, I will check there also.

Re(1): Kari Torstensdatter Hougtvedt
Posted on October 31, 2004 at 03:36:59 PM by

Dear Mrs. Bednarz !

According to my notes, Iver Thomassen was b. 1835 at Hvindeneiet in Gran; and not at Stastadeiet as you suggest.

However, Thomas Andersen died at the Tuv farm in Gran on august 22nd. 1858. At this occation he is stated to be a "poor man" at the age of 96. At the point of time he is apparently not living with any of his children or other member of his family, but seems to be in custody of the Tuv-farmer. Consquentley one would expect him to be buried by the St. Nicolai Church at Granavollen.

I do have reason to doubt that Thomas actually was 96 years at the time of his passing away; he seems to have been be born +/- 1770.

Despite the difference in age of more than twenty years, Thomas was outlived by his wife by not more than three years. Kari passed away on november 15th. 1861, at Lyseneiet in Brandbu. Most likely she was staying with her son Iver and his family, who were tenant farmers in this neighbourhood for a number of years.

Kari is stated to be a "poor widow", at the age of 68. This seems realistic. The Lysen farm would be associated to the previous Grinaker Stavechurch and its cemetary, so whether she was put to rest there or by her husband is a somewhat difficult issue.

Yours sincerely,

Kjell H Myhre


Julia Johnson
Posted on September 27, 2004 at 11:16:44 AM by

I just found this site. I'm looking for birthplace & ancestry of my Greatgrandmother, Julia Johnson, born May 2,1853 in Hadeland. I have been told her parents were Johannas Johnson & Marie Haug & a sister Martha & brother Christian. Julia immigrated & lived in Abercrombie, North Dakota, then moved on to Seattle. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Lori


Re(1): Julia Johnson
Posted on September 29, 2004 at 06:13:44 AM by

Dear Mrs. Flinn !

Your g.g.grandparents, John Johanesen of Grindereiet in Gran (ending "eiet" added to a farmname indicates a tenant farm) and Ingeborg Olsdtr. Gunstadeiet of Jevnaker were married in the Jevnaker church on dec. 12. 1841.

Ingeborg was born at Gunstadeiet on may 5. 1817, as daughter of Ole Hansen and Kari Iversdtr.
It is not possible to point out at which particular tenant farm to Gunstad Kari was born and lived; Gunstad being a major farm in the north of Jevnaker with all together six different tenant farms.

John was born at Skårudeiet in western Gran on april 10. 1817, being the son of Johannes Johnsen and wife Mari Nilsdtr.

Like so many other tenant farmers, John & Ingeborg with their gradually growing family happened to move around a lot. They had the following seven children :

OLE, b. nov.29. 1843 at Melbostadeiet
KAREN, b. jan.1 1848 at Skårudeiet, died at Hvindeneiet after four months, on may 18.
KAREN (2) b.march 12. 1849 at Onsakereiet
CHRISTIAN, b.aug.3. 1852 at Skårudeiet
JULIA, b. Christmaseve 1865 (!) at Grindereiet
JOHANNE, b.may 16. 1858 at Sandbakeiet
ANNE, b. april 11. 1861 at Sandbakeiet

The farms, or rather tenant farms, refered to above are all located in Gran, expect from Sandbakken which is in Brandbu. Interestingly enough, Onsaker is situated at the west-bank of the 3 miles wide lake Randsfjorden, while the others are to be found on the east-bank.

The sister Martha refered to in your quiery have I not been able to find. Also note that the birthdate of Julia does not correspond with the information provided by you. However i have checked the churchrecords carefully on this point, and consequently am positive !

As stated, Julia was born in "Grindereiet," and I have managed to locate this particular tenant farm. All tenant farms had their own name, and this particular one belonging to Grinder was named "UGGEN". Uggen was originally a small timber-cabin containing two rather tiny rooms; just like the most of its kind. Unfortunately it's gone long time ago, but I do know the exact spot of its location. Visit Hadeland, and I promise to show you around. :-))
I'm also in the process of locating an old picture of Uggen.

John's parents, Johannes and Mari, both ended their days in Uggen, living with their son and daughter-in-law. They passed away respectivley oct.11. 1838 and may 17. 1845
By 1863 John/Ingeborg and their family had been moving again; this time to a tenant farm belonging to Molstad in Brandbu, and named "Kalveløkkestua." This one was gone even before Uggen, but I am aware of its approximat location. Kalveløkkestua is also where Ingeborg Olsdtr. left this world, on january 22.1872.

I do not have a lot of information on your g.grandmother or her siblings. Julia moved from Sandbakeiet on nov.12. 1878 to the Adal valley of Buskerud County. At the point of time she was unmaried. Most likely she emigrated from Ådal, but I am unable to confirm this.

Ole, the oldest, certainly emigrated. He left Kalveløkkestua on june 6. 1870, titled "shomaker." I know for sure he went by Molstad as his familyname. He was embarking "S/S Scotia" in Oslo on june 14. His point of destination was La Crosse, Wisconsin. "Scotia," which was built 1866 by J & G Thompson & Co. of Glasgow, UK, was bought by the "Anchor Line" in 1869, and actually made it first trans-atlantic crossing in the year 1870. It took Ole and his fellow passengers via Hull, South Yorkshire, UK to "Granton Dock" in New York.

I need to let you know taht I quite a number of years ago was contacted by an american descendant of Ole. His name was Clay L. Molstad, and according to my notes from back then he lived in Thief River Falls, MN.

Enough for now. It's time for potato-harvest in Hadeland, but I will come back to you when I get the time to, and, hopefully, some more info.

Yours respectfully, Kjell H Myhre
Re(2): Julia Johnson
Posted on September 29, 2004 at 04:38:15 PM by Dave Gunderson

The detailed reply to this inquiry from Kjell Myhre "may" have a very slight typographical error.

The Digitalakivit for Gran baptismal records shows that Julia, the daughter of John Johansen and Ingeborg Olsdtr was born 24 December 1855 and was baptized 17 February 1856. The farm is shown as GrinerEiet.

The 1865 Norwegian Census shows the following for the Kalvelokkestuen farm:

John Johannes. age 49
Ingeborg Olsd. wife age 49
Ole Johns. son age 23
Christian Johns. son age 14
Jolia Johnsd. daughter age 11
Johanna Johnsd. daughter age 8
Karen Johnsd. daughter age 17
Anne Johnsd. age 5.

There is also an "out-migrant's record" from 12 November 1878 showing that Julia Johnsd. from the Sandtakeit farm, born in 1855, went to Aadalen.

Again, this is a minor point - "1855" instead of "1865".

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, MN
Re(3): Julia Johnson
Posted on September 30, 2004 at 07:02:58 PM by

Thank you so much for your replies. I have relatives on the other side of my family living in Oslo, so I just may get to Norway one day soon.
Julia married Sivert Sneen & lived in Abercrombie. He died & she married Peter Turnquist from Sweden. They moved on to Seattle.
Why did Ole use the name Molstad?
Thanks again, Lori
Re(4): Julia Johnson
Posted on October 3, 2004 at 07:24:12 AM by Kjell H Myhre

Dear Julia !

The genalogical information you possess on this family after US arrival is important to "Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika" ! Plesae make it accessable to us by clicking the link on top of this site, and follow the instructions given there !

Yours faithfully, Kjell
Re(5): Julia Johnson
Posted on November 17, 2005 at 00:25:37 AM by

I just learned my Maternal Great Grandfather John Johnson was in Hadeland, Norway in 1918. His son was Carl J(John or Johan)Johnson born 31 March 1886 in Norway. I think my Grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1906. He lived in South Park (the southend of Seattle) , King Co, WA, USA

Marte and Lise Olava Olsdatter
Posted on September 19, 2004 at 03:22:59 PM by

I am looking for any information on two sisters, born on the Bergereie farm in Jevnaker.Marte Olsdatter,born January17,1852, and Lise Olava Olsdatter,born September12,1858.They where the children of Ole Jensen and Lisbet Iversdatter. They had four other siblings Berte,Ole,Ingeborg,and Jens

Re(1): Marte and Lise Olava Olsdatter
Posted on September 21, 2004 at 06:25:57 PM by

Dear Mr. Jensen !

I'm not quite sure what you have in mind when you search "any information" on these sisters; it seems you have some available from before.
However what I was able to find for you IS limited, and more sporadic than I actually was hoping for.

Artilleryman Ole Jensen and maid Lisbeth Iversdtr. Kjexhus were married at the Jevnaker Church on february 2nd 1847.
Lisbeth was b. aug. 28. 1814 at the Kjexhus farm in Gran, and baptized at the St. Nicolai Church located there. Her parents were Iver Thoresen Sørum and Marthe Olsdtr. Kjexhus, both of Gran, who were married oct. 12. 1809 at St. Nicolai.
Ole Jensen as well was born in Gran, most likely in the year 1818.

As you point out, the couple had all together 6 children, born in "Bergereiet", Jevnaker, and baptized in the Jevnaker Church:

Birthe, b.jan.10.1848
Ole, b.nov.11.1849
Marthe, b.jan.17.1852
Ingeborg, b. july 25.1854
Jens, b. nov.11.1856
Lise Olava, b.sept.12.1858

This actual tenant farm to Berger was "Bergersagen." (The Berger-sawmill), where Ole at several occasions is titled "tenant farmer with some land, and miller." The place was located on the "Randselva" river's outflow of the lake Randsfjorden.

Ole Jensen dien march 14th 1861 at "Haugereiet", described "retired tenant farmer and poor man" Hauger is located somewhat further south-east in Jevnaker then Berger. Jens was outlived by Lisbeth by many years; she died march 3. 1899. They were both buried at the Jevnaker church.

What happened to Ole and Lisbet's children seems sort of a mystery. There is a certain Marthe Olsdtr. emigrating from the Haadeland Glassworks of Jevnaker on may 8.1882, stated to be unmarried, and born 1852. She might very well be identical to "our" Marthe. Concerning the other children I have, at least this far, so to speak, "lost track of them." Apart from the second oldest Ole, that is !
Ole is getting married (date unknown) to a certain Karen Andrea Ottosdtr, b. aprox. 1853 at the Eiker municipality of Buskerud County. They had two children born in Jevnaker, namely Marthe Karoline on nov.11.1876, and Olaf on dec.25.1876. Respectivley at the "Berger-sawmill", and "Næsset", a tenant farm to Mo, Mo being the neighbouring farm in the south to Hauger.

Ole, Marthe Karoline and the children emigrated to CANTON on may 17.1881. Ole at this occasion titled "worker at timber mill." They seem to have left by the surname "Næsset." (or in America rather Nesset)

Please pay attention to our Kontakt-forum Hadeland-Amerika; who's one major task is to try and identify as many Hadeland emigrants to the US as possible (!) If you care to fill out the electronic form to which you find a link at the top of this site, or even to provide for us any further information you might have on this family after landing in America, we will greatly appriciate it !

Respectfully, Kjell H Myhre


Re(2): Marte and Lise Olava Olsdatter
Posted on September 21, 2004 at 07:50:35 PM by

Kjell,Thank You for your very informative narrative. I had already submitted to your forum information which covers my ancestor Berthe Olsdatter.

Even Jorgensberg Family Tree
Posted on August 30, 2004 at 04:26:55 AM by

I would like to know if anyone has information on the family tree of Even (Evan) Jorgensberg or Jergensberg from the Lillehammer-Oppland County area. They came to Wisconsin and then eventually to the Devil's Lake area in North Dakota. They changed their name to BERG when arriving in the USA! Even's son's name was Alfred Berg.

Re(1): Even Jorgensberg Family Tree
Posted on August 30, 2004 at 09:28:48 AM by Anne Sladky

The correct Lag for the Lillehammer area is Gudbrandsdalslaget. They should be able to help with your ancestors. Link is listed below.


Marthe Pedersdatter
Posted on July 11, 2004 at 01:55:15 PM by

I am looking for birth information on Marthe Pedersdatter. She was married on 3-29-1830 @ Nes kirke,Brandbu to Lars Pedersen. Died 8-16-1894 @ Johanbråten gård in Brandbu,buried @ Nes kirke on 8-24-1894


Re(1): Marthe Pedersdatter
Posted on July 11, 2004 at 08:03:14 PM by

Tom !

Marthe was born may 5th 1808 at the Dyrud farm, being daughter of Peder Pedersen Dyrud and his wife Mari Andersdtr. Peder & Mari got married on march 18th 1802 at the St. Nicolai Church of Gran.

Mari was b. about 1775, as the second youngest of Anders Hansen and Pernille Jacobsdtr. Dyrud's six children.

At the time beeing I have no further information on Peder Pedersen, except that he at the time of his marrige was living at the Dotset farm; neighbouring to Dyrud.
However the couple seems to have settled at Dyrud.

The Dyrud and Dotset farms are both located west of the lake Einavatnet, in Vestre Toten municpality of Oppland county. The Toten region border on Hadeland in the south, and intermarriges between these communities has been somewhat common at all times.

Respectfully, K. Myhre


Re(2): Marthe Pedersdatter
Posted on July 12, 2004 at 03:03:49 PM by

Kjell, Thank You for the information.
Regards and Best Wishes,

Lars Hansen/Hilden/Tomasgjerdet
Posted on June 11, 2004 at 11:22:31 AM by

Looking for family of GG grandmother, Pernille Larsdatter b. May 14, 1815 Hilden farm. Father's name supposedly Lars Hansen, mother's name Gubjor Andersdatter.
Siblings are: Kari Larsdatter 9Jan1816
Mari Larsdatter 27Juli1825
Hans Larsen 15Mai1819
Did the siblings stay in Norway or emigrate also. Pernille and husband Ole Pedersen came to Dane Co, Wisconsin in 1852 via Quebec with 5 children, Gudbjor, Peder, Charl, Lars, Erick
They were born on Haagenstad, Fjellhammer and Tomasgjerdet farms in Lunner and Gran parishes, Hadeland, Norway

Re(1): Lars Hansen/Hilden/Tomasgjerdet
Posted on June 12, 2004 at 08:14:47 AM by

FamilySearch shows a Gulbiør Andersdatter baptised 6 August 1780 in Gran. She was the daughter of Anders Gulbrandsen and Dortha Christophersdatter. They appear to have married 3 July 1780 in Gran.

The 1801 Census shows Gulbiør Andersdatter [age 21], the daughter of Anders Gulbrandsen and Dorthe Christophersdatter, living on the Hilden Farm. There are a total of six children shown.

In FamilySearch, I see a marriage record for Gubjør Andersdatter and Lars Hansen 25 Sep 1813 in Gran. This is probably the correct one.

Per the Digitalarkivet, I found the following children of Lars Hansen and Gubiør Andersdatter:

Hans - born 18 Sept 1813 Hilden Farm
Pernille - born 14 May 1815 Hilden Farm
Kari - born 1 Sept 1816 Smedrue Farm
Hans - born 15 May 1819 Tokerud Farm
Mari - born 27 July 1823 Tokerud Farm
Hans - born 11 Oct 1825 Tokerud Farm
Anders - born 11 October 1825 Tokerud Farm
Hans - born 25 July 1828 Tokerud Farm

Since 4 sons were named Hans, it is clear that the first 3 died as infants or children.

I could not seem to find that either Kari or Mari left Norway in the out-migrant's records. I see a number of marriage records, of which several might be the correct Kari and Mari Larsdatter.

I did find in the Gran out-migrants records, the departure records for Anders Larsen [born 11 Oct 1828], his wife Anne Pedersdatter [born 26 Sept 1821], and their children. They left Gran 9 April 1861. They had been living on the Tokerud Farm.

There is also a departure record, the same date, for Hans Larsen [born 25 July 1828], his wife Johanne Hansdatter [born 10 August 1830], and their children. They had been living on the Buxerud Farm.

In short, two brothers and their families left Gran the same day for America. I found the departure records of great interest to me personally. On April 9, 1861, my great, great uncle Niels Olsen Tokerud, and his brother Ole Olsen Tokerud, and spouse, also left Gran for America. I would guess that they probably traveled on the same ship to America.

They would have clearly known your family in Norway. My great, great uncles went to Quebec and initially settled near Racine, WI.

Egge farm/Brede Julsen
Posted on May 26, 2004 at 07:59:28 PM by

I am looking for info on the Egge/Eggeeiet farm in Gran, where my gggrandfather, Ole Olsen, and his wife Berthe Bredesdatter or Bjornerud left from in 1870. Ole chandged his last name to Egge in America. He was born May or June 3, 1839 in Vang i Valdres, which I understand has very limited digital archives. Does anyone have any church or local records that could help? His first son was also named Ole, which leads me to believe that his father's name was Ole.

Also, Berthe's father was named Brede Julsen, b. 1810 Dotset, Toten. We cannot find any info on him, either.

Thank you for any help!

Re(1): Egge farm/Brede Julsen
Posted on February 10, 2005 at 10:00:28 PM by

I cannot tell whether you farm was Eggum as they change the spelling sometimes. I am interested in this family name as some of my relatives came from a farm with that name.Mine came from the Song de fjorde area. Any hit let me know


Re(1): Egge farm/Brede Julsen
Posted on May 29, 2004 at 12:16:34 PM by

You may already have this information. It is also from the Digital archives.

Ole Ols Eggeeiet b. 1839 3/6; Birthe Maria Bredesd Eggeeiet 1835 29/9; and Ole Ols Eggeeiet 1868 16/12 signed out of the Gran Parish on 16. april 1870 headed for America.

Hope this is useful to you in your research.

Diane Resvick

Re(1): Egge farm/Brede Julsen
Posted on May 29, 2004 at 11:44:23 AM by

Their son, Ole, was christened on 1 Jan 1869 in the Gran Church. His parents were married at the time of his baptism.
Ole was born 16 Dec 1868. His father was Ole Olsen Eggeeiet. His mother was Birthe Bredesdatter.
Sponsors were Anne Iversdatter Eggeeiet, Hans Hansen Eggeeiet, another Hans Hansen Eggeeiet, Ole Andersen Egge, and Malene Andersdatter Midtegge.    

This information was found in the Digital Archives. The URL is http://digitalarkivet.uib.no

Are you a member of the Hadeland Lag? Maybe you would consider joining this wonderful group! Have you heard about the Kontaktforum emigrant project? More information about joining and the project can be found on this website.

Best of luck with your research, Diane Resvick

Posted on May 10, 2004 at 01:15:03 AM by

Searching for descendants of Paul Nilsen (b.circa 1788 in Toten) and his wife Helene Hansdatter, who lived on the Skari farm in Hadeland. I know of three daughters and their descendants: Mari (b. 1811) m. Hans Julsen Skari, Ragnhild (b. 1817) m. her cousin Kristian Olsen in Toten, and Marthe (b.1822) m. Hans Pedersen Løvbraaten. I would like to know of other children and their descendants.

Thank you,
Garth Ulrich

Re(1): Skari
Posted on May 11, 2004 at 07:48:07 AM by

I can help a little bit. In the Digitalarkivet, in the Gran baptismal records, I found 6 children born to Paul [Poul or Povel] Nilsen [Nielsen]
Mari: Born: 16 Jan 1811 Bapt: 20 Jan 1811 Father: Povel Nielsen Mother: Helene Hansdtr Farm: Schari
Even: Born: 29 July 1814 Bapt: 31 July 1814 Father: Poul Nielsen Mother: Helene Hansdtr Farm: Scharie
Ragnild: Born: 17 March 1817 Bapt: 23 March 1817 Father: Povel Nielsen Mother: Helene Hansdattr Farm: Schari
Marthe: Born: 16 Feb 1822 Bapt: 17 Feb 1822 Father: Povel Nielsen Mother: Helene Hansdatter Farm: Scharie
Anne: Born: 29 Sept 1825 Bapt: 9 Oct 1825 Father: Poul Nielsen Mother: Helena Hansdr Farm: Skari
Hans: Born: 30 June 1829 Bapt: 5 July 1829 Father: Povel Nielsen Mother: Helene Hansdatter Farm: Schari

Re(2): Skari
Posted on May 11, 2004 at 11:34:09 PM by

Thank you for this information Dave. I wasn't previously aware that the Gran baptisms were online.

Much appreciated,

Kolen, Rugruta family
Posted on April 18, 2004 at 04:25:08 PM by

I am seeking information on Gudbrand Anderson Kolen born March 17, 1796 in Hadeland Norway. He married Marthe Persdatter Rugruta in 1826. They had the following children: Anders, Peder, Marie (m. Ulrick Buraas), Martin and Karina. Karina was born in 1839 in Urdal, Norway. Some of the children used the name surname Ostlie. They settled in Clermont, Fayette Co., Iowa.

Re(1): Kolen, Rugruta family
Posted on April 18, 2004 at 11:36:40 PM by

The 1801 Norwegian Census Digitalarkivet shows Anders Engebretsen [age 39] and his spouse Birthe (Berthe) Olsdatter [age 44] living on the Kolden Farm, in Gran, Hadeland, Oppland, Norway. The following children are shown:

Engebret [aged 13] this should be 11
Peder [aged 10]
Gulbrand [aged 5]
Marthe [aged 3] I think this should be Martin.

Gulbrand was baptised 20 March 1796 in Gran [parents shown as Anders Ingebetsen & Berthe Olsdatter] They were living on the Helgager Farm.

Anders Ingebretsen and Berthe Olsdatter were married 11 Dec 1788 in Gran.

The parents of Anders were Ingebrit [Engebret] Jensen and Pernille Eriksdatter. Anders appears to have been born in 1762 at Horgen in Gran.

I see that a George W. Anderson has posted on FamilySearch information that Engebrit Jensen was born about 1721 at Horgen in Gran. He also indicates that Pernille Erichsdatter was born 24 September 1741 at Horgen in Gran. He shows her parents were Erich Erichsen and Ingeborg Christophersdatter. He shows that Erich Erichsen was born in about 1715 and Ingeborg was born in about 1719.

Mr. Anderson also indicates that Berthe Olsdatter, the mother of Gulbrand Andersen, was born about 1757 and died 29 October 1854.

In FamilySearch and the Digitalarkivet, I found the following additional information:

Children of Anders Engebritsen & Berthe Olsdatter:

Ingebret [baptised 8 Aug 1790] Helgager Farm
Peder [baptised 8 Aug 1790] Helgager Farm. A LDS record shows a date of death of 11 July 1791
Peder [baptised 6 Jan 1793] Helgager Farm
Gulbrand [baptised 20 March 1796] Helgager Farm
Martin [baptised 28 Aug 1798] Dvergsteen Farm. An LDS record shows a date of death of 22 Feb 1854.
Peder [baptised in 21 Nov 1802] Dvergsteen Farm

LDS records are information submitted by members of the LDS Church to FamilySearch.com

There appear to have been three children named Peder - the custom was to reuse a name if a child died.

I found that a Gulbrand Andersen married Marthe Pedersdatter on 22 Nov 1828 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway.

I found the following children:

Anders Gulbrandsen [baptised 29 January 1826] Hurdal
Peder Gulbrandsen [baptised 15 February 1829] Hurdal
Maria Gulbrandsdatter [baptised 28 Oct 1832] Hurdal
Karine Gulbrandsdatter [baptised 01 Jan 1836] Hurdal - an LDS record shows a date of death of 26 January 1836
Martin Gulbrandsen [baptised 26 Feb 1837] Hurdal
Karine Gulbrandsdatter [baptised 17 May 1840] Hurdal
male Gulbrandsen [born 4 May 1845 - died 4 May 1845] Hurdal

Ulrich Hansen [baptised 4 October 1812] married Marie Gulbrandsdatter 5 May 1856 at Hurdal, Akershus, Norway

Buraas is a farm in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. Østlie is also a farm in Akershus, Norway.

Ole Amundsen Velo
Posted on February 23, 2004 at 01:50:59 PM by

Ole Amundson Velo, December 18, 1844. I am trying to establish whether he was born in Jevnaker or Ringerike, possibly Hole? There is an Ole in the Protocols that states he was working at the Hadeland Glassworks but, this still does not establish a birth place for me or whom his parents, siblings are. In the Minnesota, Wilkin County, All Townships Census, his immigration date is listed as 1869. I have one brother listed as Andrew or Andreas. There also was a Martin Hans Velo, same place in Wilkin. It was brought to my attention that Ole and Martin might be brothers but still no evidence. Ole's death certificate states that his father is named Ammund and Martin's death certificate has his fathers name listed as Hans. Both certificates say that the mother's name is Marie. Andrew or Andreas Velo also has his father's name listed as Hans and his mother as Marie. Same mother, different fathers? US Federal census has a "Andrew" with similar birth date as the Andreas Velo that I have a death certificate for, listed as the brother of Ole Amundson Velo. Any information regarding his parents, siblings or further information regarding Ole is greatly appreciated.

Re(1): Ole Amundsen Velo
Posted on March 20, 2004 at 09:08:04 PM by

Ole Amundson Velo,b.18 Dec.1844 in Grans Prestegjeld, Hadeland, Norway. Died 23 Nov. 1911. Married Gulline ?, b.30 Apr. 1848 in Norway. Gulline d. 24 Nov.1939 in Park Rapids, Mn.
Ole's parents: Amund Amundson and Marie Hanson. Ole owned a farm in section 16 in Wilkin County, Rothsay, Mn. They are both buried in South Immanuel Luth. Church cemetery, Rothsay, Mn. They had 8 children:1. Gina Anette Velo b.10 April 1874, 2. Mary or Marie Velo (Fred Law) b.17 Aug. 1875, 3.Julia Velo b.12 Nov 1878 4.Ole A. Velo, b.4 Feb.,1881, d. Dec 1953, Buried at So. Immanuel Cemetery,
Rothsay, Mn., 5.Alfred Olsen Velo B. 21 Nov. 1882, 6. Gina Velo b. 9 Nov. 1884, m. Ole Martinson, address in 1953 was Columbus, Nd, 7. Clara Velo, b. 1889, d. 1940 burial S.I. Luth. Cemetery, Rothsay, 8. Inga A. Velo, B 1892, m. Ed Kjella, address in 1953, Fosston, Mn
After compling this information, I found this was not a relative of mine, so this is all I have.
My great grandfather is, Hans Andersen Velo b.12 Mar 1826, m. Mari Oldsdatter Roen and my Grandfather was Hans Martin Velo b.2 Dec. 1868 on farm Western, Hadeland. My great grandfather and grandfather lived in Otter Tail County, Rothsay, Mn. Hope this will help you.

Janice Danielson

Re(2): Ole Amundsen Velo
Posted on March 25, 2004 at 05:13:53 PM by Dave Gunderson

On the Digitalarkivet, the following baptismal record is shown for Gran, Hadeland, Norway:

Child: Ole
Father: Amund Olsen - Onsager Farm in Gran
Mother: Maren Hansdatter
Date of birth: 18 December 1844

The 1865 Norwegian Census for Gran shows the following:

Amund Olsen - Husmand med Jord [tenant farmer with life estate] aged 46 - Braaten Farm
Maren Hansdatter - wife aged 44

Ole Amundsen - son - aged 21
Anders Amundsen - son - aged 12
Lars Amundsen - son - aged 9
Andreas Amundsen - son - aged 3
Maren Amundsdatter - daughter - aged 7

The Out-migrants record from Gran shows the following:

Ole Amundsen [Hougseiet Farm] born 18 December 1844, bachelor, left Gran 1 April 1869 for the United States.

FamilySearch.Com shows the following children for Amund Olsen and Maren Hansdatter in Gran, Oppland, Norway:

Anders Amundsen - baptised 4 February 1855
Hans Amundsen - baptised 6 June 1852
Ole Amundsen - baptised 26 Jan 1845
Karen Amundsdatter - baptised 26 August 1849
Marthe Amundsdatter - baptised 14 February 1847

Digitalarkivit for Gran shows the following:

Maren Amundsdatter - born 24 Sept 1859 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Gjøvigs Farm
Andrea Amundsen - born 28 May 1862 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Gjøvigs Farm
Lars Amundsen - born 9 May 1857 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Gjøvigs Farm
Anders Amundsen - born 23 December 1854 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Grymyrs Farm
Hans Amundsen - born 11 May 1852 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Søndre Grymyrs Farm
Karen Amundsdatter - born 26 August 1849 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Grymyr Farm
Marthe Amundsdatter - born 27 January 1847 - Parents: Amund Olsen - Maren Hansdatter - Stensrud Farm

Dave Gunderson
Fergus Falls, MN 56538

From Jevnaker to New Bedford
Posted on February 15, 2004 at 01:58:19 PM by

Searching for the following persons in the US - emigrated from Norway/Oslo abt. 1900 all of them left Jevnaker. I am a little ashamed of the lack of information but i cannot resist to put on a few names below - just in case. If anyone recognizes the names and need their fathers names please contact me. The persons mentioned are born abt. 1850-1880.
Hilmar Olsen Bakken born in Jevnaker 1880, died in the US in 1949.
Petter Eriksen Franzestuen to Canada
Adolf Fillinger born 1873 in Jevnaker m. Kaspara Bakken b 1878 to US in 1908, died in 1947. Kaspara was still alive in 1951.
Kar August Nyquist b. 1869 in Sweden to America spring 1904 to New Bedford.
Julia (Gudbrandsdatter/Andersen?) Grina and her children, 4 boys and 2 girls, went to Corning Glassworks.
Lars Petersen Hedlin emigrated abt.1900
Peter Elof Ståhl and his family: Julie Marie, ?? Juliana b. 1886, Carl Josef b. 1893, Dagny b. Dec. 25 1896 Left Jevnaker 9/9 1904, dest. "America" and Anna Theodora Elvira Ståhl b. 1884 left Jevnaker autumn 1902.
Hilda-Marie Wentzel b. Aug.1 1878 and Carl Johan Anderson Lindblom b. 1873 in Sweden their daughter Lilly Kristine Ovidia b. 1901 left for America spring 1904
Anna Kristine Wentzel b. Aug. 1 1878 (twin with Hilda-Marie).
Karen Nikoline Wentzel b. July 17 1881.
Emilie Sofie Johansson b. 1885 to America autumn 1904.
Gerhard and Arnhold Gudbrandsen emigrated spring 1903
Peter and Lars Olsen US or Canada
Imanda Iversen died in the US 1946
Kristian Iversen and his daughter Agnes left for US in 1904.
Anders Engebretsen Thoen to New Bedford and Gundersens Glasswork in 1903.
Fritz Ludwig Hirsch emigrated spring 1903, died in 1964 in former Lindford Township (according to Anna Claxton).
Anton Isak Trondsen b. 1878 left for the US spring 1903 to Corning Glassworks/Pairpoint Company.
Lauritz Andersen (Vang)Stua to US abt. 1900
Martin and Johannes Andersen Brørby to Gundersens Glassworks in New Bedford
The following are hopefully mentioned in combination with glassworks fi the Pairpoint Company:
Anton Karl Andersen
Hans Andersen
Jens Andersen
Karen Andersen.
Petter Andersen
Anton Andreassen Nordhagen
Konrad Gundersen
Anton Halvorsen Aas
Josef Larsen
Hans Nilsen Lapperud
Vilhelm Nørtemann (Nortemann)to Quincy, Massachusetts
Karl Olsen
Johanne Pedersen

With kind regards, Torun

Re(1): From Jevnaker to New Bedford
Posted on February 16, 2004 at 06:52:20 PM by

Ehhh .... og det var alt du hadde på hjertet, Torun ...... :-)))

Norwegien ancestors
Posted on February 13, 2004 at 06:28:36 PM by

My great great grandfather, Ole Anders Bratvold b 1833and wife Mali Knutdatter, came from Noway to Minnesota before 1858. His father's name was Anders Gulbrandson Bratvold. My maternal grandfather was Lars Myhre who came from Norway in the late 1880s to Minnesota and then Alberta Canada. His wife's name was Elise. Anyone know information on these families or individuals?

Re(1): Norwegien ancestors
Posted on February 14, 2004 at 08:49:07 PM by


Hope your search is a successful one. Was happy to be on some assistance to you in locating the correct Lag.

Diane Resvick

Re(1): Norwegien ancestors
Posted on February 16, 2004 at 07:15:22 PM by

Dear Mr. Bratvold !

I have made an attempt to search for your ancestors based on the information given in the query in various Norwegaian sources, but this far unfortunately without success. Both Bratvold and Myhre are well-known farm names from the Hadeland area, located respectively in the municipalities of Jevnaker and Gran.

However noone by the name Ole Andersen is born in Jevnaker 1833 +/-. Nor is any Anders Guldbrandsen father to any other children born in Jevnaker during the 1830's. Neither in Gran, the neighbouring Hadeland-minicipality.

I take it you're confident that your g.g.grandfather was born in, or at least emigrated from the Hadeland area of Norway. May I therefore allow myself to suggest that you perhaps go through the information you do have available once more, simply to make absolutely sure no misunderstandings has taken place at any time, as far as names and dates are concerned. You are very welcome indeed to come back to me any time, and I promise to do my outermost to assist you in this matter.

I won't however neglect the fact that the farm name Bratvold is no way unique to Hadeland and Jevnaker. It does, as a matter of fact, exist more than 30 farms (or previous tenant farms) by this name spread throughout the country.

In conclusion, I look forward to hear from you again !


Kjell H Myhre
Re(1): Norwegien ancestors
Posted on February 18, 2004 at 06:25:51 PM by

As a very, very amateur genealogist, I thought I might make an effort at trying to find some information on this inquiry. On Ancestry.Com, I found Ole A. Bratvold [born 15 Feb 1833,died 03 Aug 1906] and Mali Knudsdatter Bratvold [born 8 Sep 1834, died 23 Dec 1896].

I searched on FamilySearch.Com and found a marriage of Mali Knudsdr and Ole Andersen on 13 April 1852 at Skrautvaal, Oppland, Norway - husband aged 20, wife aged 18. The bride's father was Knud Knudsen. The groom's father was Anders Olsen. I again searched and found a Mali Knudsdattr, the daughter of Knud Knudsen and Jorand Olsdatter, christened 21 Sep 1834 in Nord Aurdal, Oppland, Norway.

I seached on the Internet and found a page on Nettsurfer.com [Norsk Sjofart, Maritim Industri og fritidsbåter] that referenced an Ole Bratvold 1833-1906 married Mali Knutesdater Gigstad in 1852 & sailed the next day for Wisconsin. Established a farm at Kenyon, MN in 1859, and remained on it until he died.

I found Knut Knudsen, aged 1, on the Gigstad Farm in the 1801 Census. Knud Knutsen was still on the Gigstad Farm in the 1865 Census.

The only thing that is possibly wrong from the information you provided is the name of Ole Andersen Bratvold's father - Anders Gulbrandsen, or should it be Anders Olsen? Knud Knudsen and his wife had many children.

I hope my efforts were of some use.
Re(2): Norwegien ancestors
Posted on February 20, 2004 at 07:11:49 AM by

Mr.Gunderson !

Being an amateur or not - you've located the correct family here ! As it seems, these people after all didn't have any actual connection with Hadeland.

As I poïnted out in my reply to Mr. Bratvold's inquiry, the Bratvold farm-name is to be found several places in our country, such as in Skrautvaal, North Aurdal Valey, Valdres region of Norway. According to an e-mail sent me by Mr. Bratvold, he's already aware of this actual "Valdres link"

However Mr.Gunderson, you deserve credit on your investigations ! Keep up with the good work, and it's just a question of time until you're entitled to consider yourself a "professional" ..... :-)))

Re(1): Norwegien ancestors
Posted on February 23, 2004 at 08:35:00 PM by

With respect to the second part of the inquiry, Lars Paulsen Myhre was baptised 8 January 1860 in Furnes, Hedmark, Norway, the son of Poul Andersen and Gunnaar Evensdatter. He married Elise Mikkelsen 10 July 1890 in Fergus Falls, MN. She was born 28 November 1871 in Furnes, Hedmark, Norway, the daughter of Mikel Andersen and Johanne Johnsdatter.

In short, there is no Hadeland connection on this part of the inquiry either.

farm name Morstad Eiet
Posted on January 29, 2004 at 04:53:22 PM by

I have seen the suffix "Eiet" after some farm names. For example, "Morstad Eiet." Can anyone tell me what "eiet" means or designates?

Re(1): farm name Morstad Eiet
Posted on January 30, 2004 at 09:05:53 PM by

Dear Mr. Fonkert !

Your question is one commonly asked.

The suffix "eiet" is without exeption added to a farmname. In norwegian translation it means "owned by" or "belonging to". It indicates one have to do with a (unspecified) tenant farm. All tenant farms had names as well, but in the churchrecords one find that the vicars consistenly genarelize and write for instance Morstad"eiet". This might be because they came from other parts of the country, or even from Denmark, and consequently didn't know better. Or they siply might have wanted to make things easy for themselves.

However, it does not make things equaly easy for those who in retrospect attempt to trace their ancestors, and to locate their
place(es) of resinence. If one does continue to use Morstad as an example, five (neighbouring) farms by that name is located at Gran, Hadeland. (northern Morstad, southern, upper, lower, etc.) At the most, they altogether had twelve tenant farms. Unless one do know the area especially well, they are allmost impossible to differ from eachother.

In conclusion, one might say that this is one of those elements which makes genealogy such an everlasting puzzle ...

Respectfully, Kjell H Myhre

PS !

I take it that you are of Hadeland descent. Do plese be kind enough to pay attention to our "Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika" by clicking the link at the top of this site. I will strongly encoruage you to fill out the electronic form you find there as detailed as possible !
Thank you !

Hole (Holey)
Posted on January 28, 2004 at 03:15:23 AM by

My Great Grandmother was Julia Gulbyor Holey a/k/a (Gudbjorg Hole). She was married to Brede Onsager, son of Anders Pedersen Onsager.

She was born in 12 Nov. 1869 in Norway. Her father was Lars Holey.

Information that was given to me by my grandmother is difficult to confirm and attention was not given to accurate spellings. This is what I have:

Gudbjorg Hole born 12 Nov. 1869, died 6 Nov. 1932. Her parents were Lars Mikkelson Hole and Gudbjorg Blekken.

Lars' parents were Mikkel Rokin and Gudbjorg Thomti. Can anyone confirm any of this as I feel that the spellings and variations could be great. Thanks again for your assistance in the past.

Brady Onsager

Re(1): Hole (Holey)
Posted on January 28, 2004 at 11:14:05 AM by

Mr. Onsager !

Yes, I can verify at least part of the information your grandmother provided. I can also give you further details on the Hole family.
Rather than have it written here at the web-page, I prefer to mail you directly.
However, if information concerning this family (or for that matter the Onsager's) might be of interest to other readers of this page, do not hesitate to contact me at the above e-mail address !

K. Myhre

Re(2): Hole (Holey)
Posted on February 3, 2004 at 04:29:29 PM by

Feel free to post the info on the board as others may want to know.


Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 26, 2004 at 07:01:59 PM by

I know that Torger and wife came over to America 1870 with three children to the Northwood Iowa area and then later moved to Northwood ND with 6 children, but Anne was not with them.
Torger Onsager b 6/29/1839 at Gran Prestegjeld Oppland Norway.
Syverine Christensdatter Larsen b 1/03/1841 at Jevnagers Prestegjeld Oppland,Norway. Hans Torgersen Onsager b 4/29/1862
Anne Thorgersdatter Onsager b 9/11/1865
Iver T. Onsager b 4/8/1869
I do believe that they may have been Hanson at one time. They are from the area around Lake Randsfjorden and had worked I believe on an Onsaker farm. I am looking for any further information as to Iver's, & Severine's Parents and Siblings. Will appreciate any and all information

Re(1): Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 27, 2004 at 04:13:37 PM by

Hi Merideth. Torger Onsager is mentioned in some letters posted and translated on the internet. The letters are the life story of a man from our part of Norway. To find it go to www.google.com. In the search block, type in "Torger Onsager"

make sure to include the quotes!

The 19 pages in small print are an amazing journey written so well that you can smell the ocean and see the wheat fields! His mention of Torger was in the 1850's in Decorah, Ia and he spoke of Torger to his mother and brothers and sisters in Norway (who knew him well) as "the same old Torger." This man (not Torger)went on to become a decorated veteran of the Civil War as an officer.

These letters could be turned into a motion picture. I think you will enjoy it. If you have problems downloading it, I will snail it to you.

Please let me know if the time line and location matches your information and if you are confident that this is your Torger

Your friend,

Brady Onsager

Re(1): Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 28, 2004 at 11:19:56 AM by

Dear Mrs. Sansburn !

Just a brief note to let you (and others who might have interst in this family) know that further information can be provided. I will contact you directley as soon as time allowes me to.
However, there are no direct relationship between the Onsager's you refere to above, and the family refered to by Brady Onsager.


Re(2): Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 28, 2004 at 12:01:31 PM by

Dear Mr. Myhre.
There is a relationship through the marriage of Knain's & Onsagers; Knain's & Johnson's (Rockne. These Rockne's around from around Voss, Norway.

Thank you for your time I appreciate it.

Respectively Meredith Sansburn
Re(3): Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 28, 2004 at 06:31:16 PM by

Mrs. Sansburn !

I do of course not doubt that there, most likely, might exist a relaisonship between the respective families throug intermarige in the U.S. as you describe. My point was rather to emphasise that there is no connection through the actual Onsager line.
Brede Onsager and his family were residing at JÆGERSBORG, Torger Onsagers family at HAGESTUA - both tenant farms to Onsager, after which both took in possession their "new" surnames in America.

However, could you plese confirm wether you're a descendant of Torger Onsager or not ? And in case you are, would you like me to provide further information on this family ?
Also, please pay attention to our Kontakt-forum, and fill out the electronic form linked to this site. Your information is valuable !

All Yours,

Kjell M.
Re(4): Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 28, 2004 at 07:51:23 PM by

Yes I am a decendent of Torger & Syverine Onsager. They are my Great Grandparents. I do know that when they came to America their last name was Hansen and like many others took the name of a farm that Torger had worked on. Their 3rd child Iver who was born around Gran "Parish" Hadeland
on April 8, 1869 and came with his parents and 2 siblings Hans T. and Anne Thorgersdatter, is my Grandfather. He married a Julia (Johnson) Rockne. My fathers name was Eddie J. Ohnsager. AT some point an "H" was put in our name to distinquish from the other Onsager's that lived around Northwood, ND. They settled around Northwood, IA coming to the Northwood, ND area in 1878 with 6 children in all. There were twins Anton T. & Gulbrand T.,Ingebor & Christine who was born in 1878 and was a small baby when Torger and Syverine moved by oxen. Anne was not with them, I do not know what happened to her wheather she died or got married.

Yes, I would like very much for you to find out more about my Great Grandparents if at all possible.

I would be happy to fill out the eletronic form linked to this site but I do not know how to get to it. Unless it is the 3 lines below the message box at this site. I do not know what the Link Name is, URL link, Image URL so please bare with me as I am rather new to this type of Contact information.

Thank You Sincerely Meredith

Re(5): Torger & Severine/Syverine Onsager
Posted on January 29, 2004 at 04:41:04 PM by

Dear Mrs. Sansburn !

In order to get access to the electronic form, simply go to the top of any page of this site where you click the word "Kontaktforum." You'll then get displayed another page which tells in brief about the forum and its work.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the electronic form icon. Remember to write down all the details you might have which referes to each section of the form. Much better making it long rather than to short ! Your information is of great value to many !

I will come back to you later via e-mail !


Kjell M.

Onsager research
Posted on January 21, 2004 at 07:49:59 PM by

I was named after Brede Onsager, my G-grandfather. He is mentioned in the 1921 Lag Yearbook as a sibling of AA Onsager. His father was Anders Pedersen Onsager. I am interested in learning about his parents and siblings. My grandmother lives on the Onsager farm in Allamakee Co. Iowa where the Onsagers originally settled...thank you for any information

Re(1): Onsager research
Posted on January 25, 2004 at 07:28:47 PM by

Dear Mr. Onsager !

I was thrilled to find your inquiry concerning Onsaker - thrilled becauce I know the Onsaker farm, (used to be spelled Onsager) its previous tenant farms, and the present owners of both so well. I expect you to be familiar with the fact that Onsaker is located west of the lake Randsfjorden; (Norways 3.bigest) if not however, it can easily be seen at any Hadeland map.

In the following I will try my best to ansewr the questions you raise.

Bachelor and servant at Onsaker, Anders Pedersen, married the neighbouring maid Mari Olsdtr. Smerud on february 23.1839. Mari was the oldest daughter of Ole Hansen Smerud of Gran and Marthe Halvorsdtr. Bjertnes of Jevnaker, who married in Gran oct.27.1816. Ole and Marthe had alltogether the following eight children:

Mari, b.feb.9.1817 at Smerud
Halvor, b.march 17.1819 at Kværnvoldeiet.
Hans, b.march 16.1822 at Røkeneiet
Gubjør, b.feb.24.1825 at Bjoneeiet
Ole, b.sept.29.1830 at Malkjærneiet
Kierstie, b.dec.14.1833 as above
Marte, b.may 26.1837 as above
Anne, b.sept.11.1842 as above

The ending "eiet" added to a farmname, indicates a (unspecified) tenant farm. In the case of Malkjærn"eiet", I know from other cources that in this particular case its identical with "Ødegården". Ødegården is still intact.

Execept from Bjertnes, all farmnames refered to above are located west of the Randsfjord.

Anders Pedersen was - exactely as stated in the 1921 Lag Yaerbook - born on may 5.1815, at Skirstadeiet in Gran. His parents were Peder Hendrichsen and Maria Andersdtr. I've been unable to find exact information on their marrige. In addition to Anders, the copple had three more children, namely:

Hendrich, b.sept.30.1818 at Gammeeiet
Ole, b.july 4.1822 at Skrebergeiet
Berthe, b.feb.6.1826 at lower Almseiet

From before, Peder had two "illigitimate" children; Kari b.1804, baptized june 17. Her mothers name was Thorer Andersdtr. Almseiet (maid) Furthermore Jens, bpt.sept.14.1806, with Siri Jensdtr. Hvindeneiet. This Siri also had two more illigitimate children from before. Giving birth to three illigitimate children was according to norwegian law a most serious matter, and the mothers were prosecuted.

The farms refered to in this section, are for your information located east of the Randsfjord.

Anders Pedersen & Mari Olsdtr. had the following 10 (!) children, all born at the JÆGERSBORG tenant farm to Onsaker:

Peder, b.nov.28.1842. Maried dec.27.1866 to Randi Hansdtr. Tuvseiet, b.april 15.1840 at Tuvseiet, of parents Hans Erichsen and Marthe Olsdtr. The copple continued to live with Peders parents in Jægersborg, where Randi march 3.1867 gave birth to their daughter Malla. The small family emigrated on april 4.1870.

Marthe, b.jan.14.1845. Died at Jægersborg march 12.1860

Ole, b.march 12.1847. Dead by 1921.

Anders, b.march 15.1849. Emigrated with the brother Ole sept.22.1868 together with his brother on sept.22.1868. Left Oslo by ship on oct.7. Point of destination was said to be "Praried Chien" (???)

Maria, b.oct.21.1851. Emigrated 1870 together with her brother Ole.

Hans, b.nov.27.1853. Emigrated march 30.1875 together with his parents. (Not 1873, as steted in the Yearbook)Left Oslo on april 27. with "S/S Jupiter" Point of destination was Lansing, Iowa. Dead before 1921.

Annne, b.feb.23.1856. Died at Jægersborg july 5.1859.

Brede, (twin) b.feb.23.1856. Died at Jægersborg march 9. the same year.

Brede, b.jan.12.1858. Emigrated with his parents 1875.

Micael, b.feb.2.1867. Emigrated with his parents 1875.

The Jægersborg (tenant) farm is still intact. However the original buildings are replaced by newer ones. Jægersborg is among the very oldest tenant farms belonging to Onsaker, and dates back to before 1750.

S/S Jupiter also brought Anders Pedersens younger brother Hendrich to Lansing, as well as his 27 years old son, the unmarried Peder. Hendrich had, living at Gjøvikeiet in Gran, married Marthe Andersdtr. Hvindeneiet jan.20.1846. Marthe was born at Hvindeneiet sept.26.1821, of parents Anders Gulbrandsen and Anne Johnsdtr. Hendrich and Marthe settled at the tenant farm Grymyrhagen, where their son Peder was born dec.12.1848. Aditionally they had a daughter Anne, b.nov.30.1853. She died the same place at the age of 15, on june 30.1869. After Marthes death april 16.1872, Hendrich was left alone with his one son.

As it seems, all of Anders & Maris family adapted the Onsager name in America. This was most common; just rearley tenant farmers kept their original norwegian name. Probably would they rather be asociated with the name of the main farms (in this case Onsager) at which they had been laboured than one tiny tenant farm which couldn't even feed them. Most previous tenant farmers now bacame landowners themselves and, understandingly indeed, they used the oppurtunity also to kind of "upgrade" when it came to names. For Hendrich and his son, I would expect them to adapt Grymyr as their new surname, unless they sticked to the patronymic surname; in this case Pedersen.

All the adults leaving this aprilday of 1875 were charged 135 NOK each (aproxomately 18 US $) for their tickets.

As a member of the "Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika" board, I will encourage you to fill out the electronic form which you can find by following our link on this site. I feel convinced you have information which is of both interst and importance to all of those who care aboout emigration history.

Finally, if won't hezitate to recommend for you the "Lag Tour" to Norway which is going to take place next summer. As "Brua" editors Verlyn & Evonne Anderson as your guides, its gonna be an experience for life !! And it would of course be my pleasure to take you arround Hadeland, and tho show you the homes of your ancestors !

For comments, quesstions or further information on your norwegian ancestors, do plese conact me at the e-mail adress above !!

Yours very respectfully, Kjell M.

Re(2): Onsager research
Posted on January 27, 2004 at 04:03:00 PM by

Thank you. I have sent you an e-mail. Your information is amazing. If there is anything else you can send me, even if you think it is trivial, it will be treasured by me and my family. I cannot ever repay you, but I promise to pay it forward in the future. Brady Onsager

Ulven søndre
Posted on January 3, 2004 at 11:45:46 PM by

My relatives are from Jevnaker, Lunner, Ulven søndre. His name is Ole Hendrickson Ulvin, b 1812. He married Gertrud Iversdatter Rustad b December 27, 1817, Gran Præstegjeld and immigrated to Minnesota. They had the following children:
Helene Olsdatter Ulven
Kjersti Olsdatter Ulven 1844
Gulline Olsdatter Ulven April 30, 1848
Julia Maira Olsdatter Ulven 1853
Elsie Olsdatter Ulven 1857
Ole Olsen Ulven October 1863

Anyone know of this family or have information about this farm? Anyone know about Gran Præstegjeld?

Re(1): Ulven søndre
Posted on January 4, 2004 at 04:52:07 AM by Gunnar Thon

Hello Sandra,

Ole Henriksen Enger b at Skjennum, Jevnaker, 19.07.1812 m in Jevnaker 27.07.1841 Gjertrud Iversdtr b at Vienbråten, Gran, 27.12.1817. They became farmers at Søndre Ulven, Lunner (then part of Jevnaker). Children:
Kirsti Olsdtr b 10.02.1844
Gulline Olsdtr b 30.04.1848
Marie Olsdtr b 12.12.1850
Julie Olsdtr b 06.11.1852
Elise Olsdtr b 31.03.1857 (married in America to Engebret Pedersen Gårsdsur b Jevnaker 18.01.1854)
Ole Olsen b 31.10.1863
The family got a certificate on 12.04.1869 for emigration from Ulven to America.
I can not find the daughter Helene.

Parents of Ole:
Henrik Olsen Skjennum 1764 – 1833 m (then a widower) in Jevnaker 20.06.1811 Gunna Eriksdtr Gullen b Bratval in Jevnaker 1786.

Parents of Gjertrud:
Iver Jensen Heier b 1786 m 04.01.18413 Kirsti Gudbrandsdtr Vienbråten b abt 1789.

What kind of information are you looking for in Gran?

I hope that you are aware of the Hadeland emigrant project taken care of by the Hadeland Lag and Kontaktforum. You can read about it on this site behind the button "Kontaktforum". Hope that you send your emigrant information to them. Gunnar, gthon@online.no

Regards Gunnar

Re(2): Ulven søndre
Posted on January 4, 2004 at 02:53:23 PM by

THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH! I am going to be making a trip to Hønefoss in June of this year to visit Kjella and Kjellaroa. I was hoping to meet with Ulven decendants and to see the homestead. I also want to go to Sokna to see the Velo place. I think Sokna is on the Ringerike side but nonetheless, very close.

I never knew that I could post my immigrant ancestor information and now that I do, I will do so right away.

Again, I cannot express my gratitude for your help.

I think Helene is not a formal name, possibly a nickname.



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