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Stevner in Hadeland

This is a list of the Lag-sponsored tours and stevner (gatherings) in Hadeland. 

The next tour is scheduled for 2024.


Click on for a tour report.




2019 June 17-July 3 2019 Hadeland Stevne Report
2015 June 17-24 2015 Hadeland Stevne Report
2010 June 23-27 2010 Hadeland Stevne Report
The Hadeland Lag's Centennial Visit to Norway

June 20-26  2005 Hadeland Stevne Report


June 20-25    2000 Hadeland Stevne Report


June 22-24  2000 Hadeland Stevne Report

1978 June 22 - June 25  1978 Hadeland Stevne Report
1921 Summary 1978 Hadeland Stevne Report



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