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2000 Hadeland Stevne

June 20-25


Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to the many citizens of Hadeland who planned and created a most interesting schedule for us during our stay in their district.  A very special THANK YOU to the Amerikabesøk 2000 Komite: Ole P. Gamme, Ester Haga, Harald Hvattum, Kjell Myhre, Katja Nicolaysen, Hans M. Næss, and Ole Roen.  They did a SUPER JOB!  From the 70 Lag members who attended our stevne in Hadeland,  "MANGE TUSEN TAKK."

For the fourth time since our Hadeland Lag of America was established in 1910, our Lag received the generous invitation from the citizens of Hadeland, Norway, to visit the home district of our immigrant ancestors.  Previous Hadeland Lag trips occurred in 1921, 1978, and in 1990.  Seventy Lag members accepted the invitation this year.  They spent six information-filled  -  interesting -- and truly unforgettable days in Hadeland.

Our six-day schedule began with a day trip into Oslo, including a very special visit to the Storting, hosted by Marit TIngelstad and Berit Brørby, members of the Norwegian Parliament from Hadeland.  Then on June 21, 22 and 23, the three municipalities of Hadeland - Gran, Lunner and Jevnaker - hosted us each for a full day of activities in their individual communities.  Saturday, June 24, was open for individual visits to ancestral sites.  That evening we enjoyed a delicious buffet and program that lasted until after midnight! Special bilingual worship services in the Nicolai Church, one of the Sister Churches, and an afternoon cultural program were the Grand Finale to our six days in Hadeland!

It was a "once in a lifetime" experience for many!  Visiting the farms where our ancestors were born, lived and toiled, and worshipping in the same churches where they once worshipped re experiences that a person will never forget.  These are events in a person's life that words cannot describe!

During our stay in Hadeland, our Lag extended a formal invitation to our hosts and other citizens of Hadeland to attend our Seven Lag Stevne in Rapid City SD July 12-14, 2001.  We hope that many Norwegians will take this opportunity to visit America's "Heartland."

    As reported in the August 2000 Brua   


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