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About Norway


The Kingdom of Norway (Kongeriket Norge) 

  • Capital: Oslo

  • Official language: Norwegian 

  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy:  Prime Minister and Parliament (Storting) of 165 members. The country is divided into 19 counties. The voting age is 18. Norway is not a member of the European Union, but it is a member of NATO.

  • Area: 240,496 sq. miles. Coastline - 1647 miles.

  • Elevation: Highest: Galdhoppigen, 8100 feet above sea level. Lowest: Sea level along the coast.

  • Population: Est.  4,680,000: Density: 7 persons per sq. mile;  74 percent urban, 26 percent rural.

  • Economy: Agriculture - barley, hay, livestock, milk, oats, potatoes. Fishing - capelin, cod, herring, mackerel. Forestry - timber. Manufacturing - aluminum, chemicals, processed foods, refined petroleum products, ships, wood pulp and paper. Mining - ilmenite, iron ore, lead, molybdenite, petroleum and natural gas, pyrites, zinc.

  • National anthem: "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" ("Yes, We Love This Land").

  • National holiday: Constitution Day, May 17 ("Sytennde Mai")

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Map of Scandinavia with Hadeland region identified 


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