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Mindegave (Memorial) Fund 1914

At the fifth stevne in 1914, the membership voted to establish a gift fund to be sent to & distributed in Hadeland.  A committee made up of Ole J. Nokelby, Montevideo MN; Christen G. Svinning, Hayward MN, and Thorval Froslie, Vining MN were elected and established the following rules:


17 May 1914  U.S.A.

To Members of the Management for the Memorial Gift to Hadeland:

Art. 1 - The gift, which has been gathered by immigrant Hadelendings in America, shall be called Hadeland Mindegaven.

Art. 2 - The gift shall be deposited in the Gran Spare Bank.  The treasurer of the Bank is to send an accounting at the direction of the Bank to the treasurer of the Hadelands Laget in America.

Art. 3 - The interest of this money shall be distributed the 15th of December ech year to the needy poor, equally divided to Gran, Brandbu, Tingelstad, Jevnaker and Lunner.  The first earnings distribution is to be scheduled for the 15th of December, 1914.


The immigrants who donated to this fund were concerned for the welfare of those they had left behind, and wanted to share some of their good fortune in America with friends and neighbors in Hadeland. In 2000, reflecting the social changes in Norway during the last half of the century, the fund was liquidated and donated to the Hadeland Folkemuseum. Some of the monies have been used to complete restoration of the replica of the Dynna Stone housed at the museum. 

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