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1960 Stevne

Golden Anniversary

June 9-10       City Park, Velva ND


 The stevne met in the park the first day, the weather was nice so this sufficed very nicely.  Sixty four registered for the stevne.  For those who had to travel from 500 to 1000 miles, it was a long way and of course costs money, too.  This seemed to affect the attendance.

Mr. R. M. Hall, Clear Lake IA, talked about this special 50 Year Anniversary of the Lag and there was special music and singing.

In the afternoon, there was a fine banquet held and flags decorated the area.  There was much good food.  Pictures were taken by Marius Sorum of Minot ND.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1961 Stevne

June 14-15       Hotel, Maddock ND


It was a friendly meeting with many Hadelendings, some Landings, and other Norwegian groups, a very good turnout of over 200 people (116 of these were lodge members and their families).  Joseph Braatvold, born in Norway, made all the necessary arrangements.  Lodging was good, restaurants good, and the people very friendly.

There was a special skit on Ole, Per, Vermor, and Lars.  It was well done and thoroughly enjoyed.  The actors were Karen and Stanley Aanderud, Harley Vinnard, Joseph Braatvold, and Iven Olsen, all local people.  Other numbers on the program were selections by the Immanuel Lutheran Choir, several songs on a musical saw by Harold Lommen, vocal solos by Karen and Barbara Aanderud, accordion selections by Harley Vinnard, a pitchfork solo by Stanley Aanderud (Han Ole), and accordion music by Hans Aschim.

The registration was in the hotel and there was a program provided for the members in attendance.  Pastor John Rakmo greeted the group.  There was singing by the North Viking Choir and a welcome by Warren Petterson, Superintendent of Schools.  Marie Mellum sang a solo and Emil Vincent gave a reading.  A local Men's quartet sang and there was a greeting from the secretary of the Gudbrandslag, who was there for the convention.

At a business meeting on Friday, a discussion was started about recognition of both the old officers and the ones presently serving.  Mr. Sigurd Erlien, Minneapolis MN, made a motion that this be done at every meeting.  It was taken under consideration for further study.

All officers were re-elected for the coming year.  There were memorial services for John Mellerud, Joplin MT; Ingvald Dahlen, Fergus Falls MN; Anton Elstuen, Berthold ND; and N. V. Olsen, Valley City ND.

The North Viking Lutheran Ladies Aid served over 150 people at the banquet.  There was rømmegrøt, jøtkakker, salad grønsaker, Norsk Fiskeballer, and all kinds of other Norse food. 


   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1962 Stevne

June 14-15       High School Auditorium, Twin Valley MN


 It was a very successful convention with many Norwegians in attendance, but not too many Hadelanders.  There were 62 registered.  Although many invitations were sent out, there were no representatives from Canada or far away places, according to the secretary.

Ellef C. Erlien, second generation Hadelander, with the Twin Valley Booster's Club Members, made all the necessary arrangements for the stevne.  Housing was in private homes as the local hotel was too old.  The cafes were all alerted to serve those who wished. 

The opening session began with singing of "America" and "Ja VI Elsker Dette Landet" accompanied by Mrs. Harold Spielmen, Twin Valley MN.  The invocation was given by Mrs. Oscar Slette of Twin Valley.  Greetings were extended by the the Boosters Club, Lions, Nesseth-Lien American Legion Post and the Auxiliary, VFW and Auxiliary, Garden Club, Study Club, Homemakers Club, Masonic Lodge and Wild Rice Conservation Club. The evening included baseball at the Twin Valley ball park after a program that included Torval Hadeland's Lefsa Band, a reading by Mrs. R. M. Hall of Clear Lake IA, and vocal selections by Satern Gentar.

Friday afternoon there was a commemoration service conducted by John Eastvold with introductory remarks by R. M. Hall, Clear Lake IA. Music provided by Mrs. Tennes Halvorson of Twin Valley, trumpeters Barbara Holth and Paul Ramsey accompanied by Carolyn Sorkness. The address was given by Rev. Thomas Gabrielson of Fertile MN.  This was followed by a tour of the Lutheran Memorial Home in Twin Valley.

The Friday evening banquet was held at Zion Lutheran Church. Rev. Maurice S. Molvik of Zion provided the greeting via tape. The prayer was lead by Rev. Thomas Gabrielson, Fertile MN. R. M. Hall addressed the gathering on "Our Inheritance."  Music was provided by Mrs. Charles Olson and Ellef Erlien and Mrs. Harold Spielman, all of Twin Valley.

The evening program was held in the high school auditorium.  Music was provided by the Wild Rice Tulak Band, "Ole and Per" quartet, "The Girlies," and Odell Boberg.  Rev. Herbert S. Larson of Gary MN showed scenic slides of Norway.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1963 Stevne

June 13-14       New Town ND


48 members were registered for this stevne.  Mayor McMasters of New Town and Rev. Ray Gilbertson brought a special greeting to the Lag and President Eastvold responded.  Mrs. Radatza, Watford City ND, was there and gave a talk on the Stavangerlag and their recent tour to Norway.  Mrs. Millet sang "Den Store Hvide Flok" accompanied by Mrs. Wandgate on the piano.  Other musical numbers were also presented.

Rev. Ray Gilbertson officiated at the memorial services for the following members who had passed away from 1962-1963:

Clara Sherva, Portland OR

Iver Drovdahl, Arnegaard ND

Lars Drovdahl, Grand Forks ND

Hans Peder Gullerud, Goodhue County MN

Melvin Gullerud, Goodhue County MN

Pedersen Ladt Nokleby, Hadeland, Norway

Nels Resenfjeld, Canton SD

Music was provided by Chris Sherva, Mary Ann Hammer and Jeri Lee Hammer. The service closed with the singing of "Hadeland's Song."

Greetings were read from Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hall, Clear Lake IA; Otto haug, Epping ND; Hans Aschim, Decorah IA (now in Norway); Per Th. Wamstad, Jaren, Hadeland, Norway; Jacob Molstad, Jaren, Norway.  The secretary was instructed to write to those in Norway who sent letters.

The banquet was held in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church basement and was a huge success.  A fine Norwegian atmosphere was provided with rømmegrøt, sødsuppe, lefse, and Scandinavian cakes and cookies.  Mrs. Lina and Randi Lynne, Plaza ND, brought the lefse to the Hadeland Lag and were thanked for that.

Purchase of a new Hadeland Lag Flag was discussed.  A flag with a lady in National costume on it was considered but seemed too costly at $175.00

It was decided at the business meeting that the yearly interest on the Mindegaven fund should be given to the Hadeland Museum for necessary improvements.  No definite sum was recorded in the minutes.

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1964 Stevne

June 25-26       High School Auditorium, Northwood ND


A portion of the interest from the Mindegaven fund was approved to be given to Pr Th. Hvamstad for the work he has done on the Emigrant Book of Hadeland.  This book tells about all the Hadelendingers living in America.  It is safely estimated that there are thousands of people from Hadeland in America, but we are not aware of them all nor have we heard from them through the lag.  Per Hvamstad sent some slides of the Jaren area.  They were brilliant pictures of Norway.

Thanks for the long and faithful service of John Eastvold and Mrs. Lars (Marie) Hammer were given.  Although they had some very successful stevner, there were difficult times when there were problems, too.  As the Hadeland Lag members got older, it was more difficult for them to attend.  The interest for the young people was not there as yet.

There were 86 people registered, so attendance was good.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1965 Stevne

June 17-18       Pierce County Memorial Hall, Rugby ND


The question of what to do with the Mindegaven Fund was again discussed at length.  No solution was reached.  A letter from Per Hvamstad regarding a memorial gift was read and discussed.  A ballot vote reported 20 for and 2 against using Mindegaven Fund money for the Hadeland Emigration Book which Mr. Hvamstad of Jaren had helped put together.

The invocation was given by Rev. Charles Kepler of Rugby.  Mayor C. B. Weimer offered a greeting from Rugby. Sheila Mygland of Rugby entertained with her accordian. The Thursday evening banquet was held at Bethany Lutheran Church, with C. C. Sherva acting as master of ceremonies and a talk given by Reverend M. J. Nilsen of Rugby.  Music was provided by Loretta Isaacson, Duane Isaacson, and Lavonne Strand.

R. N. Hall of Clear Lake IA was the featured speaker at the Friday business meeting. In the evening, pictures from Norway were shown. 

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1966 Stevne

June 23-24       Moorhead MN


The meeting was opened by President Chris Sherva. Rev. G. W. Tolo, Moorhead, gave the invocation and also a short talk in Norwegian.  Robert Seagal gave an interesting talk and Mrs. Marie Hammer shared a reading. There was group singing.

The Lincoln Mother's Club Singers entertained in Norwegian and English on the evening of the 23rd.  Reverand Tolo showed slides from his recent trip to Norway.

At the business meeting, Attorney Johnson gave his opinion regarding the Mindegaven Fund.  he was to contact the Norwegian Embassy in St Paul for further details.  A resolution was passed to write Ed Haugen, Butte ND, for information also as he is a board member.  Mrs. Lars Hammer prepared an article for the newspaper which included a statement "No more money be put into the Mindegaven Fund."  This had been agreed upon at earlier meetings, but no action was taken.  Thus the money in the Gran Sparebank was to be divided equally between Hadeland Haugen and Folk Museum and Per Hvamstad for the book "Gammelt fra Hadeland."  This is the last reference to the Mindegaven Fund in minutes of Hadeland meetings or newspaper articles.

The banquet was held in the evening with Mrs. Hoganson as master of ceremonies.  Rev. G. W. Tolo gave the table grace.  A memorial service was conducted in the evening.  36 people bought banquet tickets, 27 Hadelanders were registered.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1967 Stevne

June 22-23       Rothsay MN


36 registered for the stevne, only 15 Hadelanders.  In the afternoon, the group was welcomed by Mayor Fredrickson and a talk was given by Pastor Reise, a local clergyman.

Memorial services were held on the second day and there were musical numbers and songs by groups from the city of Rothsay.

In the forenoon of the last day, there was a tour of the Melvin Ouse farm to see pioneer machinery and tools used in bygone days. They were housed in a large Quonset building and were very interesting.  Not only machinery and tools but household goods too, from an old cook stove with oven doors on each side, up to the present electric appliances.

A banquet was held in the Lutheran Church basement and once again the Norwegian ladies provided a fine banquet and it was well attended.  Seventeen members bought tickets for the banquet.

Mrs. Lars Hammer was ill and couldn't attend the stevne, her comments were that the stevne was poorly publicized and not enough invitations and notices were sent out.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1968 Stevne

June 14-15       High School Auditorium, Twin Valley MN


President Ellef Erlien opened the convention and turned it over to Harris Garberg, master of ceremonies. The invocation was given by Rev. B. L. Duckstad and Kermit Cary welcomed the group to the city.  There were several songs and a reading by Mrs. Oscar Slette and Mrs. Louise Hall.  A response was given by President Erlien.

The banquet was held in the church parlors of Zion Lutheran Church.  Eighty people attended and a fine meal was served.  B. L. Duckstad gave the table prayer.  There were vocal selections and a welcome by Rev. Maurice Molvik.  The main banquet address was given by a faculty member from Concordia College.  The women had decorated the tables very nicely and the servers wore long dresses and red vests, typical of a Norwegian community.

There was serious concern about the continuation of the Hadeland Lag as the turn-out had been so meager.  The old pioneer members are either too old to come or have passed away.  Peder Stadum made a motion to continue as we are.  The motion was seconded by Ed Haugen and carried.  The secretary was instructed to contact the Landingslag about possibly meeting together with them.

After the Senior Citizen Hobby Show and a tour of the Lutheran Memorial Homes, there were memorial services for the departed of last year.  In the evning, the Hadeland Lag was entertained by a Norsemen Variety Show at the High School Gymnasium.  The Variety Show was sponsored by the Twin Valley Booster's Club.  They obtained talent from all over the area.  About 400 people attended.  The program was thoroughly enjoyed by lag members.

Registration ebbed to a new low of 13 members, but there were people from other areas of Norway, bringing the total to 35-40.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1969 Stevne

June 13-14       City Hall, Velva ND


Rev. Joe Coughlin hnad devotions and Mayor Sands welcomed the Lag to Velva.  There were songs by local performers. The afternoon was spent visiting old friends and the town folks.

Slides were shown from the Minot Soil Conservation Office.  They were very good and also educational. Mrs. Olga Gryde showed some pictures from her trip to Italy, France, and Norway.

Minutes were read and approved.  The Lag will send $6.00 to the Fellesraad as before.  A motion was made to try Devils Lake for the next Stevne.  It was decided to write the Toten Lag and invite them to meet together with the Hadeland Lag.  The Totens had not met since World War II.

Mrs. Lars Hammer reported the following from a Norwegian newspaper: "Time" takes its toll of the old members, but if we can get the young people interested, then probably the Lag can continue awhile longer.

The Oak Valley Lutheran Church Ladies Aid served the very best Norwegian food for the Saturday evening banquet.  Mrs. Carl Kittleson, Voltaire and Velva area, had made the rømmegrøt and she had not forgotten the fløten. It was rich and delicious.  Tables were decorated with flowers and the waitresses wore their bunads.  Pastor Joe Coughlin opened the banquet with prayer and he and his wife sang "Den Store Hvide Flok."

33 registered and there were representatives from five states.  Both young and old lag members appreciated the stevne.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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