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Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika

Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika was formed in 2002. It seeks to encourage and enhance cooperative efforts among the Gran Historical Society, Lunner Historical Society,  Jevnaker Historical Society, and the Hadeland Lag of America.

2017 Photo of KHA Members: Geir Arne Myhrstuen, Jevnaker Historical Society;   Hugo Hallum, Lunner Historical Society; Lars Peder Skute, Gran Historical Society; Ole P. Gamme, Hadeland Lag of America, leader; Harald Hvattum, secretary/treasurer.

A message from Kontaktforum in July of 2002:

...Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika  was established this winter.  The biggest task for us will undoubtedly be our project to find out what happened to as many as possible of the emigrants from Hadeland after they went to America.  This is a task which cannot be completed unless you help us.  We have already received information about many of the emigrants, and we are very grateful for the good response we have received among the members of the Hadeland Lag for our big and important project.  We know there is a lot of material about the emigrants and their descendants and we greatly appreciate all that we receive.  We also hope that those who have not written down the story of their family from Hadeland will begin soon; this is both an enjoyable and important task, which we are certain that our descendants will appreciate what we have done.  Thank you for all that we have received so far and we wait for more.



Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika Cooperative Agreement

signed in 2007

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Purpose: Kontaktforum Hadeland-America is the headquarters or central bureau for genealogy questions, etc. from America to Hadeland and vice versa.  It also serves as the contact point for Norwegians interested in membership or publications of the Hadeland Lag.

Governing Group: Ole P. Gamme (representing the Hadeland Lag), leader; Lars Peder Skute (Gran Historical Society); Hugo Hallum (Lunner Historical Society); Geir Arne Myhrstuen (Jevnaker Historical Society).and Harald Hvattum.

Secretary/Treasurer: Harald Hvattum  


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