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1970 Stevne

June 4-5       New School Auditorium, Maddock ND


 The stevne was held in the new 2 million dollar school auditorium.  A welcome was given by the chairman and the mayor of the city.  President Karl Stensrud oriented the delegates to the area of Maddock because a large proportion of the population was originally from Hadeland or are second generation Hadelanders.  During the afternoon, the city Commercial Club served coffee and cake.

Afternoon entertainment was furnished by Chester Sherva and his homemade Hardanger violin.  He had made 62 violins and told all about making them.  At the banquet in the evening, there was a rousing speech by Pastor W. Hansen, Esmond ND.  Mr. and Mrs. Berg sang a duet.  Special recognition was given to Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Dybing, Heimdal and Velva ND and Mr. and Mrs. Edvard Haugen, Butte ND for their efforts and time spent with the Hadeland Lag for so many years.

Mrs. Lars Hammer, a devoted and long serving member of the Lag mad this special comment, perhaps her last one for the Hadeland Lag. (She kept newspaper clippings about the lag and made handwritten comments about them.)  "It sounds like they had a good meeting. And the Lag will carry on. Lars, my husband, was quite ill for awhile, and I am in very poor health.  Someone reads the newspaper clippings to me because I am almost blind.  So now we have to stay home, but we are along in our thoughts for every convention.  So this is probably the last report from me.  I can't keep up like I used to.  So greetings to all I have met in the Hadeland Lag."  Mrs. Lars (Marie) Hammer, Scobey MT.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1971  Stevne

June  11-12       Civic Center, Plaza ND


 The meeting was opened by President Karl Stensrud and the usual opening ceremonies were held.  Chester Sherva played his Hardanger violin accompanied by Mrs. Gladys Huntgate on the piano.  The mayor brought a greeting and complimented the Norwegians on their accomplishments.  Mr. Sandquist played his tape recorder and also played the piano.  In the evening the program continued with violin and banjo music by George Enderson.  The banquet was held in the First Lutheran Church.  Joseph Sandquist showed his slides of Norway which included many fine pictures of Hadeland.

On Saturday, memorial services were conducted by Rev. Robert Pestal.  Those memorialized were:

 Anna Christiansen Alkabo ND

Mrs. Olaf Hanson, Alkabo ND

John Eastvold (past president),  Ruso ND

Marius Rogneby, Berthold ND

Edward Lynne, Plaza ND

Otto Lynne, Plaza ND

 One of the most serious problems facing the members of the Hadeland Lag was whether or not it should continue.  It didn't seem feasible given the poor attendance at the stevner.  This situation was not unique to the Hadeland Lag. Other Norwegian lodges were having the same problem.  Until the younger generation became interested, there was not much hope of continuing.  The other possibility was to combine with other neighboring lodges and see waht could be done together.  The old timers talked about the Oppland or Østland areas of Norway and there was a ray of hope there. 

The Mindegaven Fund was discussed and also the banners, but no action was taken. There would be executive board meetings when circumstances required.  The Hadeland Lag would not cease, but there would be no more stevner for the present.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1972 - No Stevne


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1973 - No Stevne


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1974 - No Stevne


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1975 Stevne

September 19         Foss Home, Northwood ND


Morgan Olson worked hard to assure that the Hadeland Lag would survive the demise of the pioneer members.  He worked in concert with Percy and Harriet Foss to reinvigorate the Lag by joining forces with Landings Lag for annual stevner.  This planning meeting, and the meeting with Landings Lag president Helen Vinje the following day, determined that they would hold a joint stevne in 1976 and that the Hadeland Lag would sponsor a visit to Hadeland, Norway as well.  

From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1976 Stevne

Hadeland Lag and Landings Lag

July 9-10       Mayville College, Mayville ND


28 Landings and 43 Hadelendings attended the first joint stevne.

Helen Vinje, president of Landings Lag, acted as mistress of ceremonies at the opening session.  Mrs. Robert Ralston, mayor of Mayville, welcomed those attending.  Morgan Olson offered his remarks.  A memorial service was held in honor of members who had passed away.  Two candles were lit.  A short silent prayer was offered by each person present.  Morgan Olson beautifully read the verse "Should You Go First."  This was followed by "Hadeland Sangen" and some Landings songs. Miss Rygg provided piano accompaniment.  Following was an informal hand-shaking get-acquainted session and "kaffe tid with sma kaker."

As the program continued, Morgan Olson and Agnes Larson explained their lag's respective banners. The Hadeland Bunad was worn and explained by Harriet Foss.  Morgan Olson brought greetings from the Fellesrad.  Carl Kinstad presented two poems he had written.  Frances Johnson and Oscar Kvande provided accordion music.

The following day, Dr. Verlyn Anderson presented a lesson on genealogy.

At the Hadeland Lag business meeting, A motion was made by Attorney Thomas Helmey and approved by membership in attendance that persons now elected become the official board of directors of the Hadeland Lag.  Helmey then advised that the board of directors was authorized to act on the Mindegaven funds and that someone should be appointed the Lag's official representative in Hadeland.  Notice waill be setn to Peder H. Nelson and he will work with Amund and Kari Gulden to get the "Mindegaven" turned over to the committee for use in the cost of publishing the first edition of the Hadeland Slekts Historie.

The next subject was the possibility of a tour to Hadeland in 1977, but the Mannskoret K. K. and "Hadeland" newspaper are coordinating plans to come to America in 1977.  Our Hadeland Lag stevne will be at Concordia College in 1977. Carl Linstad suggested the stevne be set to correspond to the days the Hadeland guests will be there.  he also stated that Morgan Olson had accomplished more in one year than some people do in an entire lifetime!

The Hadeland Lag them rejoined Landings Lag.  Their president stated that the Landings Lag wished to discuss merger.  She said they wished to have each Lag keep their own identity with our own business and officers, but to share our meeting place and programs.  She said she had gained much from her trip to Norway.   She suggested that both Lags work hard to recruit the 40 members necessary and schedule a tour of Norway in 1978.

Afternoon activities began with a trip to Gran Church south of Mayville.  The Centennial pageant (for their 1973 celebration) was repeated for us after which we enjoyed smorgasboard.

The banquet was held back in the college cafeteria at 6 PM.  Dr. Verlyn Anderson presented interesting information from his tours of Norway.  The musical entitled "I Love America" was presented in the college auditorium by the Finley-Sharon  and Aneta Community Chorus, directed by Carl Thompson Jr. This was a patriotic concert very well done and a perfect close to the stevne during the nation's bicentennial year. 

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1977 Stevne

Hadeland Lag, Landings Lag, Gudbrandsdal Lag

June 10-12       Concordia College, Moorhead MN


79 Hadelendings, 40 Gudbrandsdøls and 21 Landings registered for this stevne.

Lloyd George Melgard, acted as master of ceremonies.  Dr. Paul Dovre, Concordia College President, offered a welcome to the campus and the invocation.  This was followed by a sing-a-long led by 90-yr-old Hagbarth Bue and Olaf Viken.  A slide presentation of "Stave Churches of Norway" followed.  Oscar Kvande and Henry Branden and Carl Linstad provided musical entertainment.

In the evening, the film "We Discovered North Norway" was preceded by musical entertainment provided by Duane Nysveen, Olaf Nelson and 12 yr old Jill Ellingson.

Saturday morning, Dr. Verlyn Anderson presented "Ancestors in Norway," a lecture on Norwegian genealogical research.

At the business meetings, discussion focused on the arrival of Mannskoret KK and other Hadeland Guests scheduled on July 19. Gift suggestions and housing were discussed. The possible tour to Hadeland in 1978 was discussed.

A joint meeting of the lags followed.  Reports for each lag were read and announcement of a quarterly newsletter was made.

Lloyd Collins provided an organ prelude to the evening banquet.  The table prayer was led by Rev. E. O. Stenson. Music and readings by  David Buckley, Eric Edlund, and Stella Hohncke.  Dr. J. L. Rendahl spoke on "Our Norwegian Ancestors - their dreams, their work." The Valley Viking dancers from Fisher MN performed.

Sunday morning a Norwegian language church service was held.  Rev. E. O. Stenson, chaplain of Eventide Nursing Home preached the sermon.  Olaf Viken sang a solo.  It was a heartwarming experience and proved to be a perfect ending to our meeting.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1978 Stevne

August 18-20       Southwest State University, Marshall MN


  Mrs. Etta Berge of Marshall made the arrangements for this stevne.  Dormitory rooms were available for $5.00, which was very reasonable.

On Saturday there was Kaffe Tid, registration, displays and crafts, and an Historical and Genealogy tour of the campus.

There was a special Norway Trip Reunion banquet and everyone was invited.  There were interesting talks and slides and pictures. Entertainment was provided with some humorous skits and readings. A square dance group performed.

Sunday services were held in the Religious Center on the campus for all the Lutherans.  There was a special program and fellowship.

     From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1979 Stevne

July 14       Concordia College Library, Moorhead MN


The 1979 stevne was to be held at St. Olaf College, Northfield MN.  Due to the fact that less than 100 members made early reservations, Morgan Olson cancelled the event to be held in June.

Thus, a delayed meeting was called for July 14 at Concordia College.  This coincided with a farewell dinner scheduled for the departing Norwegian groups form Hadeland who were here to entertain and travel.  The dinner was held at the Kringen Lodge in Fargo ND (Sons of Norway).  Band ensembles and dancers performed.  Mr. Carroll Juven served as master of ceremonies.  There was an old-time Scandinavian dance afterwards which everyone enjoyed.

Thirty members were present at the college library meetings.   Verlyn Anderson spoke on genealogy and tracing your ancestors.  It is not clearly understood why the response for attending the 1979 Stevne was so poor.  Perhaps too many activities in 1978 and perhaps there were other conflicts.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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