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1950 Stevne

June 15-17        Devils Lake ND    


 Mrs. Albert Anderson headed a committee that made all the arrangements for the Stevne.  79 members were registered.  Weather was disappointing, as it rained most of the time.  Mrs. Hammer gave an interesting talk on her tour to Norway and Mrs. Albert Anderson put on a fashion show featuring the various bunads from the different districts of Norway.

A special procedure of the Hadeland Lag was to elect Honorary Members every so often.  Honorary members selected for the 40th anniversary were John Holen, Martha Ulvik, Ed Bjerke, Thorvald Hoiby, John Braaten, Anders Peterson, Mrs. Berthe Ledding, Gilbert Dible, Ole Bergsrud, Mrs. Ole Quanrud, Joseph Gunderson, and Mr. and Mrs. Lars Hammer. 

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1951 Stevne

June  21-23       High School Auditorium, Fergus Falls MN


 Seventy four people were registered.  John Eastvold conducted the meeting because Olaf Drovdahl was in Hadeland, Norway.  He sent a special greeting from Norway and further related that both he and John Eastvold came from Norway together and were old "venner" (friends).

There was a special film shown in color and sound - entitled "Picturesque Norway" and "Majestic Norway." The film was shown at the high school auditorium which seated over 500 people.  It was well received by everyone.

Thomas Bjorka, president of Sigdalslag, met with the group.  Janice Anderson and Lisa Braaten from Columbus ND entertained with their accordians. Mrs. Lars Hammer sent a greeting from BÝrmarke Jaren, and a copy of the Kragerud song.

It was decided not to issue the BRUA in 1952 and so 1951 would be the last year for the BRUA yearbook.

Saturday afternoon everyone was invited to the lake home of Theo. Brothens, near Fergus Falls, for "Kaffe Ti."  The banquet was held Saturday night and was followed by a play entitled "Til Saeters."  The performers were from Grand Forks ND. 

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1952 Stevne

June 16-18     Sons of Norway Hall, Minot ND


97 members registered for the stevne. Greetings were extended from Hadelendings from California, Idaho, Canada, WIsconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa and one from Norway.  This exceeded anything previously.  Even Chicago, Illinois.

A tour was conducted through the Roosevelt Park and Zoo, located in the eastern section of Minot.  The firts day a local pastor prewached on the "Pioneer Spirit" and the Lag felt that it was unfortunate that more couldn't have come and heard him.  Anna Christensen, Dows IA, presented a film of her tour in Norway, including scenes from Hadeland.  It was a fine home-made movie.

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1953 Stevne

June 18-20       Hotel Greystone, Detroit Lakes MN


President John Braaten was on a tour of Norway, so Hans Rekstad conducted the meeting.  The usual business was conducted. They remembered the coffee that they had at the "Brathens Hytte" at the last stevne, which was different and enjoyable.  Peder Nelson, Northwood ND, was interested in having the BRUA publication resumed.  It was tabled until later because of the cost.  There was a skit presented depicting Vermor of the "Ole og Per" series from the Decorah Posten newspaper.  She was so lonely because Ole and Per were on a trip to Norway and Lars wasn't much company or fun because he had his "jug" to keep him company.  A real fun presentation.

There were 84 people at the banquet and 73 members registered for the convention.  Chris Sorum (past president) talked about his two trips to Norway.  There was a report of the Mindegaven Fund from Jaren, Norway.  There was a total of 19, 193.38 Nkr. The membership expressed a feeling of dissatisfaction with the Mindegaven Fund.  However, the fund is a gift to help the needy in Brandbu, Tingelstad, Gran, Lunner and Jevnaker, and cannot be transferred back to the United States and the lodge.

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1954 Stevne

June 24-25       Luther College, Decorah IA


There were more than 100 Hadelendings and friends there for the stevne.  Fifty five members registered.  The secretary recorded that it was so hot and humid you could hardly breathe.

Mayor Rosenthal welcomed the group and so did Odin Nelson and publisher B. B. Amundson of the Decorah Posten, who invited the members to tour the newspaper plant in downtown Decorah.  There was also a visit to the Vesterheim Museum where special Norwegian music and singing, pictures and a narration of The Dahle Melsater were rehearsed and sung by the group.  Hans Aschim played selections on the accordion, and Einer Lund talked about "The Old and the New."  There was also a skit about Ole and Per.  (They had just come back from Lerine, Norway and Vaermor was so happy to see them!)

There was no meeting on Saturday because so many left for home.  It was a good stevne but disappointment was expressed at the poor attendance.  Distance was a factor for many.

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1955 Stevne

June 9-11       Odd Fellows Hall, Velva ND


President Eastvold made the necessary arrangements for lodging, meals, program and entertainment.  He conducted a very fine meeting.

The usual opening ceremonies were held with a welcome by the mayor, Mrs. Lienhardt.  Mrs. Ole Ringen, Red Wing MN, sang several numbers accompanied by her husband on the violin.  Mrs. Ringen was 78 years old and her husband ws 82.  John Ervin of Velva played the piano and a good program was enjoyed.

Ole Kammerud from Argyle WI attended the Stevne and must have come by train.  Hans Schim had recently made a tour of Norway and talked to the group about his trip.  Pastor Waahal, Velva, presided at the banquet.  Over 100 people attended and were served a Norwegian Smorgasbord ("God Norske Mat") The banquet was served by the Ladies Aid with Mrs. Erik Anderson, president, in charge.  After the banquet, a film was shown at the Odd Fellows Hall.  Three ladies from Butte ND sang several songs. A 14 year old girl, Carol PEdersen, played several numbers on the accordian.  Hans Aschim also played his button-keyed accordion.

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1956 Stevne

June 14-15       Hotel Great Northern, Devils Lake ND


Mrs. Albert Anderson and Mrs. Walter Mickelson made all the arrangements for the stevne at Devils Lake.  Fifty nine members were registered.  Mrs. Anderson gave an interesting welcome from the city to the Hadelendings.  The meeting was conducted as usual with reporters from the local paper present.  Mrs. Mickelson brought a greeting to the Hadeland Lag along with Pastor Rude who represented the local churches.

For a program, Pastor Rude provided music and sang with a very fine voice.  Hans Aschim played several waltzes and spring dances from the Lunner area.

There was some discussion of obtaining enough money to purchase a new American and Norwegian flag for conducting meetings.  The old ones were rather worn and needed to be replaced.  The secretary reported that President Eastvold and she sometimes forgot things and were poor to remember everything.  The golden years have their maladies, too.

There was much discussion and thinking about the Mindegaven Memorial Fund in Gran Sparebank.  Nothing was decided nor anything done.  A point was made that the by-laws ("grundloven") would have to be amended if the money in the Gran Sparebank was to be divided or given away.  It was unanimously agreed that the money should remain for the usual distribution of the interest to the needy at Christmas time.  President Eastvold had been in Norway the previous fall and talked over the Mindegaven arrangmenets, which apparently was ok.  There was 19, 511.77 Nkr in the Sparebank and 568.29 Nkr were given out to the needy at Christmas time.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1957 Stevne

June 13-14       Hotel Park, Madison SD


Peder Stadum, Sioux Falls SD, made all the necessary arrangements for the stevne.  Fifty one people were registered. President Eastvold welcomed the members and Rev. Nelson brought a greeting from the city of Madison.

Mr. and Mrs. Bjarne Teslow showed a series of pictures they had taken on a tour of Norway the previous year.  John Eastvold reported that about nine or ten of the old members have passed away during the past year, so it was not surprising that the attendance was low.  Many of the local people attended the convention, but there were many Hadelanders in North Dakota, Minnesota and WIsconsin who did not seem interested in coming to the stevner.  Many of them were older and unable to travel.

There was a very good program which included a men's quartet and a fashion show depicting Norwegian dress.  Mrs. Sven Madison sang several numbers and Pastors Dahlen and Nelson gave short talks.  The banquet was held in the Lutheran Church and 75 people attended.

At the banquet, Pastor O. H. Olset, Madison, talked about Ernest Nelson and his singing and performing.  President Eastvold talked about the history of the city and the Hotel Park and its origin.  A chorus of eighteen men sang tin the Norwegian language for the enjoyment of all.  Mrs. John Braaten sang and Hans Aschim played his accordion.  Peder Stadum was given a round of applause for arranging a fine program.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1958 Stevne

June 12-13       Plainsmen Hotel, Williston ND

 Williston extended a warm welcome to the Hadeland Lag and a very fine program was arranged.  After the opening ceremonies, Pastor Boresch gave a welcome from the First Lutheran Church and Mayor Rawitcher gave a welcome from the city.  President Eastvold wished everyone at the Lag a good stay in Williston as well as an enjoyable one.

Mr. Oren Lee of Williston sang several songs with a fine baritone voice. Hans Aschim also played.  Mrs. Radetch, Watford City ND, gave a very humorous reading and John Braaten told Norwegian influenced jokes for everyone's amusement.  Mrs. Clarence Larson, an accomplished pianist, played several selections.  Two girls sang a vocal duet and another played the accordion.  The program was well received by all.

A statement from Elmore and Bradbury, Minneapolis MN, indicated that a new 3X5 US fringed flag cost $23.45 and a new Norwegian fringed flag was $25.00, two 8 ft poles, 4 ft of tassels and cords, and economy stands were $32.70 for a total of $77.15.  It was decided to take this out of the general fund.

The banquet was held in the First Lutheran Church.  There was a good turnout with 57 Hadelanders registered for the Stevne.  There were several people from Canada and this was appreciated.  The hope was expressed that this would continue for future stevner.  The program included solos by Esther Rusenes, and Mrs. H. V. Foss, a coronet trio by Gary Stenehjem, Mary Landis, and Larry Hansen, all of Williston.  Telegrams were read from Mr. and Mrs. R. Hall, Clear Lake IA, and from Ole Hoiby of Powers Lake ND.

The Mindegaven fund report from Gran was read.  736.60 Nkr were distributed to the needy and there was a balance of 18, 880.72 Nkr in the Sparebank.  No action was taken but to continue with the fund as before.

A Memorial Service was conducted for Helmer Hansen of Alkabo ND; Oliver Berg, Sioux Falls SD; Ole Ringen, Red Wing MN; Mrs. Ed Ray, Rothsay MN; Edwin Berg, Sioux Falls SD; and Karl Haug, Epping ND.  A candle was lit for charter member John Holm, Glendive MT.  Candles were also lit for those who were ill: Thorvald Hoiby, Noonan ND and Mrs. Palmer Ruthland, Janesville WI.

 From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1959 Stevne

June 11-12       Comstock Hotel, Moorhead MN


Registration showed members from other states and Canada attending, a total of 53 registered.  It was a successful stevne.  Mayor Severtsen gave a welcome from the city and President Eastvold returned the gesture.  Mrs. Tilla Anderson, Mrs. Holsen both of Moorhead and Andrew Olerud of Harwood ND got a vote of thanks for arranging everything.

After the opening ceremonies, Mrs. Ringen sang a Norwegian song entitled "A Young Birth Standing Near the Fjord."  She was accompanied by her husband on the violin.  She also sang "Mellum Bakker og Berg Utmod Havet" with a piano accompaniment.  Mrs. R. A. Hall, Clear Lake IA, was called upon to give a report on his trip to Norway.  Hans Aschim played some of the old tunes from his area.  This was very much enjoyed by the old timers.  John Braaten sang the "Hadelands Sangen" as everyone had sung this before at the Hadeland Lag. A lady from Fargo read a humourous reading using a Norwegian accent.  The Lincoln Mother's Club of Moorhead sang several songs, many of them in Norwegian.  It was the feeling of the listeners that they wished they could come back and hear them again.

The Mindegaven Fund in the Gran Sparebank in Norway was discussed and Hans Myhre was designated treasurer.  505 Nkr were distributed with a balance remaining of 18, 946.44

Treasurer Hans Myhre wrote and thanked the bank for their report.

President John Eastvold extended an invitation to meet in Velva next year.  Rev Oskar Larson of Moorhead held the memorial services. The Lincoln Mother's Club sang again, and Mrs. Larson sang "Den Store Hvide Flok" which was very appropriate for the service.  Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Drovdahl sang "Kjera Gi Aas et Lang Sommer."  A very fine program.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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