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Traditional Genealogical Resources

The printed resources listed below are available for research in the genealogy room during the annual 7-Lag Stevne. At other times, Lag members can ask for specific look-ups or make a general search request from these sources. Among the Lag's holdings are also maps and microfilm church, census, probate and other records from Hadeland.


Research Request Form

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# Resource name - Click on title for more details Author/Editor

Family Histories

21 The Family of Hans Olson Alm and Anne Iversdattter Kanten A A Grover
8 Slektningene Etta Hokenstad Berge
11 Bjørkskog Family Tree (Birchforest Family Tree) Lorna Sullivan, Edith Lee, Michael Sullivan
37 Precious Memories Nelda Carinder
14 Dahlens of Brandbu, Hadeland, Norway Ruth Dahlen Koepplin
15 A Saga of Our Heritage, Volume II   -   The Dahlens Marlene Otterson
36 Selections from the Erick Erickson Dvergsteen Family History Blaine Schultz
9 Look to the Rock - The Dybdahl/Anderson Episode Ann Urness Gesme
13 Erickson Family Tree unknown
10 Gjerde/Gerde/Jerdee Genealogy Judy Malecek & P D Gerde
4 The Genealogy & Family History of Marte Christensdatter & Tobias Gulbrandsen Marilyn Messner
5 The Descendants of Tobias Gulbrandsen & Marte Christensdatter Jon Gilbertson
26 Ancestors & Descendants of Ole & Johanne Gulden Beverly Ann Lanning Webster
6 The Halversons Carol Hemmah Schmidt
22 Hansen Torkelson  Borgerson Ellingsen R E Kobe
51 Hanson Family Tree & Remebrances - June 2004 Irene (Olson) Rowe & Eileen Olson
40 Early History of the Hansons and the Andrews   1870 Shirley G. MacLachlan
20 Haugstad Ancestors Lorraine Haugstad
59 History of the Martinson Family in Norway and America Harriet Martinson Sybilrud
35 Peder Haavelsen Joensrud & Maren Thorsdtr Tokerud Family John Peterson
17 The Halvor (Moxvold) and Christiana Johnson Family Carol Hemmah Schmidt
3 Some Ancestors of Sveinung Halvorson Kvambekk Alton Harold Quanbeck
34 Descendants of Johannes Olsen Langeness Unknown
16 Family Tree for Robert Alvin Larson Dorothy Larson
27 The Family of Lars and Unni Hegg Ness Hjordis Schansberg Anderson

Olerud  - Genealogy/Farm Family History

Leslie Ann Olerud/Arthur Olerud
23 Norge til America  A Family Genealogy Carol Peterson Pedretti
28 The History of Clara Sophie Schiager Louise Krueger Lambert
31 As I Remember Those Who Have Gone Before Margery Stomne Selden
67 Skjerva/Sherva Genealogy 1840-1975 Carole Jean Parker & LeRoy Larson

Family Group Sheets Gulbrand Olsen Sorum & Mari Eriksdtr
Ole Monsen Sorum & Anne Bensdtr Grinager

David Torkelson
68 Stensrud Family History including the Sorum, Stokke, Hilden, Anderson and Winger families Lorna Anderson
29 An Account of the Life of Anders N. Teslow Valborg & Carl Fynboe
7 A Family History - James & Maren Vane of Dawson, Minnesota Floie M. Vane

Other Sources

66 Årbok (Yearbook) for Hadeland various years Gran, Lunner, Jevnaker Kulturstyre
62 Astri, My Astri Deb Gourley Nelson 
57 Barnes County (ND) History Barnes County Historical Society
71  Randi Bjorkvik's Arkiv   (DVD) Randi Bjorkvik
1 The Brua Hadeland Lag (Newsletter)
63 Celebrating Our Norwegian-Minnesotan Heritage Norwegian Statehood Pioneer Project
53 Dawson Minnesota History 1884-1984  
18 Decorah Posten Articles on Adams and York County IA Norwegian Settlers Iver Hain
55 History of Fillmore County MN   published in 1882  
42 History of Fillmore County MN   published in 1912 Franklin Curtiss-Wedge
56 Fillmore County History   published in 1984 Fillmore County Historical Society
30 Gran and Selected Farm History and Genealogy Unknown
61 Historical Sketches (Percival Narveson) Edited by Chad Muller
2 The History of the Hadeland Lag in America 1910-1990 Hadeland Lag 
41 History of Houston County MN   published in 1919  
52 History of Norwegian Settlements (translation published 2006) H. R. Holand
19 The Løberg Talks  Lars Løberg
60 History of Lincoln County SD published in 1985 Lincoln County History Committee
44 History of the Minnesota Valley George Warner & Charles M. Foote
25 Nordmændene i Amerika Martin Ulvestad
38 Norske Gards Bruk  Oppland II - Brandbu, Gran, Jevnaker, Lunner Svein Knut Granum & Hans Næss

Norsk Lutherske Menigheter i Amerika 1843-1916

O. M. Norlie

Norsk Lutherske Prester i America,  Volumes 1 & 2

O. M. Norlie
64 Norwegian Immigrants to the US - Volume 1 Gerhard Naeseth


Norwegian Immigrants to the US - Volume 2

Gerhard Naeseth


Norwegian Immigrants to the US - Volume 3

Gerhard Naeseth


Norwegian Immigrants to the US - Volume 4

Gerhard Naeseth & Blaine Hedberg

65 Norwegian Immigrants to the US - Volume 5 Blaine Hedberg
73 Our Hadeland Ancestors, Volumes 1 & 2 Hadeland Lag
43 Scandinavians in the Silverton Country Gertrude Tingelstad
58 Ships of Our Ancestors Michael J Anuta
72 They Came from Hadeland: A Centennial History of the Hadeland Lag of America 1910-2010 Hadeland Lag
74  New Tingelstad Kirke 1866-2016 Harald Hvattum
24 Traill West:  The Early Settlers in Traill County, Dakota Territory Lorraine & James Weiler
12 Walsh Territory (County) Centennial History 
Vol. 1, 3 & 4
Walsh County Historical Society
70 History of Winnebago County Iowa  ©1913 Bailey
54 History of Winnishiek and Allamakee IA Counties W E Alexander
69 Winnishiek County Biographies Decorah Genealogy Association
39 125 Years of God's Blessings Yellowstone Lutheran - Argyle WI


Do you have access to a county history book, church records, or other genealogical resources?  Would you be willing to do a little research for other lag members?  The resource will be listed above and you will be contacted by the genealogist when a request is made. 


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