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"Our Hadeland Ancestors" Table of Contents

The board of directors is pleased to announce that the "Our Hadeland Ancestors" anthology is now available. This 2 volume set of stories about our immigrant ancestors includes stories previously published in the Brua (from 'Our Hadeland Ancestors,' 'Reflections on Pioneer Times,' and 'Hadeland Folkemuseum' columns) and new stories submitted in response to the announcement of this project. The index is ordered by first name and spans both volumes of the book (Volume 2 begins on page 289).   For ordering information, Click Here

The books are also available on Amazon.com

Click Here for the Index by First Name     

Volume One   Volume Two
Article Name Page Article Name Page
Peder Anders Pedersen Lynne 1 Destination Burke County 289
The Schiager Family 2 Henry P Hanson 293
Birch Bark Bread - The Brynsaas Family 5 Randi Lee Hvattum 298
Olaf Nelson 8 Anne Morstad 304
Ole Olsen Hovland and Joran Olsdtr Haugen 10 Peder and Ingeborg Stadum 306
Gulbrand Hovland 15 Peder and Ottine Jorstad 316
Ole O and Anne Hovland 18 Halvor Velta 322
Martin Andreas Østen and Thea Mathilde Hovland 26 Ingebret Svingen 328
Anders Ingebretson and Kari Olerud Trana 31 The Johnson Brothers 335
Eric Olson and Christiane Andersdtr 37 Helene Maria Bredesdtr 339
Lars Olsen Oe Family 42 Gulbrand Gjefsen and Mratha Vien 341
Torger Larson and Helena Kittelson Oe (Ohe) 46 Carrie Tollefson 348
Elie Moger Thingelstad 50 Peter Sterud and Jessie Birds Bill 351
Mons Grinager 54 The Olson Boys from Minnesota 354
Lars Grinager 57 Goro Andersdtr Gunderson Marion 357
Lars Halvorsen 72 Alfred Torgerson 367
Brede Olson and Gudbjørg Abdersdtr 75 Peder Jenson (Jackson) and Inger Marie Gaarsrud 370
Anders Arnesen and Marthe Sørumseie 79 Ole Christian Hanson 374
Tobias Gulbrandsen and Marte Christensdtr 81 Lars Larsen and Elina Larsdatter 377
Ole and Siri Rognstad & Eric and Thorine Thompson 85 Gubjor Larsdatter (Jane Lewis) 381
Thron and Rønnou Håkenstad & Ole and Marie Håkenstad 89 Lars Kristoffersen and Berthe Olsdatter 384
Kristian Sorum 94 Ole and Randi (Pedersdatter) Gilbertson 388
Ole and Johanna Andersdtr Haagenstad Gulden 103 Kari Aschim Enger 390
Marte Olsdtr Larshus Gulden 107 Peder A Andersen and His Siblings 392
Peder Rosendahl 108 Olsen/Lia Family 397
Peder Johansen Gulleneie and Ingeborg Andersdtr Wahl 111 Gudmund Haga and Eli Rya 403
Gulbrand Andersen Koln 139 Jens Ingwell Finnerud 413
Gulbrand and Marthia Anderson (Koln) 143 Gulbrand and Marte Vinger 416
Iver and Anne Kanten 150 Ole Olesen Tokerud and Kari Avtjern 419
Ole Erickson Alm and Johanne Hansdtr 152 The Bjone Brothers 424
Hans Oleson Alm and Anne Kanten 155 Peder and Kari (Wirstad) Lunder 429
Martia Alm and Erick Rekstad 159 Iver and Ida (Mathison) Haakenstad 437
Nils and Lottie Tovson 167 Gulbrand Gulbrandson and Kari Olsdatter 440
Anders Larsen Røykeneie, Ole Larson 171 The Wamstad Brothers 459
Ole Gulbrandsen and Berthe Borgersdtr 175 Anna, Ole, Andrew and Brede Wamstad 465
Anders Plomasen 180 Kjersti Nielsdatter Kjos Family 472
Martin G Peterson 185 Johan Erickson and Lari Larsdatter Lynne 483
Johanne Olsen Husby 188 Wagon Train 1875 488
Anders Ellingsen Halbakken 196 Falla Family History 493
The Brothers Western 200 Reflections of Mrs. Falla 497
John Pedersen Dybdahl 206 Jerve-Jorve Relatives, Jevnaker and America 501
Peder H Nelson 215 Andersdatter-Olson Family History 507
Lars Halvorsen Grinaker 220 Jonsrud Sisters of Chippewa County 511
Hans Andreas Hansen Blegen 227 A Family's Book fo Revelations 515
Ole Olson Tingelstad 232 Kari Gulbrandsdtr Vaterud 523
Olaf A Lee 237 Michael Jenson (Johnson) and Ingeborg Olsdtr Dæhlin 529
Six Morstad Siblings 238 Mary Solsten and Anders O Lysgard 537
Johannes Slaatland Halvorsen Melom 244 Maren Morka Vane 544
Iver Christiansen Moen 248 Hadelanders who served in the Civil War and Dakota Uprising 547
John and Kari Kroshus 252   Brief Bios:

Rollin Olson

Guthorm and Olina Mohagen 257 Martin Larson Pentebakken  
Nels Christopherson Myhrah 264 Christopher Larson
Ole and Kjersti Halvorson 269 Gilbert Anderson  
Ben Hansen 273 Nils Thompson  
Hans G Koller 275 Peder Shager  
Thorstein Koller 281 Peter John Hilden
Hans Lagesen (Henry Anderson) 285 Jacob Nielson Nyhus  
    Ole Milesteen (Milestone)  
Click Here for the Index by First Name   George Gilbert (Gulbrand Gulbrandsen) Vinger  
    Anders Olson Tokerud  
    Hadelanders in World War I 57





















































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