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Gift memberships  $15.00 Learn More  --  Form 
Hadeland Farm Map  $12.00  Learn More  included 

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Mannskoret K K CD  $15.00   Learn More  included  

Amerikaturen 2013 CD by Streng og Belg  $15.00  Learn More  included  

Julestemning CD by Kristin Bjerkerud  $25.00  Learn More  included  

Bjørkvik Arkiv Flashdrive $50.00 Learn More included  
History of the Hadeland Lag 1910-1990 on CD  $12.00  Learn More   included   
Hadeland Lag Travel  Mug $19.00 Learn More included

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  2018 Hadeland Lag Yearbook $18.00   $4.00 (one)
$5.50 (two)
$7.00 (3+)
(password required) 
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Mail-In Form 
  Our Hadeland Ancestors - Volume 1  $30.00  Volume 1 & 2
Table of Contents

  Our Hadeland Ancestors - Volume 2  $30.00  $5.50 

 Our Hadeland Ancestors - Two Volume Set - special price $50.00  $8.00 

  Centennial History: They Came From Hadeland  $25.00  Description $5.50 
  Celebrating Our Norwegian-Minnesotan Heritage:
A Sesquicentennial Celebration of Minnesota's
Norwegian Pioneers 
$25.00  Description $5.50 
  Memories of Norway 2015  $15.00  Description $5.00 


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