Notification of Intent to Publish

Fill in this form to let us know that you will be using information from the Lag website on a website or in a published work. The board of directors will review your application and will either approve or disapprove your request.  A positive decision is not guaranteed, but if the information will appear in a family history or in your personal research files, you may proceed under the assumption that permission to publish will be granted.


We request a copy of any publication that includes information from our website, or the URL where the information appears on a website. 


You may receive a request for additional information prior to the Board's decision.  You will receive notification of the decision of the board by email or regular mail within 30 days of board action.

Mailing Address

What you intend to use:

Description of use (if on a website, include URL)

Will this work be sold and if so, what is the expected cost?
I will submit a copy of the completed work to the Hadeland Lag

Additional Comments

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