2018 Scholarship Program

Mission: To encourage the younger generations of Hadeland descendants to learn about and value their heritage through immersion in a summertime Norwegian language and cultural experience.

The first scholarship was awarded to Ava Delmas in February, 2015. 

There were no applications in 2016, so in 2017 scholarships were granted to both Finn Horak and Emma Wendorf

Scholarship fund:  A separately maintained line item in the Hadeland Lag books. 

Scholarship amount:  $500 or full cost of tuition, whichever is less.

All applicants will receive a one-year student membership in the Hadeland Lag and receive an electronic (pdf) copy of the newsletter, the Brua, via email.  Each will be given access to our on-line archive.

 Program Qualifications:        The program must provide intensive age-appropriate exposure to the Norwegian language with a significant emphasis on traditional Norwegian culture and history. The scholarship was conceived to apply to programs offered by Concordia Language Villages. Upon request the quality and content of other programs will be investigated by the Hadeland Lag board of directors.  Based on this investigation, the board will approve or disapprove the program as appropriate for scholarship consideration.  Only applications to approved programs will be considered.  Applications to all approved programs will be treated equally. 

 Applicant Qualifications:

2018 Scholarship Application
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Responsibilities of the scholarship recipient:

Scholarship Donations
Your donation or memorial will help us support the youngest 
generation of proud Hadelanders well into the future!

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