2015 Scholarship Recipient Essay
Ava Delmas

I want to go to Norwegian camp because my Nana told me about Norway after she went to see where her family came from. I want to learn Norwegian because my ancestors came from Norway. I would like to learn about the instruments they used.
I want to see what games my ancestors played, see what the clothes they wore and did as kids I want to learn Norwegian arts and crafts. I wonder if my girl ancestors knitted when they were kids and grown-ups. I wonder if they had cows and grew strawberries.
My name is Ava Delmas. I go to Block House Creek elementary school. It is in Leander, TX. I am in 3rd grade class and I am a very good student. I am in gymnastics. I have been in gymnasts for 5 years!!! My class elected me to be in student council as a representative. I have 2 dogs. One is a pug, her name is Callie. The other is a dachshund named Layla. I go with my sister Madeline and our grandma named Nana to visit caves. We’ve been to 3 caves so far. I am really sporty. I’m really excited to go to Norwegian camp this summer. Thank you for giving me the scholarship. I have 2 other sisters. 1 is named Madeline and she is the second kid in our family. Then there is Andi, she’s the youngest kid in our family. -Thanks, Ava