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1920 Stevne

June 18-20, 1920  Fairgrounds Auditorium, Fergus Falls MN

"10th Jubilee Stevne in the Big Auditorium on the Fair Grounds." 92 members were registered.

A large gathering arrived during the forenoon of the first day.  The meeting place was very pleasant and suitable for the purpose.  The weather was beautiful and everybody arrived in a festive mood.  The local Lutheran Ladies Aid had arranged for food and other refreshments at the same place at reasonable prices so the visitors could find sustenance at their pleasure.

N. T. Moen, editor of the Fergus Falls weekly newspaper, also president of the Osterdals Laget, brought enthusiastic greetings from his lag and wished the Hadelendings a good meeting.

A committee was appointed to take up a collection to be sent to Hadeland, Norway, for the purpose of installing electricity in the Gran "hovedkirke" Sister Church.  Committee members: G. L. Elken, Mayville ND; A. C. Bakken, Kempton ND; O. M. Steen, Moorhead MN.  They received pledges of 1,000 kroner which was delivered to president Walby with instructions that it be sent to the "sogneprest" at Gran as soon as possible.

The Hadeland Lag Yearbook committee - Peder Helland, Russo ND; F. H. Teslow, Minneapolis MN; and Andrew H. Elken, Hamburg ND - reported the sale of 140 yearbooks.

A trip to Hadeland, Norway was suggested and discussed. A great number indicated interest in participating in the tour and quite a few signed up.  President Walby plus two more members were a committee to line up the tour.

A 6:30 banquet was served by the Ladies Aid of Zion Lutheran Church.  The many long tables were filled with very well prepared food - primarily genuine Norwegian food - including rømmegrøt "var ikke forglemt."

During the banquet the City Orchestra treated with outstanding music, also the City Glee Club and several other entertainers performed.  President Walby was toastmaster and talks were given by Mikael Elken, Hans Ryen, Thom. Hilden, Pastor D. G. Jacobson, Iver Larson, O. J. Nokleby and Gulbrand Elken.  The arrangement committee: Thorval Brothen and Mr. Molden.

    From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"                    



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1921 Stevne

September 8-9, 1921  Hennepin County Court House  Minneapolis, MN


They gathered during the forenoon of 8 September and "takkede for sist" and asked one another how things had been with each other since last time they were together.  Many had been on the tour to Norway and Hadeland; that is the reason for a fall meeting.

A proof number of a lag newspaper was distributed.  The Hadeland Lag board thought it would be great support to the lag and also a connection with Norway Hadeland people.  President Walby had arranged to have correspondents in Hadeland, Norway to provide information in the publication.

The proof copy looked good and carried the name BRUA under a bridge span over a rippling ribbon on the top side of the first page.  It was proposed to be issued 4 times a year and sent to all who had paid their dues.  It seemed as though the proposal was possible and was received favorably by those present if it only could be realized.

Prof. Lokensgaard, president of Hallinlaget, honored the meeting with his presence.  In a glowing talk he told of the great bygdelag development and encouraged the people to uphold and support their lag.

During President Walby's visit to Hadeland with the tour group from US during the summer he was hosted (and the tour group also) by a number of Hadeland people from the districts in Hadeland.  He was sure they would not object to being made honorary members of Hadeland Lag and recommended the following:  Stortingsman Chr. Daehlin; Orderforers Eole Egge, Helge Kaestad, Ole Berger and Halvor Lunner (from Gran, Brandbu, Jevnaker and Lunner - not necessarily in that order); Gaardbruger Lars Bleken, Mayor Jorgen Jahren; Superior Court barrister Halvdan Gulden; Editor Finn Lee; and teachers A.G.A. Tvindesaeter, A. E. Volla, Iver and John Prestkvaern.  The meeting unanimously agreed to make them honorary members of the Hadeland Lag in America.

At the evening meeting President Walby gave an interesting report about the trip to Hadeland and other places in Norway.

The nominating gave its report that all officers and directors be reelected and it was agreed unanimously.

The president called all the officers to the platform and with a few well chosen words delivered to the secretary a large silk flag on a staff with the following engraved on a silver plate fastened to the pole "To Hadelandslaget in America from the home district."

    From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"                


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1922 Stevne

June 23-25, 1922   Court House Hudson WI


There were approximately 125 members registered for this Stevne.  A welcome address was given by the Hudson Commercial Club president, Mr. D. T. O'Connell.

It was suggested that the Hadelands Lag participate in the 1925 Norse Centennial festival in Minneapolis, reported President Walby.  The complete board was re-elected.

Iver Larson of Montevideo MN suggested that the next convention be held there but, in consideration of the people in eastern and central North Dakota, it was decided to have the Stevne in Fargo ND.

On the second day, the members heard from Congressman James Fredy, and the Wisconsin Governor John H. Blaine.  The governor said his mother was from Hadeland and he appreciated the efforts towards the elderly in Norway by the Mindegaven Fund.

Judge T. O. Gilbert, a Hadeland native and Sons of Norway president, gave one of the best speeches ever heard by the group.  The banquet on Saturday was served at 6 PM in the "Synodkirkes Parlor" by the women of the Ladies Aid.  The menu included fresh salmon swimming in melted butter, meatballs, and rømmegrøt, the likes of which had not been tasted by the governor since he was a guest at a saetre in the Hadeland woods.

Sunday the Lag attended church in the forenoon and an open air meeting in the afternoon on Liberty Hill.  The special attraction was singing by the Rush River church choir.

 From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"                    


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1923 Stevne

June 15-17, 1923      City Auditorium, Fargo ND


A hearty thanks to the people of the Fargo Commercial Club who made the Hadeland Lag most welcome.  This stevne definitely commented relations between Hadelanders from western, central, and eastern North Dakota with the Hadeland Lag.  Separation or division of the Lag was no longer discussed.

The president and the mayor of Fargo welcomed everyone to the Stevne.  Mrs. Martha Ulvik was appointed temporary secretary.

The first order of business was to continue the Brua which began in 1921.  A praise to Mr. Bleken in Hadeland for what the Lag has done for the worthy and poor through the Mindegavn fund.  Many were glad they could contribute with a gift to the poor which was distributed just before Christmas every year.  This very worthy cause moved many to tears.

Several well known residents and business people of Fargo gave talks and welcomed the group.  A report of the first 13 years of the Lag history was given by President Walby.

The Hadelands Lag was entertained by movies of Hadeland and other sections of Norway by S. O. Olstad of Minneapolis.  Many attended.  All members departed with a good feeling of unity and renewed acquaintance with the North Dakota lag members.

No permanent record of attendance is found but it was assumed that well over 100 Hadelendings were there.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1924 Stevne

June 20-22     City Hall & Fair Grounds, Northwood ND


President Walby arrived for the 1924 meeting at Northwood ND a day early to follow up on meeting arrangements.  To his astonishment and pleasant surprise the Northwood Commercial Club Committee of A. M. Christensen, C. Bakken, Paul Bilden, Hans Haga and Albert Hagen had everything arranged to the last detail.  The reception, lodging, meeting places and the banquet had all been arranged.  Several music organizations were ready to entertain.

The first days meeting was held in the Northwood City Hall with a full house of 400 people.  The second day's meeting was at the Fair grounds with 2,000 attending.  At the business meeting it was agreed to pledge a share to the 1925 Norse Centennial organization.  Approximately 125 members were registered for this stevne.


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  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1925 Stevne

All Lag Norse Centennial Celebration

May 15-17      Minneapolis & St Paul MN


Calvin Coolidge Arrives at the Centennial Celebration


The 1925 Norse Centennial celebration, June 6-9, 1925, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first Norwegian immigrant ship, Restoration, that sailed from Norway to America.  It is reported that over 80,000 Norwegians gathered in the Twin Cities for the centennial festivities, with over 40,000 attending Lag meetings on Saturday, June 6th.


President Calvin Coolidge was the main attraction, giving the keynote speech on June 9th.  The choirs, bands and other musical organizations from Norwegian Lutheran colleges and schools participated.


The Hadeland Lag held a one day meeting 16 May 1925. It was attended by 350 people (119 members registered).  A. G. Sorlie, governor of North Dakota and of Hadeland ancestry gave a talk "in good Norwegian" and received great applause.                                              


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1926 Stevne

June 11-13      Opera House, Hatton ND


There must have been a feeling of frustration before the 1926 Hadeland meeting at Hatton ND because it rained all night preceding the stevne.  Roads were very muddy and auto travel was difficult the first day.  At noon the sun came out and there was jubilation because the roads dried up and by 3:00 PM many people had arrived.  The Hatton Municipal Band entertained outside the Opera House before the meeting began.  The Opera House was filled to its capacity of 400 people.

The usual business was conducted and officers re-elected.  It was agreed and voted to join the Bygdelagenes Fellesraad, the national council of bygdelags which was organized following the Norse Centennial Celebration of 1925.  Overnight accommodations were provided in homes and food services by the women of St. John's Lutheran Church.

A report was read from Memorial Gift Fund treasurer, Otto Kammerud, Blanchardville WI, which included a report from Lars Bleken, Brandbu Norway, on the status of the Memorial Gift Fund and its distribution.  H. P. Haakenstad, Montevideo MN replaced Otto Kammerud as the Memorial Gift Fund treasurer.

Only 16 members were registered for this stevne but many local people attended the functions.  North Dakota Governor Sorlie, the Hadelending, was present and gave a good 90 minute talk.  The Opera House was so completely filled that many people could not enter.  The program featured songs by a lively 86 year old "youngster," Erick Lageson, Montevideo MN.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1927 Stevne

June 17-19      Auditorium, Fargo ND


Forty-one members were registered.  The meeting followed the usual pattern of a business meeting, entertainment and banquet. A standing vote of appreciation was given Iver Larson, Montevideo MN, after the Mindegaven report was given.  Larson was one of the lag's oldest members and an untiring worker for the Memorial Gift Fund.  Otto Kammerud was elected treasurer of the Memorial Gift Fund.

A report was given by missionary Daehlin who, with his family, had recently returned from the China mission field.           


From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989" 


Fargo Forum News Clipping  



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1928 Stevne

June 29-30      Luther College, Decorah IA


The 1928 meeting at Decorah IA was held on the same dates and city as the Toten Lag.  Hadelendings met at Luther College, the Totenings at the Norwegian Society premises.  The Luren Singers of Decorah entertained at the meeting the first evening.  Professor O. M. Norlie gave an interesting history of Hadeland and Toten at a joint session.

Distance here was a factor and only 5 members were registered.  Many others were present as visitors, entertainers, and many fellow Totenings.

It was reported that there was over 17,000 kroner in the Memorial Gift Fund.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1929 Stevne

June 13-15         Lutheran Academy Hall, Canton SD


There were greetings from the editor of the newspaper "Visergutten" when the Hadeland Lag met in Canton SD.  There was a moment of silence observed for the passing of Iver Larson, Montevideo MN during the past year.

Discussion centered on helping restore the Lunner Church in Hadeland, Norway.  A committee was appointed: J. H. Lynner, G. G. Dokken and Pastor Daehlin; they were to begin taking up a collection.  A letter was read from the wife of the Gran sogneprest in Hadeland Norway, asking for financial help to pay for an automobile for use in transporting nursing home people.  There is no record of any action taken.

The Canton meeting included an auto tour around the city and to the Beloit Children's Home.  A collection was taken: $17.65 was collected.  $2.65 was used to buy candy for the children and $15.00 was given to the Children's Home.

Norlie estimated that at this point in time there were 35,000 people in America of Toten and Hadeland ancestry.  The next day a museum festival was held and identified as "Hadeland Day."  It was pointed out that Hadeland was the first Norway bygd district to send objects brought from Norway to the museum.  There was an expression of appreciation to Hadelendings for the antiques they had contributed to the Norwegian-American Museum (Vesterheim) at Decorah.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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