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1911 Stevne

June 17-18    Como Park  St Paul MN


The June Hadeland Lag meeting had the greatest attendance from Wisconsin and most from Blanchardville and others from Argyle, Darlington, Edgerton, New Richmond and Hudson.  Most of the Minnesota people came from Montevideo and Watson with others from Vining, Mabel, Milan, Clarkfield, Sacred Heart, Litchfield, St. Cloud and Lakeville.  There were 16 people in attendance from various North Dakota communities - Adams, Maddock, Portland, Litchville, Mayville, DeLamere, Marion and Pekin.  South Dakota people came from Canton, Hudson and Vienna.  There were people from Osage and Northwood, Iowa.  161 members were registered and there were also many visitors.

Secretary-treasurer Per Jacobson reported $98.50 membership income at $1.00 for men and $.50 for women.  Very few women's names appear on the membership roster.

Speaker for the occasion was Professor A. A. Veblen, Carleton College faculty member, Stillwater MN, who spearheaded the organization of many of the bygdelags and reported 18 active lags at the time.  Other entertainment included violin solos, a declamation and talks by pastors Hoverstad and Urnaes.

Officers and directors were elected and the Lag voted to participate in the national 1914 "Syttende Mai" 100th anniversary celebration.

The committee suggested that a husband and wife are both entitled to membership provided one of them is of Hadeland descent.  The secretary was to prepare a membership list and send it to all members.  Action was taken instructing the president to appoint a committee in charge of the next meeting.  It included: Andrew Johnson, Hudson WI; Erick Anderson Naesbakken, New Richmond WI; Geo. Gilberts, Minneapolis MN; Louis Blegen, Hudson WI; Geo. A. Jorgenson, Litchfield MN; E J Canton, Watson MN; Christ Smedshammer, Litchville ND; Ole P. Kammerud, Blanchardville WI; Prof. Aug Siegel, Minneapolis MN; Jos. Brorby, Minneapolis MN; Mrs. Mary Olson, Hudson WI; Miss Margrette Lyngstad, Hudson WI; Miss Andrea Wamstad, Osage IA; Miss Cora Smedshammer, Litchville ND; and Mrs. Iver Holm, New Richmond WI.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1912 Stevne

June 23-24    Dania Hall, Minneapolis MN


The Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis was a haven for many people from foreign lands in the decades preceding and following the turn of the century. Cedar Avenue also was known as "snus boulevard." It was a self contained neighborhood offering residences, employment, shopping and entertainment within walking distance.

There were 352 Hadelendings registered for the 1912 gathering held in Dania Hall. The meeting was called to order by president Walby, business was conducted, reports were read and the officers and board members re-elected. The president brought to the attention of the meeting that a person (unnamed) wished to show a movie at the meeting. Discussion followed and it was decided not to take time for a movie.  There must have been enough program planned in advance.

The president reported he had called the Hadeland board members together on September 7, 1911 to inform them and discuss a letter received from the newspaper "Vestoplandingen" in Brandbu, Hadeland, Norway.  The editor wanted help to establish circulation for his newspaper among Hadeland people in the USA.  He brought the subject to the attention of the 1912 annual meeting and it was discussed.  A decision was made not to support the Vestoplandingen.  They left it to the editor to work on circulation himself.

The secretary next read a communication from a committee of bygdelag people who were proposing a newspaper for members of all bygdelags.  Following discussion lead by A. A. Veblen and others, it was voted unanimously to support the new bygdelag publication project.

There were no further program details mentioned.  It was announced that food was ready for the banquet to be served at the nearby "Caffistova." The dining room could not accommodate all at the same time and people were divided into smaller groups to dine.

The evening program at Dania Hall included several talks followed by a dance.  The next day, Sunday, a meeting was held at Como Park, St Paul.  Many talks were given.  Everybody had something to tell, if not about the good meeting then it was about the Hadeland district of Norway.  people stayed around far into the afternoon before each going his way.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1913 Stevne

June 5-6    Blanchardville WI


The annual meeting was held at Blanchardville Wi.  352 members were registered, 1500 attended.  Oscar Olson welcomed the meeting.

Activities included a parade, a cornet band concert, two indoor programs and a banquet served by a local cafe.

Pointing toward the 1914 celebration of separation from Denmark it was recommended by the board that a committee of 3 members be appointed to investigate taking a collection for a memorial gift to Hadeland people in need.  A three man committee was named and could ask as many as they wanted to help with the Mindegaven Fund project.  An announcement was to be inserted in the newspaper urging contributions. Committee members were encouraged to get to work immediately.  For handling the funds, the treasurer was voted a wage of 2% of the gifts taken in.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             

Another Lag Gathering

There are no records of this meeting in August of 1913 ... but it certainly was a large gathering!


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1914 Stevne

May 16-18      Minnesota State Fair Grounds  St Paul MN


The 100th anniversary of Norwegian Independence. 175 members were registered for the stevne.

A committee of three was elected to set up regulations for the Mindegavn Fund.  The annual meeting adjourned 16 May and agreed to meet again at 6 PM Sunday May 17th to hear a report from the committee. At the May 17th meeting, the instructions for the Mindegavn fund were adopted. It was voted that gift-gathering would continue with the original committee acting as the standing committee.

More about the Mindegavn Fund

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1915 Stevne

June 22-24     Fargo ND


The meeting was opened and welcomed by President Walby at Fargo ND.  244 members were registered.  it was announced that secretary Per Jacobson would not be present because he was in Florida.  Peter Sandbeck, Fergus Falls MN, was appointed secretary for the meeting.

Action was taken to change membership dues to $1.00 for men and no charge for women if their husbands were members. A resolutions committee was appointed consisting of Steve Stephenson, Paul Vigen, G. A. Jorgenson, Litchfield MN; nominating committee included E. T. Nelson, Nels Blilie, Olaf Lee, Ole Skari, Gilbert Carlson, Anders Berg, and N. T. Lunder.

Professor Holland gave a welcome talk and Walby thanked for the reception the Lag received in Fargo ND.  Business reports were given and talks by Professor A. A. Veblen and a teacher, Mr. Haugelund, from Norway.  A report from the committee which the Hadeland Lag had sent to Hadeland, Norway (G. L. Elken, Louis Blegan, Th. Erickson) to present the Mindegaven Memorial Fund was read and filed in the Lag's archives.

It was voted that the Mindegaven Fund in-gathering continue and that the money taken in be sent to Hadeland, Norway, annually and the Mindegaven committee continued (Thorsten Erickson, Lars H Wamstad, O A Hanson and Otto Kammerud, treasurer).  Thanks was given to the Mindegaven Committee and to all who contributed to the fund.

It was suggested and supported that the Hadeland Lag call for a statement from the Mindegaven Committee in Norway, especially regarding the names of those who get some good from the gift (Mindegaven) and how much is given to each person.

A suggestion was made to divide the Hadeland Lag into four districts; the suggestion to be kept under evaluation and weighed until the next annual meeting.  A committee was appointed to consider the district division as follows:  1st - Wisconsin; 2nd - Iowa and southern South Dakota; 3rd - Northern South Dakota and Southern Minnesota; 4th - Northern Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana.  It was also suggested that a joint meeting be held every third year at a centrally situated place and that a central board be elected.


   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1916 Stevne

June 9-11     Montevideo MN


189 members were registered, approximately 800 attended the meeting and the membership number was increased considerably.

A plea was made at the meeting to give $.20, $.10, or $1.00 to the Mindegaven Fund.  Several hundred dollars were contributed.  Ole Nokleby, Montevideo MN was elected treasurer of the gift fund.

A committee was appointed to gather biographies of Hadelendings for the Yearbook.  Members of the committee: Ole Bratvold for Jevnaker; Thos. Froslie for Lunner; A. Svingen for Gran; Edvard Bjerke for Brandbu; and Otto Hovland for Thingelstad.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1917 Stevne

September 1-2     Osage IA

126 members were registered for this Stevne.  Resolutions Committee presented the following report:

1. Hadelendings should make themselves more benevolent, think more kindly toward the lag and help so it will advance forward as it did in the beginning.

2. At least $200 of the Lag's money should be put out at interest.

3. That the in-gathering for Mindegaven Fund carry on and the money should stay in the country (USA) until more stable times.

4. That big towns should be avoided for lag meetings and they shoudl be held where there is a great number of Hadelendings.

Church services were held Sunday morning in the Osage Norwegian Lutheran Church and ti was filled to the last seat.  In the afternoon they had the most wonderful automobile tour, touring in a big Hadeland settlement called Rock Creek.


  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1918 Stevne

June 21-22     Hennepin County Court House, Minneapolis MN\


There were 122 members registered.  It was decided that the Mindegaven Gift fund money be used to buy Savings Stamps and send the money to Norway in more stable times.

Lag members also decided to secure a "Service Flag" in remembrance of the boys from the Lag who were in the army.  To procure the names of all the Hadelending who were in the service of their country, a committee of 10 people was appointed. All Hadelendings who had one or more sons in the war should send one dollar to have their son(s) represented by a star in the "Hadeland Service Flag."

More about Hadelendings in WWI

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1919 Stevne

June 21-23  -  Fargo ND


About 600 attended this meeting; 122 registered members.  Discussion centered on gathering World War I soldier's records and also it was decided to add and include biographies of men and women members of Hadeland Lag.  A committee was named to prepare another Yearbook: Henry Brandon, Ed Bjerke, and L. H. Wamstad.

A Hadeland representative was sent to bring greetings to the Solung Lag which was meeting at the same time at another place in Fargo.  Waldemar Ager, Eau Claire WI, newspaper editor, was the afternoon speaker and received uproarious applause.  The banquet was served at First Lutheran Church, Fargo, by the Ladies Aid.  An automobile tour had been planned for the final day (Sunday) but was cancelled because of rain.  According to the meeting minutes they gathered again in the meeting hall and entertained themselves as best they could in their Norwegian way.

    From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"                   



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1920's Stevne Memories



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