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Newsletter Published in 1921



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issue table of contents & index


Table of Contents - September 1921

Issue Number One 


Page One

Page One

Til Hadelændingerne

To Hadelanders
Da Hadelandslaget Kom Til Norge Hadeland Lag Visits Norway

Page Two

Page Two
Norsk-Amerikanernes Dag Paa Hadeland Norwegian-American's Day in Hadeland

Page Three

Page Three
Hadelændingerne i Amerika Hadelanders in America

Page Four

Page Four
Hadelandslaget i Amerika Hadeland Lag of America

Page Five

Page Five

Hadelændingerne i Verdenskrigen

Hadelanders in WWI
Hadelandslagets Aarbog Hadeland Lag Yearbook
Lærer Volla's 60 Aars Dag Teacher Volla's 60th Birthday
 Knut Kolsrud  Knut Kolsrud
900 Aarsfest Paa Hadeland Celebration of 900 Years in Hadeland
Guldbryllup Golden Wedding Anniversary
Lærer Strand Teacher Strand
Overretssagfører Hagemann Sr Attorney Hagemann
 Dr. F. G. Gade  Dr. F. G. Gade
Sølvbryllup Silver Wedding
Bliv Med Os! Join Us!

Pages Six - Eight

Pages Six - Eight
Det Planlagte Norske Hotel i Minneapolis, Minnesota The Planned Norwegian Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota

1921-1951 Name Index

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