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Hadelendings in Service - World War I


At the ninth stevne in 1918, a ten member committee was given responsibility for compiling a list of all those who served their country in World War I. The Lag voted to secure a flag to honor the veterans from the Lag.  All Hadelendings who had one or more sons (or daughters!) who served in the war were asked to send in one dollar to have their children represented by a star in the "Hadeland Service Flag."


The names gathered by  E.J. Canton, Watson MN; C. A. Walby, Clear Lake WI; Louis Blegan, Hudson WI; Mrs. H.C. Ryen, Moorhead MN; Gilbert Carlson, Dawson MN; Otto Kammerud, Blanchardville WI; Miss Milla Paulson, Northwood IA; Mrs. Martha Ulvik, Aneta ND; Mrs. Anna Timmeland, Baden ND; and A. Rosendahl, Landa ND  are listed here in two sets of tables - one set is alphabetized by last name and the other by hometown within state.  


No picture or service history of your family's World War I veteran?  Submit one!


Last Name Listing


A-G    H-M   N-Z


Listing Ordered by State


 Iowa     Minnesota    Montana    North Dakota  


South Dakota   Wisconsin   Other   



Submitting a World War I Service History

The Lag will be delighted to receive any and all information you may have about your World War I veteran.  However, in keeping with the format of the original 1921 yearbook entries, the additional entry in this area of the website will be limited to any of the following service related information that can be submitted:


Residence at time of Enlistment

Date of Enlistment

Highest Rank Achieved


Location(s) of service

If wounded or killed in action, where and how

Medals or Citations

Discharge Date

Any additional biographical information will be placed in the limited access archive.


Submitting a World War I Photo

If no photo of your WWI Veteran was submitted for the 1921 Yearbook, it's not too late!

E-mail a digital copy of your veteran's photo (any format) to siteadmin@hadelandlag.org   or


Send a photocopy of your original photo to:   Anne Sladky

                                                                            6938 State 200 NW

                                                                            LaPorte MN  56461



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