Link to the Hadeland Lag Website

When Hadeland Lag material is used on another website, the citation should appear on the same web page as the material and include a link back to this website.  This link may be text or a graphic. The following link HTML/graphics are available for that purpose:

Text Link (no image)

<a href=""><b>Visit the Hadeland Lag of America Web Site!</b></a>


Link Graphics



Link Graphic



Link Graphic

Link Graphic


Link Graphic


To copy an image to your computer:

  • Place your cursor on the image you want to save and right click.       

  • From the drop-down menu, select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As"

  • Select the location on your pc where you want to save the image. You may also change the file name (but not the extension).

  • Click "Save"

The image will now be on your personal computer.  You should then upload the image to your web host and add appropriate html to link back to this website (



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