One of the Hadeland Lag's primary goals is to assist its members in researching their Hadeland ancestors.  To that end, we make as much information available as possible in our Limited Access Archive.  Hadeland does not have a published historical bygdebok. Our sister organization in Hadeland, the Kontaktforum, has assembled a substantial database of information about our immigrant ancestors.  We encourage all our members to take advantage of this valuable resource; however, because it is so valuable, we are particularly interested in monitoring the use of the information found in it, and all of our Limited Access holdings.

In order to protect the Kontaktforum Emigrant Database (ISSN 2151-223X) and all of the other unique resources available in our Limited Access Archive, we require that all of our website visitors and members read and follow our Terms of Use.   If you will be using information from our website, we require that you file a "Notification of Intent to Publish" for our board's review and approval.  You can typically expect the board to approve use of family-specific excerpts on a website or in a family history, or other family-related publication.  Requests for other uses and publications will be carefully considered by the board, and a decision will be made in a timely manner. 

The lag asks that it receive a copy of all works that include information from its files, and/or the URL of any webpage that references information provided by the Lag. 

Notification of Intent to Publish Form
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