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History of the Hadeland Lag 1910-1990 $9.50 X   =  
The Brua 1921-2010, Complete Set
1921 Hadeland Lag Yearbook
$75.00 X   -  
   2006-2010 BRUA issues $9.50 X      
   2001-2005 BRUA issues $9.50 X   =   
   1992-2000 BRUA issues $9.50 X      
   1985-1991 BRUA issues $9.50 X      
   1977-1984 BRUA issues $9.50 X      
   1937-1951 BRUA issues  $9.50 X   =  
   1928-1936 BRUA issues $9.50 X   =  

   1921-1927 BRUA issues

   1921 Hadeland Lag Yearbook

$9.50 X   =  

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1921-1951 Issues of the BRUA were published in Norwegian.  The CDs do not include an English translation.

The 1921 Yearbook was published in Norwegian.  An English translation of the biographies is included on the CD.