2020 Scholarship Recipient Essay
Brokk Canton

Briokk's application essay

There are many reasons I want to go to Norwegian camp. I think it sounds awesome, and I am Norwegian. My brother is also going to camp and I want to go with him. My grandma and grandpa live near there so we would stay with them. I want to learn to speak Norwegian and I think it would be great for me to make new friends. I want to learn new games, I think that would be fun. I want to learn new things. I enjoy making lefse and krumkake, and I am learning how to wood carve but I want to know about more things. I enjoy learning the Norwegian culture. My favorite part is how they love nature, because I do, too. Someday I hope to go to Norway, but camp sounds good, too.

Because of the Corona Virus, Brokk plans to attend Norway Ridge in 2022.  We look forward to hearing about his experience next fall!