Cooperative Agreement among Members of the

Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika




1) The Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika is a cooperative agreement among the Gran Historical Society, the Jevnaker Historical Society, the Lunner Historical Society and the Hadeland Lag of America.



2) The Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika is governed by an executive committee, consisting of one representative from each of the cooperating organizations. This committee selects its own chairman. The executive committee is also free to invite other resource persons to assist the Kontaktforun in its research or other needs. The executive committee is also empowered to select a person or persons who will be the secretary and/or treasurer of the Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika.



3) The annual meeting of the Kontaktforum is held each February. The chairmen of the respective historical societies are strongly encouraged to attend the annual meeting, together with the executive committee of the Kontaktforurn.


Each annual meeting must consider the following matters:

            a) Review the annual reports of the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

b) Audit the financial records of the Kontaktforum.

c) Develop a working plan for the forthcoming year.



4) Duties and responsibilities. The responsibilities of Kontaktfbrum Hade/and-Amerika shall include:


a) Manage the membership records of the Norwegian members of the Hadeland Lag and process the renewal of their memberships. In addition, the Kontaktfbrwn is also responsible for the distribution of the newsletter, Brua, in Norway.

b) Distribute the Hade/and Yearbook, the Hadeland Calendar, as well as other publications of local historical interest, to the Hadeland Lag of America;

c) Function as the central agency that accepts genealogy inquiries and requests for other information from Hadeland Lag members in America to Hadeland and vice versa.

d) Responsible for the acquisitions of books, articles, genealogical studies and other records about Hadeland-related information that is published in the United States and Canada.

e) Make certain that the above resources are housed in secure, but accessible archives in Hadeland.


5) Practical activity

The executive committee is responsible for conducting the current, day-to-day activities of the Kontaktforum as outlined in subsection 4) above. Furthermore, the historical societies and their members are obligated to assist in the guiding and transportation within the Hadeland area whenever members of the Hadeland Lag of America are visiting Hadeland. The boards of the historical societies are also requested to designate a group of volunteers who can be contacted when such assistance is needed. Likewise, the Hadeland Lag shall be of assistance in the planning of tours to the United States by the Hadeland historical societies and by Hadeland Lag members who reside in Norway.



6) Concerning genealogical research

The Hadeland Lag of America shall actively participate in the genealogical research about Hadeland emigrants and shall collect information regarding these emigrants and their immediate descendants in the United States and Canada. Likewise, the three historical societies in Hadeland shall also actively participate in researching and gathering information about these Hadeland emigrants.



7) Concerning financial matters

The executive committee is responsible for preparing an annual budget and raising the necessary capital to sustain the activities of the Kontaktforun Hadeland-Amerika. Both public authorities as well as private contributors may give economic support to the operations of the Kontaktfbrum.



8) Withdrawal from membership in the Kontaktforum

Through a written announcement made available prior to the 1st of July, any cooperating member may withdraw from this cooperation, beginning January 1st of the following year.




Jevnaker, February 18th 2007. Meeting of the Historical Societies of Hadeland.


Read, discussed and approved by the Board of the Hadeland Lag of America at their

meeting in St. Cloud, Minnesota on March 31, 2007



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