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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

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First Name




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New Richmond WI
Aldahl Hans, Mr & Mrs Fertile MN
Alfred Clarens Blanchardville WI
Alm Christ Decorah IA
Alm Edwin, Mr & Mrs Minneapolis MN
Alm Hans O. Binford ND
Alm Henry Minneapolis MN
Alm Jens Hatton ND
Alm Jens T. Mayville, Hatton ND
Alm O. Erik Randall MN
Alme Inga Greenbush MN
Alvstad Lyle, Mr & Mrs Ashby MN
Amundrud J. N. Decorah IA
Amundrud Ole E. Decorah IA
Amundson Almer & Marjorie Postville IA
Amundson Bernt Sharon ND
Amundson Conrad & Clea Northwood, Grand Forks ND
Amundson Hans Hartland MN
Amundson Iver, Mr & Mrs Erskine MN
Amundson Olaf, Mrs. Esmond ND
Amundson Peter, Mrs. Northwood ND
Amundson Phillip Henning MN
Andersen Ernest Kidder SD
Anderson A. Marvin SD
Anderson A. B., Mrs Laporte MN
Anderson A. C., Mr & Mrs Landa ND
Anderson A., Mrs. Duluth MN
Anderson Abraham Hudson WI
Anderson Adolph Hatton ND
Anderson Albert M. Devils Lake ND
Anderson Albert, Mr. & Mrs. Rothsay MN
Anderson Amund Argyle MN
Anderson Andrew Maddock ND
Anderson Andrew, Mr & Mrs Duluth MN
Anderson Anna Grynsmyer Duluth MN
Anderson Anne Osage MN
Anderson Anne A. Decorah, Clermont IA
Anderson Anton, Mrs. Columbus ND
Anderson Arthur & Cora Rothsay MN
Anderson Arthur & Orris W. St. Paul MN
Anderson Arthur G. & Orris Christine ND
Anderson B. Wentworth SD
Anderson Bathe Minneapolis MN
Anderson Bernt Perkin ND
Anderson Bert Churches Ferry ND
Anderson Bertha  Osage MN
Anderson Bertha Marie Minneapolis MN
Anderson Carl Decorah IA
Anderson Carl M, Mrs Hudson WI
Anderson Charles, Mr & Mrs Rice Lake WI
Anderson Christ Warren MN
Anderson D., Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Anderson David, Mr & Mrs Moorhead MN
Anderson Donald Rice Lake WI
Anderson Donald & Betty W. St. Paul MN
Anderson E. F., Mrs Velva ND
Anderson Ed Thief River Falls MN
Anderson Edward Fargo ND
Anderson Edwin, Mrs. LaMoure ND
Anderson Elias Rice Lake WI
Anderson Elizabeth Grand Forks MN
Anderson Elwood, Mr & Mrs Montevideo MN
Anderson Emma Crosby ND
Anderson Erik Nasbakken New Richmond WI
Anderson Erik, Mrs. Minot, Velva ND
Anderson George, Mrs. Northwood ND
Anderson H. Erskine MN
Anderson H. O. Northwood IA
Anderson Halvor Christine ND
Anderson Helga Maddock ND
Anderson Hjordis Winnipeg Man,CN
Anderson Ingvald, Mrs. Nielsville MN
Anderson John Fargo ND
Anderson John Stanley WI
Anderson John E. Minneapolis MN
Anderson John, Mr & Mrs Plymouth IA
Anderson John, Mrs. Aneta ND
Anderson Lewis, Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Anderson Magnhild Fargo ND
Anderson Mannie, Mr & Mrs Hawley MN
Anderson Marie Grand Forks ND
Anderson Martin, Mr & Mrs Postville IA
Anderson Martin, Mr & Mrs Warren MN
Anderson Nils Osage MN
Anderson Olaf, Mr & Mrs Moorhead MN
Anderson Ole Hazel ND
Anderson Olive M. Tracy MN
Anderson Orris D. Christine ND
Anderson Peder A. Hudson SD
Anderson Peder, Mr & Mrs Northwood ND
Anderson Peter Benson MN
Anderson Peter, Mr & Mrs Laporte MN
Anderson S., Mrs. Grand Meadows MN
Anderson Stanley, Mr & Mrs Superior WI
Anderson Tille Minneapolis MN
Anderson Tille Moorhead MN
Anderson Verlyn, Dr. & Evonne Moorhead MN
Anfrossen Iver Devils Lake ND
Anfrossen Volberg Devils Lake ND
Ansager Iver T. Blaisdell ND
Anthony John,Mrs. Watford City ND
Anundson Otto Erskine MN
Arenson Ralph, Mrs. Hayti SD
Arestad C. Dianne El Cajon CA
Arestad Mary Anne El Cajon CA
Arne Albert, Mr. & Mrs. Maddock ND
Arneson Martin New Richmond WI
Arness Ed Decorah IA
Aschim Gunder, Mrs. Sherman, Berthold ND
Aschim Hans, Mr & Mrs Decorah IA
Aschim M. G., Mr & Mrs Sherman SD
Askin Ole Olsen Decorah IA
Augedahl O. J. Davenport ND
Aws Anne Graven Madison MN

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