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Tingelstad (St. Peter's) Kirke



St Petrikirka (St Peter's Church) also known as Tingelstad Old Church was built of stone during the 12th Century.  It is set on a hilltop with a perfect view of the surrounding countryside.  The north wall is decorated with King Christian IV's Danish and Norwegian royal coat-of-arms from about 1600.  The inscription indicates it was paid for by the owner of the Dvergsten farm.  A little wooden model of a ship hangs from the ceiling.  Its inscription indicates it was given to the church by the people living on the Alm farm.

There was a weathervane atop the steeple that caught the sunlight in such a way that people believed it was made of gold. Legend has it that a Swede climbed onto the roof to steal it.  He was able to reach the weathervane, but became so excited that he fell off the roof.  The weathervane seen today is not the original and is made of bronze.   Legend says that Queen Margrethe who ruled Norway and Denmark from 1387-1412 gave the weathervane to St. Petrikirka, and some archeologists believe it might once have been on the bow of a Viking ship. The Hadeland Folkemuseum has a replica, while the original has been the subject of many archaeological studies.

St. Petrikirka is a priceless treasure, the only church left in Norway with its original interior dating to the 1500s-1600s. Today it sits adjacent to the Hadeland Folkemuseum.  Services are held in the old church 3-4 times a year, and it is often the site for weddings.




Wall Mural from 1632

Wall mural




Tingelstad old church and its farm

1920 photo contributed by lag member Shaun Gibson




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