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The Hadeland Lag of America is an organization of descendants of immigrants from the Hadeland district of the Innlandet and Viken regions of Norway (municipalities of Gran, Jevnakr and Lunner) in the United States and Canada.  As a non-profit corporation, the Lag provides genealogical assistance and research support to its members, seeks to preserve the historical traditions of its immigrant ancestors, and strengthen contemporary bonds with their ancestral home in Norway.      

In the first decade of the last century immigrants and their descendants from specific areas of Norway began organizing into "lags" (organizations). Annual "stevner" (reunions) brought them together to renew acquaintances, catch up on news from the "Old Country," and pass along their heritage to successive American generations.  First generation Hadelendings created our Lag in 1910 and it has continued to bring their descendants together for over one hundred years. 


The Lag provides a unique window on our Norse ancestors and continuity and connection with the rich heritage of that special part of Norway called Hadeland.


The Hadeland Lag of America, Inc. is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the State of Minnesota.


If your roots are in Hadeland consider becoming a member - but most of all ...

Enjoy the site!  


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