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Membership in the Hadeland Lag costs $15 per year, $25 for two years, or $35 for three years. As a member, you will

  • Receive the Lag newsletter, The Brua, four times a year

  Your membership also enables you to:

  • Apply for a user id & password and access the Lag's on-line Limited Access Archive. Within the archive, you can access information about over 10,000 emigrants from Hadeland in Kontaktforum's Emigrant Database; a complete set of newsletter issues from 1921 to the present, and much more!

  • Request research assistance from the Lag's genealogists

  • Reduced registration cost to attend the 7-Lag Stevne the week-end after the 4th of July each summer

  • Attend the Lag's HÝst Samling (Fall Meeting) on the third Saturday in October

  • Participate in tours of Hadeland; the Lag last visited Hadeland in the summer of 2015 and plans to visit again in 2019

In addition, you will be able to connect with others with ancestors from Hadeland - and perhaps get to know a few long lost cousins!

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