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1980 Stevne

July 11-12       Southwest State University 


 Hadeland Lag celebrated its 70th anniversary together with Landing Lag and the newly reorganized Toten Lag.  The temperature soared to the 100 degree mark. However, the mercury was not the only instrument for measuring conditions, for we found that throughout the one and one-half day stevne the warmth of friendliness among acquaintances, relatives, and Norway guests also reached a high degree.

Grace Olson and Karen Wtrud Mackey handled registration.  108 Hadelendings were registered, 34 Landings, and 68 Totenings. Guests attending resided at various local motels with some also in college dormitories.

Friday afternoon's joint opening meeting was lead by Helen Vinje, president of Landing Lag. Welcomes were also given by Dr. Opsal for Toten Lag and Etta Berge for Hadeland and the city of Marshall.

The evening program found Verlyn Anderson of Hadeland Lag as master of ceremonies.  The men's chorus from Marshall presented a concert of well-rendered songs and the Marshall Ladies' Quartet, the Mello-Tones, delighted us with harmonious musical talents as they delivered their arrangements.  The mayor of Marshall extended a welcome greeting.  The Jevnaker Folk Dancers presented several of their numbers as a preview of their forthcoming program.  After the evening program ended, coffee and cookies were available in the display area. 

On Saturday morning, there was a 30 minute Planetarium lecture.  This was followed by opening genealogical session with Dr. Opsal presiding. Magnhild Halje, professional genealogist from Salt Lake City Utah, gave a mini-lecture on procedures in "roots" research and explained helps available through the genealogy society in Salt Lake City.

 At the Hadeland Lag's business meeting, Morgan Olson reported that membership had gone from 17 in 1971 to over 300 . He called for a motion to establish a constitution to be acted upon at the next stevne.  He then proposed issuing an official publication jointly with Landing and Toten Lag.  Several members offered suggestions such as getting a mailing permit, contributions of material from members, possible year book for each lag, etc.

At the joint meeting in the afternoon, there was much discussion about the idea of a joint publication.  Jim Erickson made a motion which was seconded by Ellef Erlien to make the name "BRUA" official and print a joint publication

There were over 300 persons at the buffet banquet. The Vice President of Southwest State offered a welcome. Several gifts were presented and Peder H. Nelson received the Hadeland Kultur Prize, a replica of the old bautastein in Hadeland.  This was beautifully done by the Hadeland Glass factory.  Morgan Olson was presented with a glass vase done also at the Hadeland Glass factory as a gift from the KK (men's choir from Hadeland) and another glass vase from the visiting Jevnaker group. The Jevnaker group presented a matching vase to the Lag as well.  A bordered plate bearing the likeness of the Sister Churches was given to the Hadeland Lag by the Gran Kommune.  An attractively done, hand painted poster congratulating the Hadeland Lag on their 70th anniversary was sent by Kari Ruud Flem.

The evening entertainment included the Manskoret KK and the Jevnaker dance group.  "The Tap Connections," two young men from Marshall, performed their dance routines in a skillful manner. Most refrained from joining in at an old fashioned dance there after. Everyone agreed to having had a great time in spite of the intense heat wave.  

From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1981 Stevne

June 26-27       St. Olaf College, Northfield MN


 This stevne included Hadeland, Land, Toten Lags from Oppland and the Telelag.  There were approximately 200 Norway visitors as well, most members of the Nottoden Male Chorus.

A decision on a new constitution was tabled because of discussions of a combined Oppland Lag including Hadeland, Toten, and Land.

Morgan reported that there is special consideration put forth for the 75th Stevne in 1985.  He hopes to have a 75th Hadeland History book out for the festive event.

    From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1982 Stevne

June 25-26       Luther College, Decorah IA


Friday included a tour of the Vesterheim and a seminar on genealogy for beginners. The evening program "We remember Peder J. Rosendahl (1878-1942) cartoonist who created Ola & Per for the Decorah Posten"  A skit by Spring Grove's Valheimer Players was introduced by Peder's daughter, Gladys Kroshus.  Players:

Per-Verdayne Melbostad;

Ola-Harold Gjere

Lars-Raymond Olson

Paula-Arnold Skifton

Vaermor-Ethel Olson

Dada-Marie Skifton

Moen Brothers - Austin (soloist) & Curtis (accordionist)

Noronna Leikarring from Minneapolis- Hilda Kringstad  


Folk dancing for everybody was led by the Noronna Folk Dancers.

Saturday tours of the Luther College campus were offered, demonstrations of wood carving by Halver Landsverk and Psalmodikon by Henry Strohoff took place.  A presentation "Norsemen in America After Leif Erickson" was given by Dr. O. G. Landsverk of Rushford MN.

The Saturday evening banquet was followed by a program that featured the Brage Male Chorus of Bergen, Norway and the Luren Singers of Decorah IA.

From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1983 Stevne

July 15-16       Southwest State University, Marshall MN


   Discussions were held about the manner of celebration for the Lag's diamond Jubilee (75th Anniversary).  Morgan Olson emphasized the importance of involving youth and looking forward and not back at this time. Copies of the proposed constitution were distributed.  A motion was made to have 5 directors was seconded and passed.

The banquet was moved because of the intense heat to an air conditioned lecture hall.  Greetings were extended from each of the 4 lags: Hadeland, Land, Toten, and Telemark.  Editor Kolbjørn Gullikson of Hadeland gave an interesting talk.

From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1984 Stevne

June 29-30       St Olaf College, Northfield MN


 Hadeland, Land, Toten, and Telelag were joined by Sigdal Lag at this Stevne.  101 Hadelendings, 54 Sigdalings, 25 Landings, 73 Totenings and 52 Telemarkers registered for the stevne.

There were exhibits, displays, and crafts available to look at or buy at this stevne.  Musical entertainment on Friday included a sing-a-long lead by "Oggs" Berglund and genealogy information provided by Forrest Brown, St. Olaf College Librarian.  The evening program included a greeting by Dr. Harland Foss, President of St Olaf College whose roots are also in Hadeland.  The Northfield Ladies Trio performed.  Lois and Dr. Sidney Rand talked about "Nøkeen og Nissen fra Sigdal og Hadeland" - Nisse in Sigdal and Hadeland.

On Saturday the Hadeland Lag meeting was held.  There was discussion of the Diamond Jubilee celebration.  The evening banquet was followed by entertainment from the "Gjevre Family Seven."

From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1985 Stevne

June 27-29       Concordia College, Moorhead MN


 Numedal Lag joined to make this a 6-Lag Stevne.  The three Oppland Lags - Hadeland, Land, and Toten were all organized in 1910 and shared their Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

At the Hadeland Lag business meeting, due notice was given to the hard work and constancy of leadership provided by Morgan Olson over the past 10 years.

The Hoff Kor from Toten and the Toten Folk Dancers from Norway were "headline" entertainment for the stevne.  Also performing were the Bonanza Steamers Band, Accordian entertainment from Toten, Ole's Octet (7 people), and the Gjerve Family 7.     

 From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1986 Stevne

July 10-12       Luther College, Decorah IA


The addition of the Ringerike Lag created the first 7-Lag Stevne.  The annual meeting was led by Olaf Nelson. Some members said they would like to separate from Buskerud and Telemark and combine with Land and Toten to create an Oppland Lag.  It was placed in the hands of the board.  There was a tour of the Vesterheim and the Hadeland program that included the Nordkap (Norwegian) Male Chorus from Minneapolis at the  Glenwood Church was great.  The banquet was held on Friday evening.  Entertainment was provided by the Sangerfest, Norwegian Singers of America. 

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1987 Stevne

June 25-27       University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse WI


The 7-Lag Stevne consists of Lags representing Hadeland, Land, Toten, Telemark, Sigdal, Numedal and Ringerike.

The Hadeland Lag meeting began with a moment of silent prayer for Morgan Olson, Archie Gubberud, and Geroge Friskop.  It was also noted that Hans Froslie was seriously ill.

Discussion continued about creating an Oppland Lag, but President Rockswold pointed out that the other Oppland Lags have to favor this move, too.  It was left that this might be accomplished sometime.

The idea of having a fall meeting was discussed and it was put in the hands of the board to work out the details.

Ellef Erlien requested some guidance in writing the Hadeland Lag history.  He also entertained with his accordion and songs.

   From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1988 Stevne

July 7-9      North Dakota State School of Science, Wahpeton ND


 60-65 Hadeland members attended the Stevne in Wahpeton. The Redwood Room at the Stevne was full of marvelous genealogy information. Blaine Hedberg of the Vesterheim Genealogical Society was present with microfilm, passenger lists and more.  he assisted "roots" searchers with their genealogical problems.  Mr. Hedberg had a number of assistants with Leslie Rogne and Betty Rockwold ably helping Hadeland members.

An early "Folkemarsj" began at 5:30 AM. The opening program was emceed by Chet Haberstand, vice-chairman of the 7-Lag group.  On Saturday, the Hadeland Lag held their business meeting.  Accompanied by Ellef Erlien, members sang a few Norwegian songs before the business meeting began.  The words "Enig og Tro" on the banner were discussed.  Since Enig means agree, Harriet Foss suggested that an appropriate translation might be "Harmony and Faith."  A skit, "The Egg Man" was presented by Olaf Nelson and Harriet Foss.

Tom Skattum reported that the KK would host again if the Lag chose to go to Hadeland again in 1990.  Tom also indicated that Ole O. Skjaker had asked if anyone would be interested in donating money to be used in the restoration of one of the Gran Sister Churches, the Maria Church.  Tom made a motion to send a gift of $200 from the Hadeland Lag.  Verlyn Andreson seconded.  The raising of private donations will continue, and Tom Skattum made the first donation of $100.

The meeting was adjourned and members made their way to Fort Abercrombie where a picnic meal was served, followed by a tour of the grounds.

489 Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans partook in the  "Christmas in July" banquet on Saturday evening.  The evening presentation by the Numedal guests from Norway was a Lantern Lecture, "From the Mountains to Kongsberg."  There also was a bunad parade in which Harriet Foss and Frances Ronning represented Hadeland.

  From "History of the Hadeland Lag in America, 1910-1989"             


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1989 Stevne

July 6-8       St. John's University, Collegeville MN


Earl Grefsrud was the Hadeland Lag representative who helped plan and present the 1989 Stevne. Genealogy sessions and good entertainment made it a successful stevne.



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