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Lag Visit to Norway 2019


Planning is underway for our visit to Norway in 2019.  We are returning to the 'homeland' a year ahead of the typical every-5-year schedule because in 2020 Hadeland Lag is in charge of the 7-Lag Stevne (July 8-12), and that requires key members of the lag to be available for last minute preparations in June.  The next tour will be in 2024.

Exact dates have not been determined, but we will be in Hadeland for the summer solstice on Friday, June 21, 2019.


In 2015 we had 70 participants in our Hadeland visit.  It takes the work of many people to arrange and escort members to their ancestral farms and 70 people really put a strain on the planners.This time we are limiting participation to 45 for both the visit to Hadeland and the extended tour.  We expect to announce the details of the itinerary at the 7-Lag Stevne this summer, and will have the itinerary and pricing listed in the August Brua.  We will begin taking reservations at the hÝst samling in October, and will provide registration forms on the website (with a link posted to our Facebook group) that evening.  Spots will fill up quickly, so get your reservations in early! A deposit will be required with your reservation for the visit to Hadeland and the extended tour. Deposit amounts have yet to be determined, but it should be no more than $200 for Hadeland and $400 for the extended tour.  Payment of the balance will be required in early 2019. The full cost of the Hadeland segment of the tour will include bus transportation, venue admissions, and some meals.  The lag will make reservations at the Sanner Hotel, but individuals will be responsible for payment at check-out. The extended tour cost will include bus transportation, venue admissions, some meals and hotel room charges.  


New this time around, we will select a "base" hotel in Oslo and schedule an optional 2-3 days in the the capitol city prior to our time in Hadeland.  There will be a schedule of guided tours each day, or you can opt to do your own thing. Spend 1, 2, or 3 nights in Oslo.  It will be entirely up to you!  A deposit may be required if you plan to take advantage of any of the guided tours. We will make your hotel reservation, but just as in Hadeland, you will be responsible for your room charges.


The bus that brings the Oslo visitors to the Sanner Hotel in Hadeland will stop at the airport to pick up any participants flying in.  We typically spend 5-6 days in Hadeland, hosted by Kontaktforum Hadeland-America.  One day is usually set aside for visiting sites in each of the kommuner - Gran, Jevnaker, and Lunner.  Saturday is typically devoted to individual/family group visits to "ancestral farms."  We attend church services at St. Nicolai ... our hosts make each visit special, and we look forward to seeing what they have in store for us in 2019!


The 7-8 day extended tour will visit other parts of Norway. You do not have to participate in the Hadeland visit to join us for the extended tour if space is available. We ask that you arrive in Hadeland and stay at the Sanner the night before the extended tour leaves. We will make your reservation at the Sanner, but you will be responsible for paying that bill. The cost of the extended tour includes your hotel rooms along the way. We will be visiting the World Heritage Site at Rjukan (this was the 'heavy water' plant taken over by the Nazis and sabotaged by the resistance during WWII), take a cruise on the Telemark canal, and visit Bergen.  The rest of the stops on this tour are still being planned.  Hurtigruten cruises up the western coast of Norway leave Bergen daily, so if you want to add this extra onto your Norway experience, we can assist you in making that separate, personal reservation.


Keep in mind, you must be a member in good standing of the Hadeland Lag to make your reservation and participate in the tour.  Click Here for membership information.


More information will be available here in July 2018!


What's a Hadeland Lag tour like? Find out about 2015 participant experiences in their memory book (pdf) or click the back arrow below for videos and slideshows from the 2015 trip.

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