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Newsletter Published in 1935



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issue table of contents & index


Table of Contents - December 1935

Issue Number Twenty Two


Page One

Page One

 Julehilsen fra Lagetes Formand

Christmas Greetings from the Lag's Chairman 

Page Two

Page Two
Dørhellen som Hans Nielsen Hauge prækte fra The  Flagstone that Hans Nielsen Hauge Preached From

Page Three

Page Three
Sæterliv paa Hadeland Life in the Pastures of Hadeland

Page FIve

Page Five
Hadelændingerne ved Spring Grove, Minn Hadelanders of Spring Grove, Minnesotaa

Page Seven

Page Seven
En Rydningsmann A Pioneer Settler
Page Nine Page Nine
Da "Løsgjængerkompaniet" var paa Biltur When the "Tramp Company" Took a Road Tour
Page Eleven

Page Eleven

Hadelandssettlementer ved Northwood, N. Dakota Hadeland Settlement at Northwood, North Dakota

Page Sixteen

Page Sixteen

En Amerikareise i 1872 A Journey to America in 1872
Lidt om Hadelændinger og Lunner Menighed ved Southen Saskt., Can A little about Hadelanders in the Lunner Congregation of Southern Saskatchewan, Canada
Page Nineteen Page Nineteen
Hvor Skal vort næste Stevne holdes? Where should the next stevne be held?
Page Twenty Page Twenty
Lidt fra Nybyggerlivet i Roseau Co., Minn A little about the Pioneer Settlement in Roseau County, Minnesota
Page Twenty-Two Page Twenty-Two
North Grafton, Mass North Grafton, Massachusetts

Page Twenty Three

Page Twenty Three
Dødsfald blandt Hadelændinger i Amerika Deaths of Hadelanders in America
Page Twenty Five Page Twenty Five
Hadelænding Jubilerer i Amerika Celebrating for a Hadelander in America
Charles City, Iowa Charles City, Iowa
Page Twenty Eight Page Twenty Eight
Hadelandsnytt i faa Ord! News Briefs from Hadeland
Page Twenty Nine Page Twenty Nine
Guldbryllup Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary
Page Thirty Page Thirty
Secretæren paa Reise The Secretary on a Trip
Page Thirty Five Page Thirty Five
Til Hadelandslagets Medlemmer! To the Members of the Hadeland Lag!
Dødsfald paa Hadeland Deaths in Hadeland

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